What is Emojily Emoji Keyboard?

What is Emojily Emoji Keyboard

IOS emojis aren’t always the best for texting. Some emojis appear entirely different on Android devices, and how will you know? Emojily Emoji Keyboard is the answer.

It takes the confusion out of emoji. You input a string of text and emoji, and it will show you what an Android user would see. It is one of the Best Emoji Keyboard for Android users as it gives you to create own type of your Emoji in Android Devices

You can share your wonderful Emoticon and Emoji with your friends with the help of Best emoji Keyboard i.e. Emojily Emoji Keyboard as a sticker, avatar, smiley, or a profile pic

What is Emojily Emoji Keyboard?

EMOJILY is an instrument to make your own emoticon’s with the goal that you can look over huge amounts of plans to make your own emoticon and emoji. You can custom a wide range of classifications, for example, emoji eyes, mouths, eyebrows, hands and even caps likewise it is outstanding amongst other emoticon consoles.

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It has worked in the custom console for you to get to your spared emoticon and emoji. In addition, you can share your preferred emoticon and emoji to your friends and family through different web-based life locales like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp and some more.

Give a shot the randomize includes. It’s a very insane maker and producer. In this Keyboard you will get tons and tons of designs to use. Also you can custom all sort of categories emoticons, eyes, mouths, eyebrows and many more

Features of Emojily Emoji Keyboard

  • Choose from tons of items to make your own unique design.
  • Try out the crazy randomize feature.
  • Share them with your friends in chat, or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Saving feature for your emoji and emoticon
  • Design various types of emoji’s


So click here to download Emojily Emoji Keyboard and Show us your coolest avatar, sticker, smiley, or profile pic that have you have made. Create your awesome designs now and share it with your friends and family and to various social media platforms.

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