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Windows keyboard Shortcuts 【 Windows Shortcuts PDF 】Windows 10

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250+ Windows keyboard shortcuts – Windows Shortcuts PDF


Do you know how to use Windows Keyboard Shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of two or more keys in order to avoid mouse use. Windows keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity heavily, also get your work done quickly, also improves efficiency. In the blog below, you will learn how quickly you can split your screen, multi-task across desktops and much more!

Below is the list of all the commonly used Windows keyboard shortcuts for every version of Microsoft Windows. Unless and until you use this shortcut in your routine, the difference won’t be seen. Also, check out for Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts.

List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Since visiting the website for learning shortcuts would be a difficulty, well download the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts here and save it for future use. Click here.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Display HelpF1
Rename the selected itemF2
Search for file or folderF3
Display the address bar list in file ExplorerF4
Refresh the active windowF5
Cycle through screen elements in a windowF6
Activate the menu bar in the active appF10
Close the active itemAlt + F4
Cycle through items in the order in which they were openedAlt + Esc
Display properties for the selected itemAlt + Enter
Open the shortcut menu for the active windowAlt + Spacebar
BackAlt + ←
ForwardAlt + →
Move up one screenAlt + Page Up
Move down one screenAlt + Page Down
Switch between open appsAlt + Tab
Close the active documentCtrl + F4
Select all items in a document or windowCtrl + A
Copy the selected itemCtrl + C
Copy the selected itemCtrl + Insert
Delete the selected itemCtrl + Delete
Refresh the active windowCtrl + R or F5
Paste the selected itemCtrl + V
Paste the selected itemShift + Insert
Cut the selected itemCtrl + X
Redo an actionCtrl + Y
Undo an actionCtrl + Z
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Change the size of desktop iconsCtrl + Mouse scroll wheel
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next wordCtrl + →
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous wordCtrl + ←
Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraphCtrl + ↓
Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraphCtrl + ↑
Use the arrow keys to switch between all open appsCtrl + Alt + Tab
Open the start screenCtrl + Esc
Open task managerCtrl + Shift + Esc
Display the shortcut menu for the selected itemShift + F10
Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin firstShift + Delete

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Windows key Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open Windows Help and supportWin + F1
Display or hide the Start screenWin
Set focus in the notification areaWin + B
Open CharmsWin + C
Display and hide the desktopWin + D
Open File ExplorerWin + E
Open the Search charm and search for filesWin + F
Open the Share charmWin + H
Open the Settings charmWin + I
Open the Devices charmWin + K
Lock your PC or switch peopleWin + L
Minimize all windowsWin + M
Lock device orientationWin + O
Choose a presentation display modeWin + P
Open the Run dialog boxWin + R
Open the Search charm to search Windows and the webWin + S
Cycle through apps on the taskbarWin + T
Open Ease of Access CenterWin+ U
Cycle through notificationsWin + V
Cycle through notifications in reverse orderWin + Shift + V
Open the Search charm and search for settingsWin + W
Open the Quick Link menuWin + X
Show the commands available in the appWin + Z
Temporarily peek at the desktopWin + ,
Search for PCsWin + Ctrl + F
Restore minimized windows on the desktopWin + Shift + M

File Explorer Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select the address barAlt + D
Select the search boxCtrl + E
Select the search boxCtrl + F
Open a new windowCtrl + N
Close the current windowCtrl + W
Display all folders above the selected folderCtrl + Shift + E
Create a new folderCtrl + Shift + N
Display all subfolders under the selected folderNum Lock + *
Display the contents of the selected folderNum Lock + +
Collapse the selected folderNum Lock + –
Display the preview paneAlt + P
Open the Properties dialog box for the selected itemAlt + Enter
View the previous folderBackspace
Display the bottom of the active windowEnd
Display the top of the active windowHome
Maximize or minimize the active windowF11

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Magnifier Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Zoom inWin + +
Zoom outWin + –
Preview the desktop in full-screen modeCtrl + Alt + Spacebar
Switch to docked modeCtrl + Alt + D
Switch to full-screen modeCtrl + Alt + F
Invert colorsCtrl + Alt + I
Switch to lens modeCtrl + Alt + L
Resize the lensCtrl + Alt + R
Exit MagnifierWin + Esc

Narrator Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Activate current itemSpacebar
Stop readingCtrl
Read itemCaps Lock + D
Start readingCaps Lock + M
Read documentCaps Lock + H
Repeat phraseCaps Lock + V
Read windowCaps Lock + W
Show commands for current itemCaps Lock + F2
Exit NarratorCaps Lock + Esc

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All of the above shortcuts will help you to speed up the task since you can keep both hands on the keyboard, without having the need to use the mouse. If you could not find the keyboard shortcuts that you wish, there are tools that will help to create your own shortcut keys on Windows.

Hope you have liked our blog on Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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