Best Long-range Thrower Flashlights in 2020

Best Long-range Thrower Flashlights in 2020


If you belong to one of those hiking groups or if you are one of those outdoor adventure maniacs, you must be knowing how necessary are thrower flashlights in survival kits. Many people confuse torch lights with thrower flashlights, and their lies a difference among both of these when it comes to survival risk adventures. It may be intriguing when it comes to buying one, so we listed our best thrower flashlights of 2020. 

Thrower flashlights produce much more brightness, and the range of light is much farther than a usual torchlight. A thrower flashlight can illuminate the dark area and is one of the must-have tools in your survival kit. 

Best Thrower flashlights –

There are not many best thrower flashlights available on store, so we tested them out and listed out some of our best thrower flashlights and why you should have one. 

ProductBest Buying offer
REALBUY LED Search Light 15W (Range 1 Km.)Check Price on Amazon
FOS Rechargeable thrower flashlight – Best Search LightCheck Price on Amazon
Ibell FL8359 Rechargeable Torch FlashlightCheck Price on Amazon
AKARI Plus AK-2030CB – best budget thrower flashlightCheck Price on Amazon
DOCOSS- ABS 25 W Ultra Bright Check Price on Amazon
Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red) Check Price on Amazon
Havells Ranger 10Check Price on Amazon

1. REALBUY LED Search Light 15W (Range 1 Km.)

thrower flashlight in India

Most of the thrower flashlights work on rechargeable AAA batteries and are bulky to carry. But this is my most favorite and best thrower flashlight with a sleek design, and it is easy to carry in your backpack. 

It is a 15W LED thrower flashlight which can produce light up to 1 KM, and it has a USB rechargeable port. No need to carry AAA batteries anymore because you can charge this thrower flashlight with a portable charger, you use to charge your mobile device. Also, you get a car USB dock to charge the thrower flashlight on the go. 

One of the reasons it is the best thrower flashlight is because it is powerful and bright with 1400 lumens. It’s an ergonomic design with waterproof technology designed especially for night operations and outings. It is light-weight and weighs approximately 600 grams with batteries. 

2. FOS Rechargeable thrower flashlight -[ Best Search Light]

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If you are looking for one of the most powerful and best thrower flashlight, FOS is my best choice. FOS thrower flashlight has five types of operations; Super strong, High, Strong, SOS, and Flasher. With these five operations, you can control the thrower to illuminate accordingly. 

The waterproof and ABS body, it is perfect for search operations and outdoor trekking and adventures. With an impressive body design, you can place it in angle or positions on the ground with the help of the swivel stand. Also, the parabolic reflector creates long and intense lights up to the range of 1KM at 1500 lumens. 

You can charge the thrower flashlight using the Ac/Dc charger or using the car charger. It has a 6000 mAh Lithium-ion battery with three light indicators to show the battery level. 

3. Ibell FL8359 Rechargeable Torch Flashlight

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If you are looking for a slim and portable rechargeable thrower flashlight for camping, and security; Ibell FL8359 is one of the best thrower flashlights. It has a battery backup of 100,000 hours and has an unbreakable front glass cover. 

With the waterproof switch, you can always be sure of using it in any weather conditions and situations. The thrower flashlight can throw up to 2000 meters as per the guide. 

4. AKARI Plus AK-2030CB – [One of the best budget thrower flashlight]

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It is a USB charging 75w flashlight thrower that can emit light in two ways. With high and low light options, you can throw light on distant and nearby, which is great for walking at night. 

The thrower flashlight is best suited for camping and trekking at late nights. Also, it is one of the best tools to have in your survival kit and a must-have to solve tactical problems with animals. 

The 75w flashlight thrower is both easy to carry with handle and also with the stand. It also comes with an SOS blinker to help to alert in emergencies. 

5. DOCOSS- ABS 25 W Ultra Bright 

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This multifunctional thrower flashlight is best for all purposes with long-range and battery capacity. This thrower flashlight act as both high brightness torch and emergency torchlight. 

To turn on the thrower, you can slide the power button and turn on the emergency tube light; you can slide it twice. This way you can use it for both while camping and at home.

With a water-resistant body, you can carry it anywhere in any situation. It is best suited in any condition and recharged using plug-in-play. The battery capacity is 2200 mAH and sufficient enough to run for a few hours. 

6. Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red) 

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The best thrower flashlight is a powerful 5W LED that has two brightness levels. The stronger light helps in illuminating the dark in forest and search areas, and the second light helps in emergencies at home. 

With 3000 mAH battery life, you can use the Wipro thrower flashlight for a few hours, and it is easy to recharge. The recharge time takes around 6-8 hours and has approximately 50000 hours of life. 

7. Havells Ranger 10

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With seven modes of the flashlight and other impressive tools, Havells is one of the must-have flashlight throwers in your bag pack. 

The seven modes are headlight mode, High, Medium, Flashing, Side white lamp, Side red light and flashing, and slow-flashing. 

The best part about this flashlight thrower is, it has an emergency car escape tool. You can cut the seat belts and break the car windows when in emergency needs. 

Unlike other thrower flashlights, you don’t get a stand to place the flashlight. Instead, you get a magnetic surface. You can directly attach the flashlight on a metallic area and work hands-free. The flashlight also has a compass at the bottom and is water-resistant and shock-resistant for use in most harsh conditions. 

Another outstanding and unique feature is the solar power and has a 2000 mAH battery, and it takes 4-5 hours to charge using the USB cable. It takes approximately 30 hours to recharge using the solar panel and allows you to charge your phone using the flashlight in emergencies. 

Final Words

No matter wherever you go for camping or hiking these above-given list of best thrower flashlights will help you to make your journey wonderful even in your night camping.

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