Zoog VPN: Features, Pricing, Pro’s & Con’s

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Want to stream Netflix from geo-restricted regions but can’t find the best VPN app? Zoog VPN is the one that can suit you well, and in this post, we will break it down and review it. Should we be using this infamous but workable VPN solution? Let’s dig in.

Zoog VPN is one of the lesser-known and talked about VPN services. It is a small cluster of VPN servers founded in 2003 and unblocks Netflix smoothly without any buffer. 

Here is what Zoog VPN offers – 

  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Torrent friendly
  • Manual API IP and Shadowing
  • Unblocks Netflix

Zoog VPN is more of a Netflix VPN and does the primary VPN job. Nothing advanced here, but it does give you secure connection and data encryption. 

Features of Zoog VPN

Features of Zoog Vpn


Though we titled Zoog VPN as Netflix VPN, it doesn’t mean there is nothing else that Zoog can do. It provides you AES-256 encryption, the standard military-grade / bank-grade encryption used to secure the connection and data. Meaning, it will be impossible to breakdown the encryption and get access to your sensitive data. It would take over a million years for the supercomputer to break this kind of encryption. 

For privacy purposes, Zoog VPN also supports Kill Switch that suspends the internet connection when you have lost the VPN connection. But why does the kill switch stop the internet connection on your device? 

The VPN acts as a shield between your online anonymous identity and your real identity. Losing a connection with VPN signifies you have lost security, and now the real identity is transparent to the anonymous world. To avoid this expose, the kill switch suspends the whole internet connection. 

Zoog VPN does support kill switch, but it is only limited to desktop clients and not mobile users. It is recommended that you use Zoog VPN on your desktop as this is an important feature. 

Logging Policy

We understand you are concerned about your data as Zoog is a small-scale VPN business, but you need not worry as Zoog VPN does not log any of your data. Meaning, none of the data you have transferred and your connection data such as IP address and timestamps are logged on the Zoog VPN servers. 

Zoog VPN does care about your privacy and data, for which they have taken one of the essential steps to protect the user’s data. At first, Zoog VPN was located in one of the countries that have participated in the 5/9/14-Eyes alliance and have to share the data when requested. To avoid this, Zoog VPN has shifted to the privacy-friendly country “Greece.”

That does not mean Zoog does not log any of your data. They log your Email address for account management purposes and GDPR compliant data required in the future. The email address is also used to update you about the account status and future offers. The privacy policy strictly states they do not sell such details to any thrid-company for whatsoever purposes.  


The support page is well organized and made to give you the best answers to your queries. At first, you get the resources section, where you can find answers to the general questions. These answers are not one-liners; instead, they are articles that explain the answer to your query. So, there is no doubt left. 

In addition to this, you have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that will answer your more generic and common questions.

Most of the top VPN apps miss the setup guide or wizard section that explains the step-by-step procedure to the user on how to install and use the VPN app. It is better to have the knowledgebase section or setup guide section to make it easy for the users to use and give a better rating as a client. 


Streaming is good on Zoog VPN, and it is because Zoog VPN supports most of the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and ITV.

We tested the Zoog VPN connection to check how smooth it was to stream a movie or a show from the popular streaming services. 

When connected to a few servers, we found smooth streaming on Hulu and Amazon prime video. Initially, the buffering annoys, but you will stream smoothly without any disturbance once the server load is less. 

But there is one downside of streaming on Zoog VPN; it does not support BBC iPlayer. We realized it after we made some tests on the united kingdom server and found that the BBC iPlayer notices that we are using a VPN service and restrict our access. But for the streaming services, we have found no problem. 

Fast Speed

Suppose you want to watch a Netflix movie. In that case, you better have a good internet connection because most of the VPN services cut-off the internet by 70%, and you end up watching Netflix from geo-restricted regions in low quality. 

Zoog does the same, but the internet dropped by 50% of the actual speed, and we could stream in sound quality but not in HD. Though, if you are a paid member, you get unlimited bandwidth and lesser throttle. 

We started the test on multiple servers and tested the speed, On the US server, we had an internet speed of 15Mbps before connecting to the VPN. After the VPN connection, the download speed was 7Mbps, and torrenting was not much trouble. 

We were not able to connect to the United Kingdom server on the first attempt. But once we got hitched, we received a speed of 5Mbps, and there was a lot of throttling that made it difficult for us to use the VPN service. 

On a few other servers, we could connect without much trouble and received a speed of 7Mbps – 8Mbps on average. 


Yes, torrenting is possible on Zoog VPN, and several reasons support this statement. 

Starting with a No-log policy that does not store your data on the Zoog VPN server in any case. So, you are good to torrent without having to worry much about your privacy. 

Secondly, several protocols make your connection secure. One such protocol supported by Zoog VPN is OpenVPN protocol, which is known for the connection’s security and stealth. Since Zoog VPN supports P2P, you can torrent without any worry. 

We do not encourage you to share and download copyrighted content from torrent as it is illegal in some countries, and if done, it will land you in legal trouble.

Plans and Pricing

Zoog VPN offers four active plans based on our requirements and time-space.

Zoog VPN plans along with their price – 

Pricing of Zoog Vpn

  • Free – $0.00/Mo
  • 1 Month – $9.99/Mo
  • 1 Year – $2.99/Mo
  • 2 Years – $1.87/Mo

I suggest you go with the free plan and test Zoog VPN at your location. If the VPN suits your requirements, you can upgrade to a much bigger plan and save some money. 

The speed and experience are subjected to change based on several factors such as server location, your location, and server load.

Zoog VPN Available on all devices

Pros and Cons of Zoog VPN – 

Pros – 

  • Cheap pricing
  • Easy to use and friendly setup
  • Offers a free plan
  • Works for torrenting
  • Can stream geo-restricted content

Cons – 

  • BBC iPlayer is not supported
  • No browser extensions or browser supported features such as Adblockers.
  • Small server network


Zoog VPN is excellent for those who want to stream Netflix in particular. Users have tested Zoog VPN as a positive VPN for streaming Geo-restricted content. Unblocking Netflix and providing secure AES-256 encryption at such a small price makes it one of the best. 

Final Verdict

We were initially unhappy to learn Zoog VPN has such a small server network, and BBC iPlayer was not supported. It is great for those who want to stream Netflix and other streaming platforms faster and torrent users with protocols such as OpenVPN that make P2P more secure. It is difficult to find a VPN that does almost everything a common user can expect at such a low price. It’s a thumbs up!!

You may also read about other vpn’s like airvpn, astrill vpn, etc.

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