Top 15 Best Emoji keyboards To Download For Android

Top 15 Best Emoji keyboards To Download For Android


Best Emoji Keyboard Apps to Download in Android

Scratching your head about downloading the Best Emoji Keyboard for your android smartphones or lost a way to find which apps are better for you then don’t worry you are in the right place. We will guide and take you to the Top 15 Best Emoji Keyboard to Download in Android.

Using Emoji’s in our day to day life brings fun as they are amazing. In olden days chatting seems to be a bit boring and we thank Emoji’s for making our chats and conversations a bit more interesting and fun then olden times.

So let us take a tour to Download Top 15 Best Emoji Keyboard to Download in Android as they are an important part of your social life. So let us all get started.

List of Best Top 15 Best Emoji Keyboard in Android Phone to Download

After going through a lot of research we have found these Emoji Keyboards to download in android phones so that you can download it from google play store for free without ant hesitation.

  • Bitmoji

  • Google Keyboard

  • KIKA keyboard


  • Swift Keyboard + Emoji



  • Emoji Keyboard

  • Fleksy Emoji Keyboard

  • Elite Emoji Keyboard

  • GO Keyboard

  • Big Emoji Keyboard

  • i2 Symbol Emoji Keyboard

  • Super Emoji Keyboard

  • My Photo Emoji Keyboard

Best Emoji Keyboards Ranked in Order

bitmoji Emoji KeyboardBITMOJI 

BITMOJI is something that you must use because it offers a variety of stickers and expressions also you can play a game with your own personalized avatar. You can also create your own avatar in BITMOJI emoji keyboard has amazing features and also you can choose the functions which suit your avatar to make it real just as you’ve imagined.

Download BITMOJI Keyboard

Features of BITMOJI:

  • Create your own personalized avatar
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Variety of Emoji’s, Stickers, GIF and many more
  • Provide options to create your sticker
  • Huge library of stickers for everyone

Gboard Emoji KeyboardGoogle Keyboard 

This App is also called a GBoard and it is the best of all apps and for all android phones as it is powered and operated by Google. Google is the best emoji Keyboard that comes with all different types of emojis that you want to send it to other people.  Along with its emoji, it also has voice typing and hilarious GIFS to make you feel better with its key features. Also, Google Keyboard is much easier and safe to use 

Download Google Keyboard

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Features of Google Keyboard:

  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Hundreds and Hundreds of Different Emoji’s
  • Rearranged emoji panel with group selection at bottom
  • The search option to find the emoji’s about your situation
  • Bright Hallow effect around the emoji

Kika Emoji KeyboardKIKA Keyboard

KIKA Keyboard gives you various categories of emojis, stickers and many more which everybody is looking for to get in their android phones. The best Emoji keyboard is used so that you can add emoticons to your conversations on social networks, messaging apps or email clients without having to use the apps in question.

Download KIKA Keyboard

Features of KIKA Keyboard:

  • Innovative emoji prediction with emoji dictionary
  • Easy to send emoji message with various funny emoji & text emoticons
  • Type on Message, SMS, Text Now, Email, Note
  • It has animated GIF’s to send to your friends and family
  • Customization Options of Emoji’s are available

Emojily Emoji KeyboardEMOJILY Apk Download

EMOJILY is a tool to create your own emoji’s so that you can choose from tons of designs to make your own emoji and emoticon. You can custom all sorts of categories such as emoticon eyes, mouths, eyebrows, hands and even hats also it is one of the best emoji keyboards.

It has a built in custom keyboard for you to access your saved emoji and emoticon. Plus you can share your favorite emoji and emoticon to your loved ones through various social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many more. Try out the randomize feature. It’s a super crazy creator and maker.

Download Emojily Keyboard

Features of EMOJILY:

  • Choose from tons of items to make your own unique design.
  • Try out the crazy randomize feature.
  • Share them with your friends in chat, or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Saving feature for your emoji and emoticon
  • Design various types of emoji’s

Swift Emoji KeyboardSwift Keyboard

The Swift keyboard learns your writing style, so you can type faster and use your personalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs and more just the way you like. The Swift swipe keyboard is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing – including your slang, nicknames, and emoji. This best emoji keyboard has every emoji you’ll ever need and more. 

