Top 9 Online Courses For Data Science

Top 9 Online Courses For Data Science



Data Science is an amazing field for young minds who want to learn Data Science. Also, Data Science looks after algorithms, scientific methods, processes to draw insights. This Data helps to make future decisions.

So after extensive research from various searches I have listed the Top 9 Best Online Courses for Data Science with certifications, tutorials, and training available online. These courses are relevant to all whether they are beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

So if you are looking for online top data science courses you can choose from the below list of these data science courses which I have listed as top to start and boom your career in the field of Data Science. Depending upon your interests and behavior you can choose any of the given online courses to learn Data Science.

List of Top 9 Online Course For Data Science:

  1. Data Science Specialization: By Coursera
  2. IBM Data Science Course: By EDX
  3. Data Science Essentials: EDX
  4. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning: By Udemy
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: By Coursera
  6. Machine Learning Engineer: Udacity
  7. Introduction to Data Science in Python: By University of Michigan
  8. Statistics and Data Science: By MIT
  9. Data Science for Everyone: By Data Camp

1. Data Science Specialization: By Coursera [FREE]

Coursera data science course

The Data Science Specialization Course by Coursera Offered By John Hopkins University. This is one of the Best Free Online Data Science courses. This Specialization covers the concepts and tools you’ll need throughout the entire data science pipeline. From asking the right kinds of questions to making inferences and publishing results.

In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply the skills learned by building a data product using real-world data. At completion, students will have a portfolio demonstrating their mastery of the material.

Course Details Data Science Course:

  1. Duration: This Data Science Course will take approx 8 months to complete and the suggested hours will be 6 hours in a week.
  2. Courses: There are 10 Sub courses in this specialization so that you can learn everything in Data Science
  3. Price: The Price of this Course is absolutely FREE.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Use R to clean, analyze, and visualize data.
  • Navigate the entire data science pipeline from data acquisition to publication.
  • Use GitHub to manage data science projects.
  • Perform regression analysis, least squares, and inference using regression models.

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  1. IBM Data Science Course: By EDX [PAID]

Edx Data Science Course

Data science and machine learning skills continue to be in the highest demand across industries, and the need for data practitioners is booming. Upon completing this Professional Certificate program, you will be armed with the skills and experience you need to start your career in data science and machine learning

Through hands-on assignments and high-quality instruction, you will build a portfolio using real data science tools and real-world problems and data sets. The curriculum will cover a wide range of data science topics including open source tools and libraries, methodologies, Python, databases, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning.

There is no requirement for prior computer science or programming knowledge in order to take this program. It is one of the best online course for Data Science as it will give you the confidence to start your data science career

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: It will take 1 year to complete this course and there will be 3-5 hours of lectures per week with their expert instructions.

Courses: There are 9 sub courses in this entire data science course covering each topic because the courses are divided as per their time.

Price: The Price of this course is INR 30,761 RS/- for the full program experience.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Apply various Data Science and Machine Learning skills, techniques, and tools to complete a project and publish a report.
  • Practice with various tools used by Data Scientists and become experienced in using some of them like Jupyter notebooks.
  • Master the key steps involved in tackling a data science problem. Also, you will learn to follow a methodology to think and work like a Data Scientist.
  • Write SQL to query databases and explore relational database concepts.
  • Understand Python and practice Python programming using Jupiter.
  • Import and clean data sets, analyze data, build and evaluate data models and pipelines using Python.
  • Utilize several data visualization tools, techniques and libraries in Python to present data visually.
  • Understand and apply variously supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning models. Also, algorithms to address real-world challenges using Python.

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  1. Data Science Essentials: By EDX [FREE]

Edx Data Science Course

Demand for data science talent is exploding. Develop your career as a data scientist by learning and exploring essential skills and principles with experts from Duke and Microsoft University.

In this free data science Online Course, you will learn key concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration, and visualization. Alongside practical application-oriented examples such as how to build a cloud data science solution using Microsoft Azure. Machine Learning platform, or with R, and Python on Azure stack.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: It will take 6 weeks to complete in which there will be 3-4 hours of session per week to complete.

