How To Fix “PS5 Turning On By Itself?”


If you are an enjoyer of video games, then chances are that you own a PS5. Of course, owning such a high-end gaming console is a marvellous asset for serious gamers. However, as nice as the experience may be, the PS5 does sometimes makes the users face certain trouble and it is an absolutely ridiculous one: it can, at times, turn on by itself. Have you faced a similar issue with your PS5? Have you found yourself wondering about the possible reasons behind this peculiar problem and have you been looking for a solution that can solve this issue? In this article, let us look at the solutions to fix this error. However, in order to start troubleshooting this error, we must first look at the reasons which may have caused it to happen in the first place.

PS5 turning on by itself: What is the possible reasons?

When the PS5 was first launched, it took the gaming world by storm, and most gamers would be practically lying if they said that they never wanted to own a PS5. The PS5 was launched as the successor of the PS4, and it was evidently an upgrade from the developers ie. Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The PS5 came with better graphics, smoother gameplay, high refresh rates, and a wide range of playable games which you would be able to purchase and play. But even with all these promises included, PS5 did show some issues that can cause the users quite a bit of headache. One of such issues is the fact that sometimes it turns on all by itself. The reasons could be varied, and thus let us look at the three primary reasons behind this anomaly –

If you have connected your PS5 with your TV using HDMI or a pass-through device, this can be one of the reasons behind your problem. Your PS5 can switch itself on when you turn on your TV.
If you have activated the rest mode option in your PS5, then this could also be another reason which can cause your PS5 to turn on by itself.

When your PS5 tries to download the latest updates or when it tries to upload saved data to the cloud storage it can turn itself on by itself.

Keeping the reasons in mind now, let us look at the possible solutions to fix the problem.

How to solve PS5 turning on by itself?

Now that you understand the root causes behind the trouble, we can start dissecting the solutions that you can use to troubleshoot the problem.

How To Fix Ps5 Turning On By Itself

  • Turn off internet connectivity in Rest mode: PS5 has a feature under Rest mode which is called “Stay connected to the internet”. This feature allows your console to turn on by itself in order to download the latest version of updates and upload data to your cloud storage. By turning off this feature you can ensure that your console will only be connected to the internet while you are playing a game on the console ie. when your PS5 is active. In order to disable this feature –
  • Select the Settings gear icon on the PS5 main dashboard.
  • Select the Power Settings menu in the left pane and select “Features Available in Rest Mode”.

In the newly opened menu, disable the option that reads, “Stay connected to the internet”. After this, you need to disable the option that reads “Enable turning on PS5 from the network”.

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Disconnect HDMI device link: In case the HDMI Device Link is active in the settings of your PS5 console, then it can sometimes turn itself on without your interference. Any device which is connected with HDMI such as Blu-ray or soundbar can cause your PS5 to turn on by itself. By disabling the HDMI link you can troubleshoot this problem. For fulfilling this step –

  • Select the “Settings” option from the PS5 main dashboard.
  • From the list that opens, select the System menu.
  • You will find the option that reads HDMI in the left pane. Toggle off the “Enable HDMI Device Link” and this should solve your problem.
  • Turn off remote play: Another reason which can cause your PS5 to turn on by itself is that another device can cause it via remote play. You can solve the problem by disabling remote play, you may be able to stop your console from getting switched on by itself.
  • Select the settings option from the PS5 main dashboard.
  • A list will open from which you have to choose Systems.
  • Under this list, you can find the Remote Play option.
  • Toggle off “Enable Remote Play” and it may solve your problem.
  • Update your PS5: You can also try to troubleshoot the problem by updating your console with the latest firmware. The new update can fix the possibly existing bugs in the system which may as well be the root of your problem.
  • Press the PS button on the PS5 controller.
  • You can find the “Downloads & Uploads” option. In this list, choose the “Downloads / Copies” option.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the “Update system software” option. Click on this button.
  • Here, click on the Update button and your new version will be installed.
  • Alternatively, you can also install the new updates of the PlayStation 5 through USB transfers.

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If you still don’t understand, don’t worry you can also watch the below video for help:-


It is a very frustrating situation for gamers if they keep finding that their PS5 has switched on by itself even when they have not done anything. This issue can cause damage to the systems and may also cause unnecessary electricity drain – which is not an ideal situation by any means. By using the solutions that we have provided in this article, you can fix your console and may enjoy a fine gaming experience. However, if the issue persists and even after using these solutions you cannot find a way to fix it, then you may need to contact a technician who would understand the problem and may be able to solve it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. What is the reason why my PS5 is constantly turning off on its own?

Verify for issues with overheating.
PS5 games may lead to the system overheat. If your PS5 gets overheated, it immediately shuts down to avoid the hardware from being damaged. There’s not a notification or alert on the screen. The console turns off completely by itself. PS4 games aren’t typically causing the console to overheat.

2.What to do if my PS5 Turns on When I Turn on my TV?

So, why is it that your PlayStation 5 turns on when your TV does? The PS5 is equipped with HMDI-CEC so when you switch on your TV and your PS5 will be turned on too. However, this feature can be removed easily by going into Settings by selecting the correct option.

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