How to Reset Netgeat Router to Factory Default

How to Reset Netgeat Router to Factory Default

Hello everyone in this article I will show you How to Reset Netgear Router to Factory Settings? How to Reset Netgear Router online? How to Reset Netgear Router to Default? How to Reset Netgear Router to Factory Default Looking for your Netgear Router username and password or your Netgear Router has stopped working properly or Getting confused about How to do it then don’t worry because Resetting your Netgear router will help you to solve all your confusion and problem. Also, Factory Reset removes all the personal settings like username, password, security, WiFi network name. So after resetting all you need to do is to configure the Netgear Router again and it is the best solution to all the users. So in this article, I will show you the 2 most Simple and Easy Methods to Reset your Netgear Router and these 2 Methods will help you better to understand and to do practically the process at home office or anywhere just by taking the minimum amount of time. So without wasting ay time let us all get started.
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Steps to Reset your Netgear Router:

Below are the steps to reset your Netgear Wifi Router 1. Using The Reset Button To Reset your Netgear Router Using the Reset button is the most simple and easy method to do practically. So I will show you the steps to clear your understanding about Resetting your Netgear Router netgear-reset-button
  1. Firstly, find out the Reset button at the back of your Netgear Router
  2. Then use a Paper Clip or something similar object
  3. After that Press and Hold the Reset Button for at least 7 seconds
  4. Then Release the Reset Button for your Netgear Router to Reboot
  5. Now Router has started your reset process and Factory Default Settings are restored.
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2. Using the Router Web Interface to Reset Your Netgear Router:

If the Reset button is not helping you to solve your problem then this Web Interface will surely help you to Reset your Netgear Router. I will show you the steps to Reset your Netgear Router Netgear- Router- Login- Reset-Netgear- Router
  1. Open Browser
  2. Then type ‘‘ into the search field and access to the login page
  3. Type your Netgear Router username and password and click on the ‘Login‘ button
  4.  Now Netgear interface will be open Select the ‘Settings‘ tab on the left panel
  5. After that click on ‘Administration‘ and then select ‘Backup Settings Option’
  6. On the Backup Settings find the ‘Erase‘ button
  7. Now click on it under the ‘Revert to Factory Default Settings Option’
  8. Then click on the ‘Yes‘ option to confirm the Reset of your Netgear Router
  9. Now the Reset Process will begin and the power light will be blinking in White or Green Color
  10. Congratulations router is been successfully reset
Note: The Netgear Router Default Username is ‘Admin‘ and Password is ‘Password‘.
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1. How do I change my router administrator’s name? – The default username and password is admin. On the Home screen, click on the Network Settings Button. Click on Tools>Admin. Change the Login Name and click Apply 2. How do I find my Netgear router password? -The administration interface should appear on your screen. On the menu on the left, click on Wireless Settings: The wireless network name (SSID) and password/passphrase/key can be read from the screen as marked on the screenshot above. 3. How do I change my WiFi administrator’s name and password?
  1. Open Browser
  2. Enter
  3. Enter the router admin user name and password
  4. Select Settings > Wireless Setup.
  5. Enter your new network name in the Name (SSID) field
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So That’s the End. So in this article, I have shown you How t Reset Your Netgear Router with 2 easy methods so that you can easily Reset it Without any Confusion. So Start with these above given methods and Do let us know If you are having a problem while applying these steps. Thanks for Reading.
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