7 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Try Out in 2020

7 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Try Out in 2020


Searching for the Best Rabbit Alternatives or similar Sites to Watch Movies, Videos with your Friends and Family?. Rabbit is also known as Rabb.it was one of the most popular video streaming websites that allows its users to watch interact, stream, and connect with your loved ones. Rabbit allowed anything to share in Web Browsers like Chrome or Opera that could play.

Unfortunately, Rabbit was Shut down in May 2019 and it was acquired by his rival streaming website called Kast in July 2019. While Kast has told that he will bring all the features of Rabbit on their platform. Kast added dome new features on their sites but it’s not interesting as it will take time to replace Rabbit. So to enjoy watching here is the list of Best Rabbit Alternatives which will help you to enjoy streaming online with your loved ones.

List of Rabbit Alternatives To Try Out in 2020:

1. Netflix Party

Netflix Party Rabbit Alternative

Netflix Party is one of the Best Alternative to watch Movies and videos with your friends and family. The best thing about this site is it offers Synchronizes Video Playback and add group chat to your favorite Netflix Series or Shows. So to watch with your loved ones you have to install the Extension to share the experience with each other. So just you have to do is log in to Netflix > Select a Video > Create a Party > and Invite your Loved ones. As Netflix party is the same as using Netflix.

2. Airtime

Airtime Rabbit Alternative

Airtime is the best Social Streaming App to watch in whether you have Android or iPhone. You can watch content and do video chat at the same time. The best thing about Airtime is it supports up to 10 users and also supports commentary and media playback to all the users. In Airtime, you can also watch Youtube Videos send a GIF, play music, and a lot more. While Watch videos you can also send photos video clips with whom you are watching. So Airtime is the best replacement in terms of features.

3. Rave

Rave Rabbit Alternative

Whether it’s about listening to music with friends or watching videos Rave brings all the people together around the media they love. The best part about Rave is you can stream content from Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Google Drive. You can also combine your smartphones to make an instant speaker system. In Rave, you can also meet all the people around the world by joining Public Rave. So Rave is an amazing app to watch media content with your friends and family and it works best as an alternative to Rabbit.

4. Watch2tgether

Watch2Gether Rabbit Alternative

Watch2tgether is another best alternative to watch videos, create a room, listen to music, or do Shopping on Amazon Together. The best thing is you have to don’t have to signup to create your own chatroom. After creating the chat room you invite other users to join the chat. However it is restricted to certain platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion and also don,t allow third-party services like Netflix and Hulu to stream with your loved ones. All in one it is having a chat feature that makes the best platform to stream with anyone

5. MyCircle.TV

MyCircle.TV Rabbit Alternative

MyCircle.TV allows you to discover a new way to share videos with your family and friends. The Best thing about MyCircle.TV is you can create a room and gather around the same video whether it’s on Youtube or Vimeo. under its portal. It also supports chat feature and emoji support to look good. Apart from this you can also share URLs from many other websites and stream video together. You can create an account for free without any signup required. This is a promising platform which is worth trying for

6. Sharetube

ShareTube Rabbit Alternative

Sharetube helps you to watch Youtube Videos in a clean and simple and clean manner. S you just have to create a room share your Youtube Video URL in sync with other members. You can also create a playlist as well. It comes with an amazing interface with no signup required to create an account. The best thing is that there is a group chat option available which brings a sense of interaction among all the users. So if you are looking for a simple way to watch then this site is best to use it for.

7. Kosmi

Kosmi Rabbit Alternative

Kosmi is a virtual video system that allows you to watch videos together, play games, or simply chat with your loved ones or from all the people around the world. The best thing about Kosmi is there is no signup or installation required. The Video is synced with everyone in the room so you can watch YouTube videos at will. Just put in a YouTube URL and click Play!. You can share your whole screen(video and audio), a window, or a browser tab with the members of the room!. So go and enjoy streaming in Kosmi without any hesitation.

So this was our list of 7 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Try Out in 2020 which are worth trying for. These above alternatives are great as Rabbit and having excellent features and functionality. So no matter whichever you select you will enjoy streaming with your loved ones. So if you like our article then do comment below which alternative is best according to you.

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