Dashlane vs 1Password Which is Better in 2020

Dashlane vs 1Password : Which is Better in 2020


      Dashlane vs 1Password: Which is Better to Use

Remembering too many passwords is quite difficult and making notes or keeping somewhere safe is so much confusing but when it comes to managing your long list of passwords there is no better password manager software then Dashlane and 1Password. The  Dashlane vs 1 Password comparison will help you to know which is best and why you should consider this. So in this article, I will tell you the key differences between Dashlane vs 1Password and which is better to use in 2020

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1Password [Dashlane vs 1Password]

1Password will remember and automatically fill in all our long passwords also it works on IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Browser. It is not a free plan but comes with a free trial of 30 days to use it to know what 1Password is all about which makes this premium password manager.

What is Dashlane?Dashlane also works on IOS, Mac, Windows, Mac, and Browse. In recent times it is considered as the best password manager to secure your password. It can manage up to 50 passwords at once also it comes with the free version to try and run this software. The best part about this is that the credentials can be shared with anyone. 

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Difference Between Dashlane vs 1Password

To keep it easy and understood by all I will be explaining your key differences in 5 factors. Also, in the end, I will tell you which Password manager you should use for your business and other purposes.

  1. Free Version

Talking about the Free Version Dashlane has this feature while 1Password does not have. So if you are hoping to get a free version password Manager then only Dashlane has this feature.

While 1 Password gives you 30 days free trial without asking any payment methods. So just you have to log in and after 30 days it will get expired. So our winner is Dashlane because it gives us a free version while 1Password lacks to give it.

Winner: Dashlane

2. Pricing:

Dashlane is expensive around all password managers because it offers $3.33 per month and $39.99 per year while comparing to 1Password it offers $2.99 per month and $29.99 per year. It is cheaper than Dashlane and also saves your $10 dollars.

However, 1Password has separate plans for families and businesses. But Dashlane serves only for business purposes. So there is no other difference than this just because it is cheaper then Dashlane then 1 Password is the winner.

Winner: 1Password

3. Security and Multi-Factor Authentication:

While both Dashlane and 1Password gives you two-factor authentication and has encryption of AES-256. Which is both common while email login or sending text message code. However, 1Password has a unique way to protect as it uses ‘Secret Key’ for all the users who sign up to this software, and every time you log in you need to enter a long string of letters and digits along with a password to unlock your vault.

While Dashlane has PKDF2 encryption to enter a password. So in my terms the winner is 1Password because it gives us ‘Security Key’ and also both are impossible to hack but this along feature makes 1Password winner.

Winner: 1Password

4. Browser Extension:

Dashlane and 1Password both have browser extensions which consider as a great password manager to quickly access and store your passwords. However, 1Password gives you the extension which runs and operates independently on any other application. Talking about the Dashlane with the extension it has an amazing interface of browser to use it for.

But with 1Password you only require an extension to delete, view, and edit your entries or passwords. So according to my opinion 1Password stands the winner because of its flexibility and standalone version which makes the winner in this category.

Winner: 1Password

5. Web Form Filling:

Dashlane has this feature of Web Form Filling while 1Password does not have any feature yet. The best thing about Dashlane is it can automatically fill web forms including all your payments. In fact, there’s a personal info section where you can add your details, as well as Payments “digital wallet” section to hold your credit cards and accounts.

So if you are having Dashlane Browser Extension installed it will automatically appear in the field where you can select which identity to use when filling the form. So the clear winner is Dashlane because it has a feature in it while 1Password fails to have it.

Winner: Dashlane

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Final Thoughts:

So Honestly, Dashlane and 1Password both are great password managers to use it for. However, because of pricing plans, security, and browser extension 1Password makes it clear about the best Password Manager. But because it is easy to use and has extra features while Dashlane lacks to have it. So, in my opinion, about Dashlane vs 1Password, you should go with 1Password as it is cheaper in price and comes with the best to use it for. So do comment below about this article and let us know if there are any other password managers that you know the best.

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