How To Fix Zoom invalid meeting id (3001) error [Solution For Zoom Error]

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How to fix Zoom invalid meeting Id (3001) error

Zoom invalid meeting id error is an error that occurs when you enter your Zoom meeting ID to join your Meeting. You might be wondering what does invalid meeting id mean in zoom? or how do you fix invalid meeting in zoom?  So to fix this Zoom invalid meeting id message we will be showing you what causes this error and various steps to solve Zoom Invalid Meeting Id Error / Invalid meeting id zoom error

Zoom is the best video conferencing app that gained its popularity in the ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown. This award-winning application brings online meetings, group messaging into one easy-to-use application. Though it is a cloud-based service, many people are not being able to join the meeting and there is an on-screen message that pops up saying Zoom invalid meeting id error / invalid meeting id zoom error whenever you are trying to enter a meeting id.

List of some of the most common errors users face while using the zoom app :

  1. zoom invalid meeting id error
  2. invalid meeting id zoom
  3. this meeting link is invalid (3,001)
  4. invalid zoom meeting id
  5. invalid meeting id. (-1)
  6. zoom error code 3001

To know about the solution for all this above zoom errors continue reading..

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What causes “Zoom invalid meeting id (3001) ” error?

If you are trying to join a session and you see this “invalid meeting id” zoom error or this meeting link is invalid (3,001) on it means that your either your Webinar id is invalid or it does not match exactly with the session you are looking to join. 

Possible Problems which give this error in Zoom 


The Meeting might be expired
❌ You might have the wrong meeting id
You might have entered the wrong meeting id
❌ The host has ended the meeting
❌ Internet Connection Error
This were the possible reasons for “this meeting link is invalid (3,001)” error, now lets see how this errors can be fixed.

Steps to Fix Zoom invalid meeting id (3001) error

Zoom Invalid Meeting ID (3001) error occur because you might have enter the ID which is not alphabetically correct or it has expired. This zoom error 3001 is the most common faced by users.  You can try to copy-paste the ID which is provided or you can use link which will avoid this invalid zoom meeting id problem. To recheck the issue of invalid meeting id zoom error, try opening the Zoom App again and insert the Meeting ID and Join Again, if still you find the same issue follow the below steps:

Method 1 : Clear Data and Cache

  • On the home screen Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and go to “Manage apps” or App management”

tap on app management in Zoom Application

  • Click on “Zoom app”

tap on zoom app to fix invalid id error

  • Click on ‘Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”

clear data and cache

  • Lastly, restart your phone

Method 2 : Re-Launch the Zoom App

  • Click on the “OK” Button to simply come out of the app
  • Now tap on the right-hand side of your button in the mobile
  • You will see a list of recent apps that are running on your phone
  • Now, close the recently opened app which is “Zoom”
  • Lastly, once it is done relaunch the zoom app

Note – If you are using Swipe feature you just have to swipe from down and list of apps will appear from that clear your recently joined app

Method 3 : Contact the Organization

If you are having trouble while joining a meeting maybe because of your Webinar id then contact your organizer who has hosted this webinar and ask them to give you the correct Webinar id

Note – The meeting id which is given to you should be 10 or 11 digit number


    1. Why is my meeting ID invalid zoom?
       The reason for “Invalid meeting id” on zoom is due to an outdated or incompatible version of the Zoom app you are using. Please update the Zoom app to the latest version and try to join the meeting again.

    2. How do I fix invalid meeting ID in zoom error / zoom invalid meeting id ?

      To fix the Zoom invalid meeting id error / invalid meeting id in zoom error, go to Settings, then click on Application, then tap on Zoom application, and then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    3. What is meeting ID in zoom?
      The meeting ID is the meeting number associated with an instant or scheduled meeting. The meeting ID can be a 10 or 11-digit number. The 11-digit number is used for instant, scheduled, or recurring meetings. The 10-digit number is used for Personal Meeting IDs.

So I hope by following the above-given methods you have solved your Zoom invalid meeting id error   / invalid meeting id error zoom easily without any hesitation & have understood what does invalid meeting id mean in zoom. Also, make sure that your meeting id is valid and alphabetically correct in order to avoid this error

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