3 Best Tricks to Start the ShowBox Application If Not Working

How To Fix ShowBox Not Working / Errors | 3 Best Tricks To Solve It


Showbox Not Working

The ShowBox app is indeed a good friend in your lonely times especially if you are a Movie Enthusiast or a TV Show lover. Nowadays many users are finding errors like ShowBox not working, connection error, and many other errors while using the ShowBox app file. This app will give your free TV Shows and Bollywood Movies without spending any single amount of money

The ShowBox is an ultimate trendy app for Android users which has taken the whole digital world by gaining its popularity during these recent times. The best thing about this app is all the content in the ShowBox app is stream well in HD format. Apart from downloading the app, the ShowBox users can also click here to watch free movies and TV Shows on their official website

What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is an Application that gives premium TV Shows, Web Series, Movies for Free. You can use it as an alternative of NETFLIX. But it is not as good as NETFLIX as it is a free Application. You can go and download it from any browser as it is not available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How to Download and Install ShowBox in Android?

Follow the steps given below to install ShowBox app on your Android Device. The App is a third party source that may cause harm to your Android Device . So Be Safe and Follow the Steps properly to install the Show Box app in your Android Device

Steps to Download and Install the ShowBox App in Android:

  1. Open your Settings and Scroll Down and Tap Security Options
  2. Slide the Unknown Source Tab to Enable it
  3. Now click here to download ShowBox APK app
  4. After downloading, Go to the File Manager App and click on Downloads Folder
  5. Click on the ShowBox App and Install it
  6. ShowBox App is successfully installed on your Android Device

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Well after knowing what ShowBox app is all about. Let us all go ahead and find out why it is not working? and what are its best Alternative for users to watch online.

Why ShowBox not working and How to Fix it?

ShowBox not working from the past few days. Also, the ShowBox users are facing trouble while opening this application and there has been no clear understanding of whether this app is closed or not. So today we will be taking about 3 Main Reasons why the ShowBox app is not working and in counter, we will help you to solve this problem with our 3 Main Solutions.

Reasons Why Showbox Not Working?

1. Legal Issue

showbox not working legal issue

All the ShowBox users already know that ShowBox is an illegal video content app. Also because of this lawyers of various televisions networks have filed a lawsuit against ShowBox app. This is because of its unlawful content giving of TV Shows and Movies on the internet. The Lawsuit has been filed against users, promoters to stop running their application.

2. Frequent Crash

showbox not working frequent crash

The frequent bug has made crashes and freezes while streaming any TV Shows or Movies. You can’t use Showbox app if using an outdated Android version or device with less memory as this may be due to server or memory issues. Also because of its errors while streaming many users are considering Showbox as an unstable app to use it for.

3. ShowBox Server Down

showbox not working server down

Showbox not working because many users are getting an error and their app automatically gets closed. the black screen jumps up whenever any users are trying to watch any TV Show or Movie. Users who have attempted to open the application have received an error message. Also, you may face an error in the beginning that Showbox not working because of irregular performance.

How to Fix the ShowBox Not Working Error?

Though the Showbox is not working so here we can try with some best solutions to bring back the Showbox to its working state. So we will give you 3 Best Solutions to make your ShowBox running again without any hesitation

1. Clear Application Cache

  1. Open the Settings Application and Click on Apps
  2. Search for ShowBox App
  3. Now, Click on Storage
  4. You will see 2 options i.e. Clear Data and Clear Cache
  5. Click on both the options
  6. Now start your ShowBox application and check whether the problem is solved or not

2. Reinstalling the Application

  1. Navigate to the icon of the Showbox on your Android Device
  2. Press and hold the app until its start to shake
  3. Click on the cross icon on it
  4. Press Yes to confirm the installation
  5. Now restart your android device completely
  6. After restarting, Click here to download and install the ShowBox Apk App
  7. After installing a fresh copy, check if the issue still persists.