Courses: There are 3 Sub Courses in this entire courses covering different topics of data science from python to cloud data Science

Price: the price of this course is FREE but if you will add a verified certificate of INR 7,388 RS/-, then you will get a verified certificate to improve your CV and to grow your career.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Explore the data science process
  • Probability and statistics in data science
  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • The hands-on elements of this course leverage a combination of R, Python, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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  1. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning: By Udemy [PAID]

udemy data science course

This comprehensive course is the online Best Top Course for Data Science. It will be your guide to learning how to use the power of Python to analyze data. Also, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms! Data Science is a rewarding career that allows you to solve some of the world’s most interesting problems!

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience. Also experienced developers looking to make the jump to Data Science.

This comprehensive course is comparable to other Data Science boot camps that usually cost thousands of dollars. But now you can learn all that information at a fraction of the cost. With over 100 HD video lectures and detailed code notebooks for every lecture, this is one of the most comprehensive courses for data science and machine learning on Udemy.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: the time duration of this data science course is 25 hours. It also includes 12 articles and 5 downloadable resources.

Courses: the entire course will be having a total of 164 lectures also having different minutes for each lecture.

Price: The price of this data science course is INR 858 RS/- only.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Use Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Use Spark for Big Data Analysis
  • Implement Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Learn to use NumPy for Numerical Data
  • Learn to use Matplotlib for Python Plotting
  • Use Plotly for interactive dynamic visualizations
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Logistic Regression
  • Linear Regression

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  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: By Coursera [FREE]

Coursera data science course

The Data-Driven Decision Making Course is a Free Online Best Course for Data Science. In this course, you’ll get an introduction to Data Analytics and its role in business decisions. You’ll learn why data is important and how it has evolved.

You’ll be introduced to “Big Data” and how it is used. You’ll also be introduced to a framework for conducting Data Analysis. Also what tools and techniques are commonly used. Finally, you’ll have a chance to put your knowledge to work in a simulated business setting.

This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with the address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: the approx time to complete this data science course will take 11 hours. Also, it is suggested that the lectures will be 6 hours a week.

Course: There are 29 videos in this entire course which will takes 4 weeks to complete. After completing each week you will get quiz questions to answer.

Price: Course is FREE for all the users who want to learn data science.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Data-Informed Decision Making
  • Big Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Self Paced Learning Options
  • Graded Quizzes With Feedback.

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6. Machine Learning Engineer: By Udacity [PAID]

udacity data science course


Learn advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms — including how to package and deploy your models to a production environment as the course by Udacity is the Top Data Science Online Course and Gain practical experience using Amazon SageMaker.

Also to deploy trained models to a web application and evaluate the performance of your models. A/B test models and learn how to update the models as you gather more data, an important skill in the industry.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: The Estimated time of this course to complete is 3 months. Also, the lectures will be 10 hours a week.

Course: There are 4 sub-modules in this entire pack of course along with python.

Price: The price of this course is INR 58,257 RS/- only.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • Advanced algorithm techniques
  • Real-world projects from this industry course
  • Technical Mentor Support
  • Production Level Code
  • How to Deploy Machine Learning Models
  • Explore Data and Deploy Both.

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  1. Introduction to Data Science in Python: By University of Michigan [FREE]

university of michigan data science course

This Free Best Online Data Science course will introduce the learner to the basics of the python programming environment. It also includes fundamental python programming techniques such as lambdas, reading and manipulating CSV files, and the NumPy library. The course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques.

By using the popular python pandas data science library and introduce the abstraction of the Series and DataFrame. Also as the central data structures for data analysis, along with tutorials on how to use functions such as group by, merge, and pivot tables effectively.

By the end of this course, students will be able to take tabular data, manipulate it, and run basic inferential statistical analyses.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: the time duration to complete this entire data science course with python is 4 weeks long. Also, it takes 18 hours to complete with 7 hours a week.

