D-Link Router Login/D-Link Default Password list: 2020 Updated

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D-Link Router Login/D-Link Default Password List

Hello everyone in this article I will show you the D-Link Router Default Password list, D-Link Wi-Fi Router login, D-Link Wi-Fi Router username, and password. Looking to find D-Link Wi-Fi Router Details or getting stuck in between about D-Link Wi-Fi Router Admin and password then don’t get confused because D-Link mainly does not require any passwords to login to the D-Link Router admin page.
So here in this list, I will provide you D-Link Router Default Passwords list and D-Link Router Password and Usernames along with the D-Link Wi-Fi Router model name. However, after locating your passwords and usernames you will be able to do the  Login. So go with the list given below and search your D-Link Router model name and your password and usernames will be there. Also, Read – Netgear Default Password List | Netgear Router Login: 2020 Updated

D- Link Default Password List [2020 Updated]

D-Link Router Model NameD-Link Router Default UsernameD-link Router Default Password
504g ADSL routerAdminAdmin
604 N/AAdmin
DI-514 User[None]
DI-614+ User[None]
DI-624+ AdminAdmin
Di-707p Admin[None}
DI624 AdminPassword
DSL-300g [None]Private
DSL-G604T AdminAdmin
DSL-G664T AdminAdmin
DSL500G AdminAdmin
DWL 1000 Admin[None]
DWL 2100AP Admin[None]
DWL 900AP [None]Public
DWL-2000AP+ Admin[None]
DWL-614+ Admin[None]
DWL-900AP+ Admin[None]
VTA (Vonage)UserUser
VWR (Vonage)UserUser
Important Note: You must change your D-Link Wi-Fi Router admin password after logging into with your manual D-Link username and password in order to save from unwanted threats. Also, Read – Router IP Address: How To Find it in Any Device?

How to Go to D-Link Router Login Page?

The D-Link Wi-Fi Router Login Page is the interface of D-Link where you will be getting access to all the network settings so to make changes in many networks first thing you have to do is log in to the page. So here I will show you the 5 steps to login your D-Link Wi-Fi Router
  1. Firstly Start Connecting your Network by either Wi-Fi or through your Ethernet cable
  2. Now open your browser and type D-Link Router IP address into the fieldopne-your-browser-and-type-D-Link-Router-Login
  3. Your D-Link Wi-Fi Router Login Page will be openLogin-Page-D-Link-Router-Login
  4. Enter your D-Link Wi-Fi Router username and password and sign in to your D-Link Wireless Router Login PageEnter-and-Sign-in-D-Link-Router-Login
  1. That’s it you can do any changes in D-Link Wi-Fi Router Login Page that you want to change

FAQ 1. What is 192.168 called?

192.168. 1.1 is a common D-Link Router IP address for a consumer-grade router. If the router is used for connecting to the Internet then all computers and devices which access the Internet through it will use this address as their default gateway.
  1. How do I completely reset my D-Link Wi-Fi router?
  • Locate the Reset button on the back of your D-Link Wireless router.
  • With the router powered on, use the pointed end of a paperclip or similar object to press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds.
  • Wait for the router to fully reset and power back on.
  1. What happens if I factory reset my router?
However, Once you reset the D-Link Wireless router, the settings will be reverted to its factory defaults. All of the customized settings of the router (Wi-Fi name (SSID), wireless security, etc.) will be erased.
  1. How do I use D-Link Connection Manager?
Open the Wireless Connection Manager by double-clicking on the D-Link icon on your desktop. Highlight the wireless network (SSID) you would like to connect to and click Connect. Enter the WPA-PSK passphrase exactly as it is on your wireless router or access point and Click OK to connect to the network.
  1. How do I set up my D-Link router after reset?
However, use a paper clip to long-press the Reset button for 10 seconds. After a few minutes, release the Reset button on the router’s rear. You may notice that the router will reboot itself. Resume to the setup process after 15 seconds. Your D-Link Setup page will be done.
That’s it. I have shown you the D-Link Router Login along with the D-Link Default Password List to clear all your doubts so just you have to go to the login page and along with your model and enter your D-Link Wi-Fi Router username and password to access to the settings. So now you can go with this article and set up your D-Link Wireless Router.

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