How to See and Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments?

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments_

In this blog, we will show you How to see deleted Reddit posts and comment by a user with multiple ways. Your post which you have bookmarked is deleted and can;t find it? To find and see deleted reddit posts and comment you have to go on removereddit or follow the below steps.


Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you’re into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet’s cutest animals, there’s a community on Reddit for you.

Does anyone has ever wondered about deleted posts and comments? or looking to find out to view deleted posts and comments? then don’t worry because it can be solved with the help of third-party websites. 

List of Sub-reddit and Website which help you to read deleted posts and comments


Removeddit [ best way to read deleted reddit comments and posts]

Removeddit is the most popular third-party website to view deleted posts and comments on Reddit. They have a strong market for many years and are serving as a great tool for people to view Reddit posts and comments. There are several ways to read about posts and comments. The first is you can go to the Reddit website and type and search for the posts and comments that you are looking for and if you are not getting to see deleted comments and posts then go to the Reddit website search for the posts and copy the URL of the post and remove the ‘Reddit’ word from the URL and instead place the ‘Removeddit’ word in the URL

For Example: by replacing the word ‘Reddit‘ from ‘Removeddit‘ then it would be



Ceddit is another great website and quick solution provider to see deleted comments on Reddit. It recovers most of the deleted comments from Reddit and highlights all the deleted comments with the color red. Ceddit as similar to Removeddit and the results and process are one and all the same. This website can try to get full comments from this system but not sure about all because there might be the chances of getting deleted comments before Ceddit is trying to reach that comments. So just you have to replace the word ‘Reddit’ to ‘Ceddit’ from the URL in order to see deleted comments.

For Example: by replacing the word ‘Reddit’ from ‘Ceddit’ then it would be so after doing that the website will be open and you can read deleted comments which are red in color.


Resavr [best way to read deleted reddit comments and posts]

Resavr is a great website to read and search for deleted comments. The best about this website that is it saves comments that are over 650 characters long. It also says that whichever you have posted must remain and not should be deleted as some comments must be useful to others and informative. Also, it helps to save a lot of space by eliminating shorter sentences. the main thing is showing the data of when and which time the comment got deleted. The website has a pretty interface with the most updated comments and having a search bar in the upper right corner to search for deleted and updated comments. However, they also have a recent tab which gives you the recent comments to read and get meaningful information that you are searching for.

Wayback Machine

Wayback machine

Wayback is an internet archive website that captures the screenshot of the website and put it for the world to see. The most interesting part about this website that users can read deleted Reddit Posts and comments because it takes pictures of comments and posts every day to make it useful and available for all the users. Using this website is very easy and quite simple.

Just open the Wayback Machine website and then copy and paste the Reddit post which you want to view.

The website then will give you the calendar interface with the years and months. It is easy to decide the date you want to check. Just find the “deleted X days ago” tag on the comment or post and then subtract those many days to get the past date.

wayback-machine-[ best way to read deleted reddit comments and posts]

The major advantage of using the WaybackMachine is that you can use it to not only read the deleted comment but also any edits that were made to that comment before it was deleted. Yes, it takes a lot of time but if you really wish to go and read the informative comment then this is the simple and easy way to read deleted Reddit comments and posts.

Un- Delete Reddit Comments

Un-Delete Reditt Comments [ best way to read deleted reddit comments and posts]

Un-Delete Reddit Comments is a great chrome extension that gives you the access to read Reddit posts and read them later also this article might not be useful to view deleted comments and posts on Reddit but it will help you to save articles for future use. It lets you save all deleted comments but not restore comments However it can be a powerful tool to let you save all articles and see Reddit users deleted comment

5 Steps To install this application :

  • Click on this link and go to the chrome extension Store
  • Now Click on Add Button and window will appear to click on Extension Button
  • Go to Reddit website that you want to cache and click on the Extension Button in the upper right corner
  • Now the extension will show the big URL with Cache written on it 
  • Click on the Cache button and the page you have looked will be cached.


1. Which way is best to Read Deleted Reddit Comments and Posts?

The best way to Read deleted Reddit comments and posts by using Removeddit just replacing the URL from ‘Reddit‘ to ‘Removeddit‘ it and you can see all the deleted ones with the red color highlight.

2. Why do Reddit posts get archived?

Reddit post is archived after 6 months. One of the reasons is because of the technical limitations of Reddit. Archiving posts limits the size of the database that is live/accessible on the site at any given time.

3. Do Reddit posts expire?

They stay forever, as long as the mods and admins do not choose to remove them. Even the first post still exists. 

4. How do you search comments on Reddit?

Search through comments of a particular Reddit user. Just enter the username and a search query, and press Search.

5. How to Search Deleted Reddit post?

Go into the subreddit you want to search within and then go to the search function. When you go to type in your query, it’ll ask you “All” or “Subreddit”. Tap the subreddit.


Removeddit, Resavr, Wayback Machine helps you to find the deleted post and comment on Reddit.