Top 8 Free Online Courses for Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is one of the greatest and best ways to learn your marketing skills with the help of your internet to grow your business and to make meaningful relationships with amazing clients. Not only Entrepreneurs learn this but also business experts and many other people learn and grow with their team to make their business a successful one.

We live in today’s generation where all the business transactions are done within one click and information is produced also with one search where the internet has made many people learn skills and to improve their knowledge. In recent times Digital Marketing Industry is booming with a great rate and it is said that in some years it will be a huge industry for all the sectors to earn money and reputation.

One of the great things to learn digital marketing is to learn online with these best courses that industry experts give their knowledge digitally with these online courses so that they can learn and do practical assignments and also with the hand based projects. If you really want to stand out from your peers and wanting to grow in Digital Marketing Industry then these online courses will help you considerably to learn basic fundamentals and also it will help you to keep updated on latest Digital Marketing Trends

So in this article, I will be showing Top 8 Online Courses for Digital Marketing in which 4 will be FREE and 4 will be PAID so that it will help you to understand what Digital Marketing is actually is and how you will stand out after completing this online courses and if you feel these FREE courses are better for understanding then you can go with these courses and if your Feel PAID courses are best you can go with the paid courses it depends on you in which course you are comfortable understanding with. So let us all get started.

Top 8 Free Online Courses for Digital Marketing :

Here is the list of top 8 Free online courses for Digital Marketing with course details and its features –

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: By Google. [FREE]

Digital Unlocked By Google

Get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing with the help of Google and help grow your business or care

Master the basics of digital marketing with Google-free Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited course. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action. You will also get a certificate by Google. certified shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. You can also add the qualification to your CV, and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile so that professionals and industry experts will reach to you and you can start your career or grow your business

Course Details:

  • Modules: There are 26 Modules in this entire course each having different topics so that you can learn and understand each topic in this module and gain knowledge about the fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Hours: The time duration is 40 hours to complete this entire course so ensure that you must do only one topic each day to understand better and help you to cope with everything which you have learned.
  • Price: The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course is Absolutely Free so that you can start now and learn the basics of Digital Marketing.

Course Features:

  • IAB Certified
  • Unlimited Access
  • Video Tutorials
  • Recognized Certification

So you Just Have to Pay Clear attention and all learn all 26 Modules after that exam will be held pass the exam with 40 question and your certificate will be sent to your email id so that you can showcase in your CV to grow and improve your performance. Also Read What is SHAREit

  1. The Complete Digital Marketing Course: By Udemy [Paid]

Udemy Academy of you

This Digital Marketing Course by Udemy is the bestselling course for you all to learn the complete Digital Marketing

With over 20 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps you can follow – this is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available. They will cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and many more .The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section. You will learn how to market a business online from scratch to all major marketing channels Covering 12 major online marketing topics and comprising of 20+ hours of clear cut lectures & practice activities – this course is “incredible value for money!” as one student said.

Course Details:

  • Modules: There are 12 topic in these modules covering all from basics to advance so that to understand about each topic and why it is useful for you.
  • Hours: It comprises of 20+ hours of clear cut lectures and practice to make you understand and make sure you clear your mind by doing each topic and relearning them.
  • Price: It comes with a price of INR 710 RS/- which is cheaper and also affordable to you so if you are looking for a course with a low price and best then Buy this course for your Knowledge and Skill.

Course Features:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 36 articles
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion By Udemy

So go on and buy this course as it will be a great knowledge pack for all of you who are starting this or who are struggling with their website or traffic or looking for highly paid freelancing Skills to increase your business and generate more revenues for your business or career. Also Read Dashlane vs Lastpass – Best Password Tool 

  1. Inbound Digital Marketing Course: By Hubspot [FREE]

Inbound Certification

This Inbound Digital Marketing Course by Hubspot is very popular among all the courses. In this course, you will learn inbound marketing techniques that range from content creation to social promotion to converting and nurturing leads and beyond. By the end of this certification course, you’ll be well on your way to building your inbound Digital Marketing strategy.

Course Details:

  • Module: There are 10 lessons in this module with 34 videos and each lesson will teach you different marketing tactics to help you grow your marketing strategy from blog to social media and lead conversation to sales
  • Hours: This course takes 4 hours of completion time to learn all the lessons from start to end so focus on each topic and learn and practice each topic to convert your business into a big one
  • Price: Talking about the price this course is free for all. So whether you are a beginner or advanced you all can sign up this course and can learn anywhere after signing up. Hubspot is great for teaching so don’t worry about this course as it will give you a full understanding of this course

Course Features:

  • Learn about inbound marketing techniques
  • Develop an understanding of the core tactics of inbound marketing
  • Advance your skills as an inbound marketer
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • 34 Videos

So Sign up this course for free and get access to these amazing videos to be thorough with these practical videos from sales to growth strategy and many more. So go on with this course and learn all the things which you were looking for. Also read Whatsapp Manager – Transfer, Recover, Back up Data

  1. Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program: By Udacity: [PAID]

Udacity Digital Marketing Course

Become a Digital Marketing Expert by Signing up this course. Gain real-world experience running live campaigns as you learn from top experts in the field. Launch your career with a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing. You will Learn to create marketing content, use social media to amplify your message, make content discoverable in search, run Ads campaigns and advertise on Facebook. Additionally, you will learn how display and video ads work and how to market with email, and measure and optimize with Google Analytics.

