Top 8 Apps For Making Free International Calls

Top 8 Apps For Making Free International Calls


       8 Apps For Making Free International Calls

In the olden times making international calls was a major problem for all the people around the world because of a lack of technology but in today’s world, there are many free international calling apps for all the people all because of technology as the people can make free international calls online with the best apps to talk with their family, friends, relatives and many others. However thanks to all these free apps from which we can make free calls online anywhere and anytime without any cost so that all people can enjoy and make calls without any hesitation. So in this article, we will be showing you Top 8 apps to make free international calls so that you all can talk for their business purpose or with your friends and family.

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List of 8 Apps for Making Free International Calls:

These are the list of best international free calling apps so that you all can enjoy free calling internationally with anyone around the world.

  1. Skype 

Skype free international calling appSkype is one of the best apps for making free national or international calls. It is a free app for all Android, Apple, and Windows devices, besides from international calling you can group chat, video chat, text chat, and many more. You can share your lovely moments with your friends and loved ones with this app. All calls are arranged for free so that you don’t have to pay a minimum fee. Nowadays Skype has become a habit for all the users. So if you are looking for a perfect app to make international calls online then Skype is the best choice for you.

2. Whatsapp  

whatsapp free international calling app

Whatsapp is the most popular application all around the globe because of its amazing features and easy to use. Nearly there are 1.5 billion active users in Whatsapp. It helps you to make calls whether it is international or national. Apart from calling you can send videos, images, documents, and many more to the people in every corner of the world. The international calling will cost you nothing because you just need to have a stable and good internet connection. In fact, here is a Whatsapp business platform that connects with all the business people around the world. Recently Whatsapp Group Calls limit Increases from 4 to 8 people so that up to 8 people can group call internationally or nationally.

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3. Facetime

facetime free international calling appFacetime is another interesting application for all the Apple users so if you are looking to make a free international call to apple user then Facetime is the best application to use it for. It works between two apple devices and it is not applicable to non-apple devices. along with free voice calls, you can make free HD calls with 720p precise. You’ll be able to group up to 32 people in a Facetime. In order to make a call, you ou just need to have your apple id registered. So in case, our friend is outside from country and he or she is having an Apple device then international calling will start within the blink of an eye because just you have to tap and make a phone call in Facetime.

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4. Viber

ViberViber is one of the most popular free international calling apps in the U.S. as well in Eastern Europe just like Whatsapp and Skype. In Viber, ou can make international calls for free or send images, videos, r text to any other  Viber user. You only have to choose your perfect Viber user to make a call or to start a conversation. It is useful for many business people in order to make an international call free of cost. Viber runs in the background without draining your battery so you can get incoming text or calls notification.

5. IMO


IMO is also a free international calling application that is compatible with all devices. You can use this application in Android, IOS devices, Mac, and Windows. The cool part about this application is you don’t need to have a stable internet connection even from the 2G internet you can make online international calls. Apart from calling you can even send text messages to your family and loved ones. So if you are willing to talk with your gang you can do it with IMO as long as everyone has the app. The group chat in IMO allows you to chat with a group of up to 100k people.

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6. Google Duo

google duo Google Duo developed by Google is an interesting application as it offers a group calling up to 8 people. It can be used in Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS devices. Apart from international calling it also offers high-quality video calls if the user has a Google Duo account. You can also share a video message to another Google Duo user if it is not answering your call. You can connect via Wifi or Your cellular data to make free international calls or video calls as long they have a Duo Account. So if you are looking to make a group call with many of your friends then Google Duo is the best option for you.

7. Rebtel

Rebtel Rebtel is a liberate and best international calling application. The basic idea behind Rebtel is to make the best international free calling via Wifi or cellular data connection to all the users looking for an international call. The app makes a big deal by offering free International calling of limited time to newer customers, and successful signing up for a subscription will give you almost a week of free calling services. The worldwide positive reception of this Rebtel International calling app means that you will have free calling services to over 50 countries.

8. Facebook Messenger 

facebook messenger Messenger is from FaceBook let you text for free. With this app, you can message people in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add a new contact. Messenger lets you make free calls, and you can talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. Calls are free over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standard data charges apply. Messenger is a pretty popular app for smartphone users, and this makes free international calling and free texting over WiFi so much accessible and more accessible. So those who are on Facebook can install Facebook Messenger to make free international calls to anyone without any interruption.

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  1. Can u make international calls for free?

–  Free international calls online. There are many different programs with which you can make a free international call from PC to landline phones. From the above-given list, you can make an online international call for free without any hesitation.

2. Are international calls free on Whatsapp?

 – Yes, international calls are free on WhatsApp provided you meet the conditions required. Voice Calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp for free, even if they’re in another country.

3. Is Facetime free on Wifi?

 –  with FaceTime audio, the call is free. These calls don’t eat into your cellphone minutes and aren’t transmitted over your cell carrier’s voice network; instead, these are Internet calls. When you’re in a wifi hotspot, they’re completely free.

4. How do I dial internationally?

 –  Simply dial 1, the area code, and the number you are trying to reach. To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number.
5. Which app is best to make an international call for Free?
 –  As in my opinion, WhatsApp application is the best to use for international calling because of its exciting features and popularity and trust that Whatsapp has gained in these recent times.

I hope you all guys have liked this article on Top 8 Apps for Making Free International Calls. However, you don’t need to pay anything to make an international call for free all you need is just a stable internet connection that helps you to keep calling whenever you want to. These international calling apps can help you to stay in touch with your family and friends and also helps you to deal with business clients as well. Also, keep in mind that these apps and services will only work if you are calling someone and they also use this same app. So start installing these apps and call internationally for free to make your friends and family happy. Thanks for Reading.

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