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What Is Content://com.Android.Browser.Home/: ? [Detailed Guide]



Content:// which is a link or a code is generally used to set default home pages in browsers. If you are a smartphone user, then you would definitely know that the mobile phone is always integrated with a browser and a default homepage. 


Many of us might not like the default home page and wanted to change it. Here, in this article, let us discuss what is content:// and how to change the default homepage of your browser.


What is content://

Content:// is a very common browser default command line for Android browsers. This command line (content:// makes your user experience rich by permitting the user to change the default setting for Android browser. 

content:// is a link that is used to define a default homepage on a browser. 

There are many different browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Each one has a unique default homepage that is stored in content://, each browser has a different method to set the default homepage.


How to Change Default Browser in an Android Phone?

But first, let us learn how to set a default browser on our devices. Setting your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera as the default browser is a universal process. The following method works for every Android Smartphone and Tablet.

  • First, on your Android device, go to Settings.
  • Then, go to the Installed Apps/Manage Apps section that shows all the Apps on the phone.
  • Now, click on three dots on the top right corner. Select Default Apps and Click on the Browser options.
  • Select your favorite browser that you want to set as the default browser.
  • You have now successfully set the default browser.

Now all the links you search will open from your favorite browser directly. It time for you to choose the default homepage. Scroll down to know more about how to set a default home page on different browsers.

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Change Default Homepage on any Browser using “content://” ?

The different browser has a different way to set the default homepage. So, the following guide will help you learn how to set the default homepage in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

How to Set Default Homepage on Google Chrome?

If your default browser is Google Chrome, then follow the below guide to set the default homepage.

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your Android phone and click on three dots in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Open Settings from the option and under Basics, you will see the Home page option.

set default homepage on google chrome 1

  • In Chrome Browser search Chrome://flags/. It will open an experiment page.
  • There, search for “Force Enable Home Page Button” and enable it.

set default homepage on google chrome 2

  • In the Home page option, click on “Open this page” and type the URL that you want to set as a default home page. Save it.

set default homepage on google chrome 3

  • Relaunch the Chrome browser two times and again go to settings.
  • You will see the Home page option.
  • Relaunch the Google Chrome browser. You will see your custom default homepage.

Note : The content:// link works on any browser which is set as a default browser from settings. If you try this link on a non-default browser, the system will show an error “ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND” file not found, or the file has been deleted or moved. In certain instances the browser will also display an error message that reads “404 Not Found.” During these conditions use the above method.

Set Default Homepage Using

on Mozilla Firefox

To set the default home page on Mozilla Firefox, follow the given below step-by-step procedure.

  •  Open the Mozilla browser on your Android device and click on three dots on the top right corner.
  • Then go to settings and select the General option in Settings.

set defult homepage on mozilla firefox 1

  • Now go to Home and then to Set a Homepage.

set defult homepage on mozilla firefox 2

  • Select Custom. Enter the URL that you want to set as a default Homepage on Mozilla.
  • Click on OK. Close the browser.
  • Open the Mozilla browser again. You will see your homepage.

What are the list of other links (syntaxes) that content:// support? 

The content com android browser home command line is as a complement to or preceding several other syntaxes to allow the default browser for users to use as their homepage even when you are using specific applications. Some list of syntaxes (links) for android web browser begins with the content :
1. content://
2. content://
3. content://
4. content://
5. content:// visits
6. content://
7. content://
8. content://
9. content:// search

How to Remove “content://”

As we know what is “content://”, it is the default homepage of our browser on android device. If a user wants to change the default web browsers homepage then he can change that by following the below steps.

  • Start the default web browser.
  • Go to the menu option.
  • Click on general and go to the homepage.
  • Enter the URL that you want to set as your home page.
  • Save the changes that you did.


In this article, we have discussed what is content:// and also different ways to set the default homepages in different browsers. The setting for content:// is mainly hidden by default and isn’t open to edit or to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you attempt to alter the settings for your homepage on your browser it automatically triggers this URL and will take you to a page for settings. Now when you edit these settings, your device will modify the entries in the “” directory.

Your phone’s browser may take the form of an application. Google Chrome, Opera mini, firefox etc are a few well-known browsers for android.

Google chrome is the standard web browser for android.

The Custom ROM’s are been made to let your smartphone perform faster than the standard OS. They usually contribute an extra vital quantity of powers that the standard operating system with most smartphones By this, you can simply remove the “content://,” However, we don’t recommend this.

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