3. Fix all other Common Bugs

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Open Apps or Apps manager.
  3. Check for All Apps.
  4. Tap on the menu icon.
  5. Click on ‘Reset App Preferences’
  6. Lastly, Reboot your phone

However, if you are finding any trouble while fixing the ShowBox App then we have the best  ShowBox alternatives for you to try and continue streaming hassle-free. So I will be showing you 5 Best ShowBox Alternatives to use it for your daily fun.

5 Best ShowBox Alternatives 

1. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv Showbox alternative

Pluto TV is having unique and exclusive channels covering movies, TV shows, true crime, sports, poker, news, entertainment, gaming, documentaries, adventure, comedy and so much more. Also, it gives access to Free Movies & TV Shows in our ever-growing on-demand section, which includes over 1,000 engaging titles. So Watch free TV now and get +1000s of movies and TV shows on-demand

2. Cinema Box

Cinema Box Showbox alternative

Cinema Box is an amazing app to watch tons of Movies and TV Shows for free. With the Cinema Box app, you can watch the newest movies and TV shows, listen to music, download apps and wallpapers, and much more. You can favorite posts to access them later, and be notified when they’re updated. You can also view a movie’s or a TV show’s details and trailers via IMDb directly from within the app.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV Showbox alternative

Stream Freely Tubi HD Movies is an excellent application for watching movies and series. All the content is free and ready for streaming. Besides, who doesn’t love watching a bad movie from time to time? Best of free movies and series for streaming now Top English movies Malayalam movies, Tamil movies, telling movies, Kannada movies Top Hindi movies, and regional languages. Every day tons of movies and TV Shows are added for the users to enjoy watching and having fun.

4. I Mega Box

iMegaBox Showbox alternative

I Mega Box app can save you a lot of time if you love movies and tv shows, this is your easy way to get info. This movie app helps you retrieves a list of movies that are currently showing in theaters, new releases opening this week, or upcoming new movies soon to be in theaters or cinema. This app is recommended to all tv show and movie lovers for the sake of helping you make a good choice. This is the fastest, easiest way to find and discover TV shows, box office movies on your device.

5. MX Player

MX Player Showbox alternative

MX Player, the most powerful mobile video player now brings you an Android TV streaming service offering thousands of hours of premium, exclusive, and original content from leading producers and publishers. On MX Player TV you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want. the best thing is you can Browse a growing selection of thousands of Movies, Web-series, TV Shows & Originals.


What can one do if a favorite show or movie isn’t playing on full screen?

This is another common problem, but it’s easier to sort out. Start by checking the quality control, then look for “use the internal player”; make sure this has been enabled as the default. The moment you change this setting, the movie should now be able to load fully.

What to do in instances when movies fail to load?

There are several reasons why the movie could be loading. Among them is the amount of RAM in your device. At least ensure to have a RAM of one gigabyte for better streaming. Another possibility is the print of the movie. A CAM print for instance will lead to slow loading. You can wait for some days for a better movie to be availed online. Another solution is by uninstalling the application and removing all the junk files. Internet connectivity is a must and if possible always update the application.

What about when a favorite show or movie is missing?

If your preferred show or movie is not available, the key lies in trying out alternative versions of the Showbox app. Remember that Showbox has many movies but at the same time not all movies are available. There are many alternative applications but Showbox is still the best application to use.

Showbox App says “install failed invalid path”:

Users mainly affected by this error are those using blue stacks android emulator. To fix the issue, you can try uninstalling the software and then installing again.

How do I get the latest Showbox APK?

For those that have already installed Showbox, you’ll be prompted by the app each time you need to update it with a newer version. But if you are downloading the application for the first time, you can always go for the most recent and updated version.


So in this article, I have shown you the reasons why ShowBox not Working along with its 3 Best ways to fix your problem. So go through the solutions and try if your ShowBox app is working or not. Also if you are a Bollywood Movie Lover and looking for free best sites to watch Bollywood Movies online then click here to know more.

However, if you have any doubts regarding ShowBox not working then let us know in the comment section below. We will solve all your difficulties and problems.

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