Download Swift Keyboard

Features of Swift Keyboard:

  • 100+ colorful keyboard themes
  • Keyboard supports over 300 languages
  • Use emoji, GIFs and stickers to express yourself
  • Swipe to type or search your emoji
  • Personalized your own and creative emoji

Facemoji Emoji KeyboardFACEMOJI Apk Download

This App offers us a wide range of emoji’s and GIF animations that can be used in all sorts of apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. FACEMOJI Emoji Keyboard supports multiple languages and provides thousands of emojis, emoticons, GIFs, stickers and themes. You can express your smiley emotions with FACEMOJI Emoji Keyboard. 

Download FACEMOJI Keyboard

Features of FACEMOJI:

  • Over 3,500 emojis, emoticons, stickers… with the latter you can give your messages more expressiveness.
  • Themes that allow you to customize your keyboard beyond aesthetical aspects: color, fonts, wallpapers, language…
  • Quick writing function and word suggestions by means of a predictive keyboard.
  • Corrector for all mistaken words
  • Different kinds of keyboards: QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZER

Afromoji Emoji KeyboardAFROMOJI Apk Download

AFROMOJI have one of the largest black sticker selection which showcases great reactions and can be the best companion to a joke, sarcastic comments, serious moment and response to someone’s message. These funny and hilarious black emoji stickers are free to use for everyone who was searching for this. AFROMOJI is the best emoji keyboard and instantly loves the African emoji and stickers as they are cool, funny, and exceedingly original.

Download AFROMIJI Keyboard

Features of AFROMOJI:

  • One of the widest selections with smileys and emoticons for each situation in life
  • You can use the African American emoji’s unlimited!
  • The black emoticons and stickers inspired by African culture are totally free to use
  • Simple intuitive way to download and use
  • Battery & RAM friendly designs – will not affect the phone’s performance.

Emoji Keyboard APKEmoji Keyboard Apk Download

Emoji Keyboard is the best emoji keyboard app that makes typing more accurate and fun. It has new best emojis with smiley faces and emoticons also having 3000 + trending emoji and emoticons with colorful themes. With various funny emojis and text emoticons, you can chat and send messages with your loved ones.

Download Emoji Keyboard

Features of Emoji Keyboard:

  • 3000+ Emoji, Emoticons, Sticker, Smiley, Symbol and Text face
  • Fast input emoji anywhere like email, text, message, note, and contact
  • Top row emoji to fast input
  • Auto-correction and smart next word suggestion
  •  Multilingual Keyboard supports 150+ languages

Fleksy-emoji- keyboard

Fleksy Emoji Keyboard

Fleksy is the faster and best emoji keyboard with FREE themes, GIF, stickers, and an advanced autocorrection. With Fleksy you also get recommended emoji, stickers, GIFs, and services while typing. This keyboard is much better than your standard input methods and predictive text engines.

Download Fleksy Keyboard

Features of Fleksy Keyboard:

  • Easily access and use emojis from Fleksy’s emoji keyboard
  • Access to 50+ beautiful themes or create your own theme!
  • The only keyboard that doesn’t spy on you. Everything you type is stored locally on your phone and your data is secure.
  • Fleksy supports over 45 languages
  • Fleksy includes Fleksynext smart assistant.

elite-emoji-keyboardElite Emoji Keyboard

Elite Emoji is the best emoji keyboard for Emoji and stickers of the highest quality to express emotions and ideas beautifully in your chat conversations. You can also add or animate emojis of your own and the best part about this keyboard is it gives us a suggestion for captions and emoji for personality traits. This keyboard gives you various types of emojis and images to send to another person or to start a conversation.

Download Elite Emoji Keyboard

Features of Elite Emoji keyboard:

  • 2000 exclusive high definition emoji and stickers of all kinds to choose from
  • Send them with a single touch in WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and other messaging apps
  • Exclusive to our app: a selection of 5,000 witty messages to complement the emoji that you send
  • Emoji and captions can be suggested by the app according to your personality traits
  • Add gifs or create your own animated images

go-keyboard-emoji-keyboardGO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is rated 99% as the best emoji keyboard with the choice of 200 million users worldwide. There are 10000+ colorful themes, 1000+emoji and GIFs, 800+emoticons, 100+ fonts, and 60+languages for you to design your own customized keyboard. The best part about this keyboard is they will never collect any information as they respect your privacy.

