What Is IPVanish VPN? | Features & pros and cons


With the world going into the digital space, it’s getting harder for internet users to maintain privacy and security. It is easy for attackers to sniff your data while making a transaction or logging into your social profiles. But technology has also improvised on the safer side with the best VPN apps that secure your connection and transmit the data securely over the internet. But which is the best VPN app? We recommend IPVanish VPN, and this is the ultimate guide to the why?

What is IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish is one of the most secure ways to transmit your data on the internet. It uses the tunneling protocol to transmit your data such as video streaming, messages, file-sharing, and all your data packets. Moreover, your IP address is concealed while transferring the data, keeping you safe and anonymous on the internet.

IPVanish VPN does the encryption job for you by securing your connection. Here are the major tasks that IPVanish does,

  • Access websites and media without restrictions
  • Stop ISPs from interfering with your connection
  • Prevent snooping and spying on the public Wi-Fi
  • Online information and presence are kept private.

IPVanish does provide the best encryption using 256-AES Encryption methods to secure your data.

Features of IPVanish VPN

When subscribing to a VPN service, one must look at all the features the VPN provider includes with the package. IPVanish is one of the advanced VPN services that give you tons of great features; here are a few of them –


Privacy and security are one of the prime working factors of a VPN service. On IPVanish VPN, you get access to websites without restrictions and in complete anonymity. All of your data is encrypted in a tunneling protocol that is transmitted with end-to-end encryption and your IP address is concealed. Making sure, the attackers or data hijackers never understand your file and your identity also remains safe.

Logging Policy

Most of the VPN services such as Turbo VPN have confusing privacy and policies. They log all your data and then sell it to third-party companies for extra income. This leaves your data at risk though you are using a VPN service.

On the other hand, IPVanish VPN is different. It has a clear privacy policy and data usage terms. As mentioned in the transparent privacy policy, IPVanish does not log your data. Zero-logs.

But what do you mean by zero-logs? and do zero-logs exists? 

IPVanish VPN does not collect or store a record of any connection, traffic, or activity data in regards to the services. None of your data or activity is stored on their server; however, they need to store data related to their services such as what time you logged in and account-related information.

We can say IPVanish maintains zero-logging, but it is not purely zero for the quality and development purposes of the service.


Suppose you are not tech-savvy, and you get stuck in the middle of nowhere while using IPVanish VPN. How would you help yourself? By approaching the support and help center of the VPN service.

There are a lot of VPN services that have a bad response time to user queries and issues. To be honest, they just don’t respond once you have subscribed to one of their plans. But IPVanish VPN does not only have a good support center, but it also has multiple ways to communicate your queries. As per your comfort.

Here are the available support sections – 

  • Support Center (Guided help based on the type of the problem – General)
  • Get Help (Contact via Email / Contact Form)
  • System Status (Check if the IPVanish servers are working/Operational – Also, you can subscribe to the daily updates)
  • Live Chat (Allowing a representative to address your personalized issues.
  • Blog (Step-by-Step Guides and Installation procedures)
  • Call Support (Available in 7 countries)


There are a few best streaming websites that allow you to watch your favorite TV or sports. But due to the geo-location lock, you might not be able to access it.

IPVanish VPN changes your IP address to unlock streaming from geo-locations that you are restricted to access. These include popular media streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video.

It has 1600+ servers in 75+ locations, making it possible to stream from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is establish a secure IPVanish tunnel connection, open the media streaming website or app and start viewing restricted content. Isn’t that cool?
IPVanish VPN streaming

Fast Speed

One of the stable internet connections would be the right word when it comes to speed test. No doubt, IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN, but it is only during the off-peak hours you will get the results.

Here is the average speed of IPVanish VPN, 

  • North America: 79 Mbps
  • Europe: 29 Mbps
  • Asia: 54 Mbps

You can stream up to 1080p video without any lags or buffering, but you may eventually find unplayable scenarios when you start playing games.

Using the best server filter, you can choose the right server with a stable connection for your entertainment.


Not all VPNs are safe for torrenting, and luckily IPVanish VPN is not one among them. IPVanish supports p2p torrenting with zero-log that makes it safe to use for torrent services. In particular, they have fast speeds, strong encryption standards, and includes SOCKS proxy (works with all major torrent clients).

The privacy policy of IPVanish VPN directly suggests a clear statement they do not block torrenting services and are compatible with p2p services.

Compatibility with devices

Not taking sides, IPVanish is one of the best VPN services and a great alternative to NordVPN or ExpressVPN. It is compatible with almost all the digital devices that allow streaming and media.

IPVanish supports Windows, Android, IOS, Roku, Fire TV, and a few more devices. So, if you plan to work on your Windows laptop at a cafe using a public internet connection, you can create a secured network tunneling and avoid packet sniffing or data stealing.

Similarly, you can use it on your Android and IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Mostly this is the case with young teens who love using their mobile devices at schools, cafes, gyms, clubs, and parks. So, if you are concerned about your privacy and data, you might want to have a quick switch to IPVanish VPN.

Family people who spend a lot on entertainment can find IPVanish helpful on their Smart TVs such as Fire Stick. You can watch all the geo-restricted shows and movies without any buffer using the IPVanish VPN services.

