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You heard right!

We are now accepting bloggers and writers to contribute their work or submit a guest post on Digimessiah.

We all are aware of guest blogging benefits and its effect on our website traffic.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote a website.

Bloggers and writers are continuously hunting for websites where they can showcase their masterpiece of content and get exposure!

And, if you are among them who want to share ideas, knowledge and feature your work in front of our readers!

You are very welcome. 

Blog Post Guidelines You Need To Follow

Our primary goal with every blog post that we publish on Digimessiah is to make it interesting and engaging. An article that provides a good value to our website readers!

  1. You can either bring your own blog title or can seek our help to provide you with one. The originality of the content is very important to us.
  2. If we found you providing us a plagiarised content or even a single line we will reject your post then and there.
  3. We have worked a lot to maintain the originality of our content by providing our thoughts and advice to readers. You are requested to do same.
  4. Your content should not sound promotional! But if it does we will discard it instantly.
  5. Bloggers like us who want to contribute their article will get a do-follow link to a blog post and not on the homepage or any service page! And this is only possible by mutually collaborating on certain terms.
  6. No links will be provided to Digital Marketing Agencies. In case, if you still want to publish your work then, we can mention your website as – “abc[dot]com” in the author bio. (No link will be attached!)
  7. We can waive off the charges from the product and services platforms if we can make some deal between us.
  8. Content outreach managers from product and services websites should know that if you are looking for a backlink from the guest post! Then it will not be free and will be considered as sponsored which on our platform is $$.
  9. Once your submitted guest post is published on our website. You are responsible to answer all the comments that are asked by our readers. Having a conversation via comments will give you more exposure and trust from readers.
  10. Give credits to the images that you are using in the article. Also, to the people who’s thoughts or tips, you include or share in the guest post. Kindly give credits where it is required!

What are you thinking? Can you provide us with an article like that? Awesome!
As long as your article provides the above-mentioned values they are good to go!

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