What is SHAREit Vault? No. 1 Application to Secure Video & Pictures

What is SHAREit Vault No. 1 Application to Secure Video & Pictures

What is SHAREit Vault?
SHAREit Vault
is developed by SHARE IT Developers to protect and secured the media files like Picture & Video in the device. It gives Extra Security to your data.

How Safe ShareIT Vault is?
It is 100% safe, your data is been secured by 2-way password protection, if someone tries to access it without password, they won’t be able to access your photo and videos.

How can we recover data from ShareIT Vault?
ShareIT Vault has its own cloud platform which allows you to store data on the cloud. If your data got deleted you can easily able to download and restore data in the ShareIT Vault

SHAREit Vault helps for protecting your videos and photos from any unwanted intrusions. It is a safe and 100% trusted app. It is available mainly for Apple Devices such as iPhone, MacBook 

What is Shareit Vault? Lock PC & Videos

When you start storing your pictures in the SHAREit Vault, they are protected and free from other’s eyes. The storage space that is occupied is your device and not the cloud server.

The stored pictures and videos in the device cannot be used by any other Device or cannot be accessed through any remote or Cloud Server as it may lead to security problems so the developers have prohibited for a cloud server.

In order to open the pictures and videos in the SHAREit Vault to have to enter the passcode, only after giving the necessary information, you can access your files, picture, and Videos.

shareit applock

If anyone tries to unlock your SHAREit Vault Application then the application by entering the wrong Password then after some wrong Attempts the application Locks itself For some time in order to protect the files, pictures, and videos.

The Passcode is necessary in order to open your data Saved in the SHAREit Vault Application. This Application saves your Files and Data in a virtual Vault that opens up only when the Passcode is correct.

passcode shareit vault


  • Keeps your Private files protected.
  • Ensures the best security of your data i.e. videos and pictures.
  • It allows you to import and export data.
  • Share your files from one device to another device without any difficulty.
  • Provides Visitor Mode

Once you store your photos in Vault, they are 100% private and secure. Your photos are stored only and only on your device. None of your photos are uploaded to any of the servers online and the app developers have no remote access to your photos.

You can set up a secure passcode for the vault by clicking here and downloading the SHAREit Vault App. So next time when you need to access those photos then you will have to provide the passcode in order to access the vault!


  • You can find similar applications in the app store that can lock your photos and videos using a passcode.
  • However, when it comes to having a trustworthy form that it and shorts sensitivity of essential data, none other than SHAREit Vault should choose.
  • The free of cost software comes with the file size of 4.19 MB.
  • You can download it from the app store right away with just a green button download.
  • Choose the latest version 1.0.0.
  • Make sure that you do not download the application from a random website as there is a possibility of Malware and virus attack.


I hope you all have clear your mind by reading our article on What is SHAREIt Vault. So Start installing your Shareit Vault in your iPhone and protect your Photos and important Files from being stolen. Also, do comment below to let us know what are your comments about this blog. Thanks for reading.

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