Course: There are 29 videos in that course. So by Enrolling this Course, you will get to know what it is all about.

Price: The cost of this course is absolutely FREE.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Python Programming
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Data Cleansing
  • Fundamentals of the most important toolkit
  • Understanding of Pythons pandas library
  • Introduction of various statistical techniques.

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  1. Statistics and Data Science: By MIT [PAID]

massachusetts institute of technology Data Science Course

This MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science is a Top Online Data Science Course. It comprised of four online courses and a virtually proctored exam that will provide you with the foundational knowledge and essential to understanding the methods and tools used in data science, and hands-on training in data analysis and machine learning.

You will dive into the fundamentals of probability and statistics. Also, you will learn, implement, and experiment with data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms. This program will prepare you to become an informed and effective practitioner of data science who adds value to an organization.

The program certificate can be applied, for admitted students, towards a Ph.D. in Social and Engineering Systems (SES) and through the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) or may accelerate your path towards a Master’s degree at other universities around the world.

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: It will take 1 year and 3 months to complete this course. The sessions will be 10-14 hours per week.

Course: There are 5 graduate-level courses in this entire course. Also, there are expert instructions to guide you throughout the course.

Price: The price of the course is INR 113,061 RS /- only.

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • Master the foundations of data science, statistics, and machine learning
  • Analyze big data and make data-driven predictions through probabilistic modeling and statistical inference.
  • identify and deploy appropriate modeling and methodologies in order to extract meaningful information for decision making
  • Develop and build machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful information from seemingly unstructured data.
  • Learn popular unsupervised learning methods, including clustering methodologies and supervised methods such as deep neural networks
  • Finishing this MicroMasters program will prepare you for job titles such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Systems Analyst, Data Engineer

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  1. Data Science for Everyone: By Data Camp [Free]

data camp data science course

What is data science, why is it so popular, and why did the Harvard Business Review hail it as the “best job of the 21st century”? In this online top data science course, you’ll be introduced to everything you were ever too afraid to ask about this fast-growing and exciting field. Without needing to write a single line of code.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn about the different data scientist roles. Also foundational topics like A/B testing, time series analysis, and machine learning, and how data scientists extract knowledge and insights from real-world data.

So don’t be put off by the buzzwords. Start learning, gain skills in this hugely in-demand field, and discover why data science is for everyone!

Course Details Data Science Course:

Duration: The duration of this top course in data science is 4 hours long.

Course: There are 15 videos in this entire set of course. Also with the 48 Exercises with no coding involved.

Price: the price of this entire data science course is free. So enroll now

Things you will learn in Data Science Course:

  • How Data Science is applied in real-world
  • Learn about different data sources
  • How to store data once it is collected
  • Dealing with missing values and outliers
  • Explore your data and convey your findings.
  • Predicting future events
  • Looking at supervised learning and clustering.

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Glassdoor reported national average salary of Data Scientist is around Rs. 10 LPA, where lowest salary is Rs. 5 Lakh and highest Salary is Rs. 22 Lakh. Salary of Data Scientist is different comparing location, experience and other criteria will be also in consideration. Demand continue to grow, as more than 21 Lakhs jobs reported in India only and as per report more than 11.6 million job opening expected in 2026 worldwide. Data Scientist expected to become most emerging role in IT Sector with huge spike in Salary as well from Fresher to experience level. Data Science expert is required in every major companies that include big names like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and more.


In modern times the growth of Data Science is increasing day by day and there are many online courses offered by the big universities. Also, I have listed the top online courses for data science so that you can select any of the above data science courses as per your choice and start learning Data Science today.

This sector is growing rapidly and many big firms are looking for Data Scientist, Data Analyst and many more for their Firm. To Enroll in any of the above Data Science Courses and gain your professional career in Data Science.

If anyone is looking for Data Science courses then share this article to know them. also, do comment below which data science course you are opting for and if you want to know how to share images or videos then you must know What is SHAREit?. Thanks for Reading


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