Hulu Error Code 500 6 Solutions To Solve Your Internet Problem

Hulu Error Code 500: 6 Solutions To Solve Your Internet Problem


Hulu Error Code 500 is one of the most common errors from the list of all Hulu Error Codes. This error is experienced by most of the users while streaming their official website from the web browser. It usually means that your internet connection has problems or there is a problem with the Hulu-service side.

Generally users stream on Hulu either with their web browsers or app and the error code is likely to be in the form of messages which appears like this:

  1. “There was an error on this page”
  2. “Sorry- We have experienced an unpredicted error. We have been informed about this problem, and we will focus on it shortly.”

Generally if you are facing other similar error codes on Hulu then click on the link and find their solution

What are the causes of Hulu Error Code 500?

Hulu Error Code 500 means that have a problem with your internet connection or from the Hulu -Service side while streaming through your Web Browser or App. The causes of appearing this error code are:

  1. Not clearing your Cache and Data
  2. Poor Internet Connection
  3. Outdated App or Browser

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 500?

To make a quick fix for your Hulu Error Code 500 then follow the troubleshooting methods given below:

1. Check your Internet Connection

check your internet connectivity issue

It might be that your Internet Connectivity is low because of all other devices connected to the same router. So to improve your Connectivity issue follow the steps given below:

  1. Remove all the devices which are connected
  2. Close all the background apps on your device
  3. Now use your Ethernet Cable to connect your WiFi to the router
  4. Lastly, place the router near your device

It requires the following speed to stream your movies, TV-Shows on Hulu App

  1. Up to 3Mbps for movies, episodes
  2. Up to 8Mbps for Live streaming
  3. And, more than 12Mbps is needed for 4K Content

Method 2 – Clear Your Browser’s Cookies and Data

For Chrome:

  • Select ‘More tools
  • Select “Clear browsing data
  • Check the box “Clear cookies and other site data
  • Click on “Clear Data

For Firefox:

  • Open “Menu” > “Options
  • Select “Privacy & Security”.
  • Click on “Cookies and Site Data” > “Clear Data

For Safari:

  • Open ‘Menu’.
  • Click on “Preferences” > “Privacy” and you’ll see an option that says “Block all cookies
  • If you want to view all the stored cookies, click on “Manage Website Data

Method 3 – Restart your Application

Sometimes the app is not working in a proper condition in the background. So clearing your application from the background and then restarting the application again might solve your issue so that you can stream your favorite movies or TV-Shows on Hulu.

Method 4 – Reinstall the Application

Reinstalling the Hulu App is the best solution to fix any error code. To uninstall the Hulu app from your device and reinstall it again to check whether your Hulu Error code 500 is solved or not.

Method 5 – Perform a Power Cycle

perform a power cycle
  • Switch off every device in which the error is appearing including your router or modem
  • Wait for Few Minutes
  • Lastly, Switch on your router and modem and check the issue.

Method 6 – Customer Support

If the above-given methods do not help you to solve your Hulu Error Code 500 then you must go to Hulu’s Customer Support and explain your Problem. Later wait for the team to get back and respond to your problem in order to solve your error code on Hulu App.


So these are 6 troubleshooting methods to solve your Hulu Error code 500. Go through all the methods and try one by one to solve your error to stream back your favorite movies an TV-Shows on Hulu again.

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