Strong Encryption

When switching to a VPN connection, no one wants weaker security. The reason why people use a VPN service is that they are concerned about their privacy and security. So, if your current VPN does not give you good encryption, it’s time to shift now.

IPVanish VPN gives you 256-AES encryption that codes your data into a highly unbreakable format unless using a private key. It creates a tunneling port to transfer all your data securely without you having to worry about packet sniffing or Man in the middle attacks.

Server Network

You must be wondering if the servers are limited to only certain places, and you may not get your geo-restriction lift up. But to the surprise, IPVanish VPN has 1600+ servers in 75+ countries, and here are the stats.

Number of IPVanish servers in specific regions – 

  • Asia (78)
  • North America (931)
  • Europe (521)
  • South America (34)
  • Oceania (52
  • Africa (11)

Works with Netflix

Everyone wants to stream restricted content on Netflix due to geo-location issues, but they couldn’t, until IPVanish VPN. Only a handful of VPN services allow you to stream from restricted content on Netflix, and others are just false claiming.

We used IPVanish to stream Netflix content from the UK servers, and we did found stable video streaming. It works perfectly fine and smooth with streaming services such as Netflix. At times, you may find a dip, but it is all temporary.

Plans and Pricing

There are two VPN plans on IPVanish VPN; one with only the VPN and the second with VPN + Storage. Now, you can choose according to your requirements that fit the best use.
What’s common in both the packages? Let’s discuss that first –

  • VPN Encryption
  • Wi-Fi hotspot privacy
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Unmetered data transfer caps
  • Access to servers in 75+ regions (1600+ Servers)
  • Shared IP addresses
  • Zero VPN Logs
  • Proxy Server
  • Access to censored apps and websites
  • Multiple connection protocols
  • 24/7 customer support

Both the packages have these common features that make IPVanish VPN the best. You get VPN encryption and hotspot privacy for the best security, and an unlimited number of devices and unmetered data transfer caps put no restrictions on how you want to use your VPN.
You can stream lag-free with connection tunnels across 75+ countries and 1600+ servers, this is the best you can have.
What’s additional in the VPN + Storage plan? Here is the list – 

  • Secured Storage Space
  • Continous file syncing
  • Data sharing controls
  • Remote device wiping
  • Data restoration

With the storage + IPVanish VPN plan, you can perform data-related operations such as cloud storage and continuous file syncing, which keeps a back up of your data. You can choose who to share this data with and wipe data remotely using another PC or device.
Pricing –
You pay $4.99 for the first month then $9.99 each month – VPN Plan (monthly)
For the Storage + VPN plan, $5.49 for the first month and then $10.99 each following month (Monthly plan)
Annual paying – VPN Plan ($39.99 for the first year) then ($79.99 thereafter)

Annual paying – VPN + Storage Plan ($49.99 for the first year) then ($99.99 thereafter)

IPVanish VPN Pricing


Pros and Cons of IPVanish VPN


  • Good Download Speed
  • 75+ Countries and 1600+ servers
  • Zero Logging
  • Strong encryption
  • Torrenting allowed

Cons –

  • Price (Affordable but not cheap)
  • Does not block ads
  • No free / trial version
  • Cluttered interface

Common Problem: Some users face some issues while copying data because of the Microsoft Intune, which is nothing but a part of Microsoft endpoint manager and also works as cloud-based management for devices like mobile phones, and they aim to offer the users a unified point of all the management experience. And this is where the error message “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” pops up on the screen.

Most Common errors i.e Http Error 403. If you are facing an issue on your chrome browser, then you must checkout this blog on how to fix Http Error 403 | You Don’t have Authorization to View this Page (FIXED)


Overall, it is the best choice for a VPN service that allows both good streaming and security. What excited me is smooth Netflix streaming and 256-AES encryption that secures your data over the internet. The tunneling protocol assures the data is transmitted securely and hidden from the eyes of an intruder. It does have a cluttered interface that makes it a bit difficult to use on mobile devices, but it should be okay to use.

Again, there is no trial and free version for the new users, and it is pricy if you want to put it on the test. It does not block ads but is great for torrenting (especially BitTorrent), and zero-logging marks your data and identity safe.

It is compatible with Android, IOS, Linux and Chrome OS; You can also use it with Firestick and use one account for all the devices, you won’t be charged extra unlike other VPN providers.

I recommend this to the users who don’t want to use NordVPN or ExpressVPN. It’s great for streaming along with security.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Is IPVanish VPN Free?

No, IPVanish is not free and does not have a trial version. The monthly plans start at $9.99 without an offer applied.

2. Is it legal to use IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish is legal, but torrenting copyrighted material or misusing the VPN can lead you to trouble.

3. How much does IPVanish VPN cost?

You pay $4.99 for the first month and $9.99 each month. If paid annually, it costs $39.99 for the first year and $79.99 for the following year.

4. Can you unblock Netflix on IPVanish VPN?

You can stream Netflix with a stable connection on IPVanish VPN, but you may find a dip at times when the servers are busy. The best time to use is off-peak hours.

5. Can I use IPVanish on my Smart TV?

You can use IPVanish VPN on Smart TV devices such as Firestick. With unmetered and unlimited devices, you can use one account on all the devices without having to pay extra.

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