Download GO Keyboard

Features of GO Keyboard:

  • Just type a word and this fantastic keyboard will auto-suggest emojis for you.
  • GO Keyboard is smart enough to recognize mistyping, provide correction suggestions, and make your typing easy.
  • Just swipe to type on the keyboard to find how effective and fun by this sliding type mode.
  • Various layouts and support for a tablet device
  • 60+ Languages to chat.

Big-emoji-keyboardBig Emoji Keyboard

Big Emoji will give you access to all standard emojis categories, plus some special ones as a trendy category with some DAB or Trump stickers and love dedicated zone and it is considered as the best emoji keyboard to use in Android smartphones. 

Download Big Emoji Keyboard

Features of Big Emoji Keyboard:

  • Very easy to use; select one or several emoticons, then choose your chat messenger.
  • Send on many social chat apps: WhatsApp emojis, Facebook emoji, Messenger emoji, emojis for android text messaging, Snapchat emojis, Telegram stickers & more.
  • Our emoticons can be sent on all devices (iOS, Android)
  • Customize your own background colors by swiping a finger
  • You can also adapt to your skin color


i2 Symbol Emoji Keyboard

i2 Symbol Emoji Keyboard has a big collection of HD Cute Emoji, WhatsApp Stickers, Text Symbols, Text Emoticons, Emoji Art Writer, and Cool Text Styler to express your emotions in any chat app. It has 12packs containing 120+ stickers and emoji to use for. To send a sticker to any chat app, just select it then choose the desired app from a list of available apps on your phone. The main thing is you can send this sticker to Whatsapp original or business

Download i2 Symbol Emoji Keyboard

Features of i2 Symbol Emoji Keyboard:

  • 5000+ Text Symbols.
  • 800+ Text Emoticons.
  • 35 Cool Artistic Text Fonts.
  • Awesome EmojiArt that converts your text into an image made from emojis of your choice.
  • Supports 13 languages: English

super-emoji-keyboardSuper Emoji Keyboard

Super Emoji Keyboard provides you with free emojis, popular gifs, and keyboard themes, allows you to easily type words in a super fast & accurate way. It is best emoji keyboard app that makes your typing fast, fun, and accurate. Packed with thousands of funny emojis, smiley faces, and stylish keyboard themes making the emoji keyboard a must-have free emoji keyboard for android devices. Get this funny emoji Keyboard if you are looking for some cool keyboard.


Download Super Emoji Keyboard

Features of Super Emoji keyboard:

  • Super Emoji Keyboard integrates all amazing features into one app with its stylish keyboard themes
  • The main thing is it does not only offer emoji keyboard themes but suggests emoji by predicting what you typed.
  • This Keyboard uses AI-powered predictions to auto-learn your writing style
  • It is a smart and fun keyboard app for Android phone that makes your typing easy
  • This powerful keyboard covers emoji keyboard, gif keyboard, sticker keyboard and many more

my-photo-emoji-keyboardMy Photo Emoji Keyboard

With My Photo Emoji Keyboard, you can have a different and unique design every day! Choose any photo from the gallery or take one at the spot and set a new keyboard background in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the new way of texting and express every emotion or attitude using awesome emoticons. Send smileys, sweet messages, comment on Facebook, or Instagram with our best emoji keyboard. Select the default language, choose your favorite photo background and you’re ready to text non-stop!

Download My Photo Emoji Keyboard

Features of My Photo Emoji Keyboard:

  • Select your own keyboard pictures!
  • Also, Choose between various button styles and letter colors!
  • Cool keypad sounds and vibration!
  • Completely customizable picture keyboard app with emoji art!
  • Type your text messages, choose your hotkeys, and send funny smileys!


So I’ve shown you the Top 15 Best Emoji Keyboard for Android to Download as these apps are free to download on Google Play Store and also have a good rating so you can trust them. Moreover, these apps provide lots of amazing emojis and emoticons and also GIFs and amazing themes so that you can download these apps and enjoy the advantage of these apps.

 However, start downloading these apps for classy emojis and Share them with your friends using Shareit.  So do comment below if this article was helpful for you all or not and also comment on Which Emoji App do you like the most to use. Thanks for Reading.

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