How to Fix Error 1035?

WhatsApp error 1035 is a widespread error that I have heard of, experienced, and have come across online. The error usually happens when iPhone users are trying to upgrade their phones to the new version of iOS via iTunes on their computers, but it also sometimes occurs when trying to install certain apps onto an iPhone. error 1035 is inconvenient for users because they can’t add the update or third-party apps without fixing this problem first.

What is Error 1035? error 1035 is specific to iOS updates because the Apple servers cannot process the mobile phone activation information that is requested, causing the activation request containing the mobile phone authentication failure.

It may also happen when iPhone users try to upgrade their phones to a new version of iOS over iTunes on their computers if there is no internet connection or an unstable one.

Reasons for Error 1035

1: The Internet is not stable error 1035 may occur when the internet connection of the Apple servers is unstable, causing devices to be unable to connect to them and so can’t complete activation requests.

In this case, you should disconnect from the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network and activate your iPhone again with a stable internet connection.

2: Old version of iTunes for Windows

iTunes on Windows can’t send Activation requests containing mobile phone authentication failure with old versions of iTunes, which is the most common cause of the error 1035. So you need download a new version of iTunes from

3: Multiple Apple IDs/Apple Devices error 1035 can also happen when you try to update your iPhone via iTunes on a computer and authorize the installation with multiple Apple IDs or multiple Apple devices, making it impossible for this operation to finish.

In case, you only have one Apple device and one Apple ID at most, please create an new Apple ID without buying anything if you’ve already used up all of them before authorizing the iOS update with yours.

How To Fix Error 1035?

Luckily, fixing this problem with error 1035 isn’t too difficult for most users who have encountered it, had been solved very quickly, There are the following Methods You have to use to solve this error.

Method 1 Shut down your iOS device and restart it

How to Restart and Force-Restart Any iPhone Model

Firstly, you should shut down your iPhone or other iOS devices completely. Secondly, wait a few seconds before turning the machine on again to see whether this method works for you. If not, there are still more ways for you to fix error 1035 as followings:

Method 2 Delete old iOS versions from iTunes error 1035 also happens when trying to upgrade a device with an older version of iOS which is no longer available in iTunes library anymore because there won’t be any records of the activation request containing mobile phone authentication failure without these old versions.

So, please make sure that only one latest version of iOS available in your iTunes library and try to upgrade your iPhone again.

Method 3 Close iTunes and restart it error 1035 can be fixed by closing iTunes on the computer, then open it up again for re-activating your iPhone after upgrading to new iOS version even with multiple Apple IDs or devices authorized. If you still get this problem after carefully trying the above methods, please utilize another way provided by Tenorshare ReiBoot (for Windows users).

It will enable you to start from scratch without losing any data on your device when fixing error 1035 with a USB cable as long as there is no hardware issue involved in this process which causes this error to appear continually.

Method 4 Reset Phone Network Setting

Sometimes your network could affect your application. Many times you have noticed that if you Reset network setting solve your problem within  few minute. What does mean by Network reset, as it simply refresh you network data and set network to their default service. Follow below steps to reset your mobile network.

  • First Go to Setting option on your iPhone
  • In Setting go to General setting option
  • under General setting go to Reset Option
  • once you go Reset option you will have two option first is Reset and second is Erase all content And Setting
  • Choose Reset option and just simply choose Reset Network Setting Option
  • Don’t choose Erase all content and Setting because it will delete your data and setting from your phone

Method 5 Setup Visual Voicemail

Below solution is perfectly working for Verizon and AT&T carrier user.

  • First of you need to turn of Wi-Fi on your Phone
  • Open Keyboard and simply long hold 1 number
  • After you hold 1 for few second you will redirected to Voicemail Setting
  • Now just fill simple details including password
  • Setup your Voicemail and Shut down your phone
  • Now Go to Phone>voicemail
  • Your problem is solved and you should be good to go

Most Common errors i.e Http Error 403. If you are facing an issue on your chrome browser, then you must checkout this blog on how to fix Http Error 403 | You Don’t have Authorization to View this Page (FIXED)


Now, I think you have known the causes and ways to fix error 1035 and other problems related to iOS update such as dfu mode, dfu bootloader or DFU Mode, stuck issues on your iOS device. Method 4 and Method 5 both proven solution, as this method also mentioned on official Apple forum, as 2 user who posted solution was facing similar problem. However, any support team member haven’t answer this query, as recently number of user reporting this error has significantly increased.

Today we end this article here, and if you still have any problem with trying out these solutions but are not sure whether it works for you or not, please feel free to leave us a message below, and we will get back to you as soon. As possible! I hope everything goes well on your iPhone or iPad now!

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Frequently Asked Questions:-


1. Why I cannot, update to the latest software if I have already upgraded to iOS 10.3?

Since Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.3, you can only upgrade your device to the latest iOS version based on iTunes that’s currently taking care of your device instead of the built-in OTA updating service.

2. Why Windows users do not see this error at all?

Please check whether you are using an older version of iTunes for Windows because it sometimes causes mobilephone error 1035 to appear.

3. What should I do if restarting my iPhone doesn’t work?

You should try the second method and delete old versions of iOS from iTunes and click on “Check for Update” in your iTunes instead of upgrading your device again and again with the latest version of iOS-based on this software update procedure.

4. Why do I have to connect my iOS device to a Windows computer?

This is because you might need software named iTunes for updating your iPhone through a USB cable. If you haven’t installed iTunes yet, please download and install it from


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