Course Details:

  • Module: There is no such module in that as the course program is depended on students how much time they will take to complete this course.
  • Duration: The course will take an average time of 3 months to complete with 10 hours each in a week so you can learn easily in this course as their Industry experts will teach you with their best tactics and also it will help you to remember easily.
  • Price: The Price of this course is INR 58,257 RS /- and you’ll have access to the Nanodegree program classroom and materials, plus expert project reviews.

Course Features:

  • Real-world projects from industry experts
  • Technical mentor support
  • Personal career coach & career services
  • Flexible Learning Program
  • Getting Personalized Feedback on your projects.

So if you are doing an investment on our growth and for your future career then this course is the one that you were searching for talking about the price this course is expensive but I am sure that by signing to this course it will help you to build your career to another level. So don’t waste time thinking it start signing up this course and gain more knowledge and skills. Also Read Best Emoji Keyboard To Download

  1. Digital Marketing Specialization Course: By Coursera [FREE]

Digital Maketing Course by Coursera

This Specialization explores several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D Printing. When you complete the Digital Marketing Specialization you will have a richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote and price products and services.

Course Details:

  • Module: There are 7 courses in this specialization and every course contains different modules so if you are wanting to learn all the courses then you can learn and implement them
  • Hours: There are no hours required for each lesson to understand as this course covers different modules and topics for all whether they are a beginner or advanced.
  • Price: Coming to this price this course is free for all so just have to sign up and start learning this course to gain all the benefits of different topics in this course.

Course Features:

  • Shareable Specialization and Course Certificates
  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Course Videos & Readings
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Also Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  • And Graded Programming Assignments.

Enroll this course if you think that is suits best for you according to your needs and desire and get a global certificate from the recognized universities to improve your CV And to build a career in Digital Marketing. Also read List Of iPhone Models released till 2020

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist: By Simplilearn [PAID]

Digital Marketing Specialization by Simplilearn

This Simplilearn Digital Marketing course will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains — search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. Fast-track your career in digital marketing today with practical training you can apply on the job.

Course Details:

  • Modules: There are 7 Modules in this entire pack of Digital Marketing Course covering all the topics like SMM, SEO, PPC and many more so that you will be able to cope up with every module
  • Hours: there is no specific time to complete this course as this session will be held according to the dates with their times given by the experts in which they will teach you and will help you to clear your doubts.
  • Price: The price of this course is INR 59,999/- only

Course Features:

  • Simplilearn Job Assist
  • 365 days course access
  • 45+projects
  • OMCP certification
  • Hands-on experience with a simulation environment

So Go ahead and sign up for this course if you think that this course is worthy enough for your investment as according to my knowledge this course will help you a lot in bringing your knowledge and skills to the upper level and also it will boost your business career by learning the best and implementing it. Also Read How to Download Pinterest Images for Free

  1. Diploma in E-Business: By Alison [FREE]

Diploma in Digital Marketing by Alison

This free online e-business diploma course teaches you about the various aspects of e-business and how to implement a successful e-business strategy. E-business skills are incredibly powerful in the modern age, and with this course, you will learn how to design, create, amend, and monitor a website to make sure that it reaches the local and international customers searching for your products and services online.

Course Details:

  • Modules: There are 15 Different Modules designed and developed by Alison so that you will learn all different types of growth and technical strategies that will help you in your career.
  • Hours: the time duration to complete this module will vary from 6 – 10 hours depending upon how you are coping up with these modules,
  • Price: the price of this course is free for all who want to learn E-business and set up an E-business in future

Course Features:

  • Strong understanding of key Digital concepts
  • Help you to analyze revenue matrics
  • Build a Custom Reporting
  • How to budget your online advertising
  • Implementing your online marketing strategy

So Start your E-business career by signing up for this course for free and plan to grow or implement your knowledge while setting up your career in E-Business as this course is free. So join now and take advantage of this course and learn various technical and tactical skills. Also read How to Download Shutterstock images for free

  1. Digital Marketing Professional: By VSKILLS [PAID]

Digital Marketing Course by vskills

Vskills certification for Digital Marketing assesses the candidate as per the company’s need for running Digital Marketing Campaigns across various channels including Emailers, Social Media, Search Engine, and Inbound techniques. The certification tests the candidates on various areas in Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. This course will help all the people who want to get certified in Digital Marketing Industry

Course Details:

  • Modules: There are 7 modules in this entire course each covering a variety of topics from social media to web analytics to help you understand better in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • Duration: the time duration to complete this course will take 50+ hours for all modules since each module has a depth of subtopics so that you can learn much more from this course
  • Price: the Price of this course is 14,999/- only

Course Features:

  • 50+ hours of video lessons
  • 24 x 7 Support through Discussion Forum
  • 100+ Hours Hands-on Assignments
  • Free Practice Tests
  • Get tagged as ‘Vskills Certified’ On

Signing up this course will give you a lot of benefits to preparing in the world of digital marketing. And with this course, it will meet as per your expectations and need that you were searching for. So buy this course as it will be very helpful to gain knowledge and Digital marketing skills. Also Read How to Download Youtube Videos


In this article, I’ve shown you Top 8 online courses for digital marketing so that you can grow your career. And kickstart your business or career by learning from these best online courses for digital marketing.

Start signing up from any of these online courses and share these online courses with your friends and family. So that if they are interested in this they can also learn from any of these courses. Also, do comment below from the above list which course do you like the most. How much knowledge you have gained from the above-given courses? Thanks for Reading.

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