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What is Microsoft Sharepoint | How to use Microsoft Sharepoint Tutorials

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What is Microsoft SharePoint | What can I use SharePoint for?


As per the survey, 190 million users use SharePoint service. Microsoft SharePoint was first launched in the year 2001. It is very much similar to Google Drive. Communicate, exchange data, and work together with it. SharePoint 2016 is a part of the Office 365 suite, also known as SharePoint Online.

Ultimate guide of Microsoft Sharepoint

Even after more than 18 years, people don’t know what Microsoft SharePoint is. This article will help you to explore SharePoint in detail.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is the leading joint server setting of Microsoft, which provides tools for sharing documents and data within a network of the company across numerous organizations. Typically arranged on a network of the company as a sequence of intranet sites, SharePoint allows different departments to regulate their security, documents, workgroups, and data.

What is Microsoft SharePoint

This is a tool which is used for managing document and collaborating. There are a large number of technologies set that are used for multipurpose in SharePoint. These technologies come with tight integration with Office 365 and the capabilities of document management.

Around seventy-eight percent of Fortune 500 companies uses SharePoint as described by Microsoft. The configuration of Microsoft SharePoint is made by using a web browser. It functions mostly through a web user interface and applications of the web. This tool has been utilized for content manipulation, site structure, creation, and deletion of the websites enabling or disabling product features, managing analytics, and configuring basic workflows.

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What can I use Sharepoint for?

With every version, Microsoft SharePoint has improved. The lesser you modify or customize, the easier it will be for you to use. This tool is a platform that is used for four purposes and that are Collaboration, Document Management, Document Sharing, and Intranet Services.

  • Collaboration:

Microsoft SharePoint is now considered as one of the best platforms for collaborating with teammates. This tool can generate a virtual space for team members so that they can meet, collaborate, and contribute their parts in completing any task.

Collaboration - Microsoft Sharepoint

For starting this feature of SharePoint, you have to visit the site of SharePoint. Then, you have to open the library of the document. Then, choose the document in which you want to have this functioning. After this step, select Open and then choose to edit in Office Online.

  • Document Management:

SharePoint also provides an amazing feature of the Document Management System. This is a great feature for searching documents based on content, file names, and metadata. Document management is the most common reason why SharePoint is used. Since in every business people struggle to manage the documents. This system is also useful for storing, organizing, and locating documents.

Document Management - Microsoft Sharepoint

It is also used to ensure document consistency. You can also manage metadata utilizing this tool. This system is also used to protect unauthorized access to the documents.

You can also assure the consistency of business processes to know the handling of documents. Through its secure portal, it offers multiple ways to share documents. Share the documents using the document library, using a list with attachments and many more other ways.

  • Document Sharing:

The document sharing is another most common use of Microsoft SharePoint in which its users can share documents externally or internally. The users who have control over the documents can share documents with other users.

Document Sharing - Microsoft Sharepoint

To share any document, owners of the document can share the document through email or public link from OneDrive. You can share documents within your company by collaborating with other team members.

  • Intranet Services:

Another significant feature of SharePoint is its intranet services. This feature is very useful as it allows you to create a properly functional Intranet for your firm. In a firm, Intranet is especially useful due to its efficiency in bringing all the functions of business in one place.

Intranet Services - Microsoft Sharepoint

Provide users with resources like Branded landing pages, Custom navigation, Organizational announcements, HR policies and procedure, Training Content, etc.

SharePoint cannot be pinned down to just one use. Now that you have some idea on what can you use SharePoint for? Its time you understand the benefit.

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What is the purpose of Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is one of the leading platforms of an industry that is used for secure management of documents, intranets, collaboration, and many more. This platform is not only used for bigger firms but also small companies as well.

The main purpose of this tool is to improve the productivity of any company. Every organization needs some ways to improve productivity with its employees. There are two major ways through which this tool works.

  • Communication:

You can utilize SharePoint for communicating with a large group of audiences in your firm. Utilizing it, you can create websites to perform this task. This website can have a homepage which can be viewed only by the employees of the organization. This is known as the intranet. You can perform various tasks using this website like:

Communication - Sharepoint

  1. Event Planning
  2. Making Announcements
  3. Writing company articles
  4. Sharing procedures and policies
  5. Training information, etc.

The main and the most important purpose of SharePoint is that it enables constant communication with the staff.

  • Collaboration:

Another purpose of using this tool is to put all of your team together to work on a project simultaneously. The documents on which your team will work can be stored in SharePoint to edit, share, and view for future reference. There are several functions that you can perform using this tool like:

Collaboration - Microsoft Sharepoint

  1. Viewing and editing documents on the website directly. 
  2. keep track of your tasks and projects without staying in the same place where your team is. 
  3. Build workflows to automate the process of approval or reviewal for your documents.

There are many more tasks that you can perform with the utilization of this tool. The collaboration will be helpful and important for the organizations that are not geographically connected. So, another important purpose is Collaboration. To get people to work together and build a company culture and develop ideas.

How does SharePoint Work?

When various people work on the same project, they require sharing the same documentation. Then, this tool works as a collaboration suite for them. With the utilization of this tool, every person of the team will be on the same page while working on a similar version of the document.

This improves the productivity of the team by reducing confusion to a great extent. This tool works for bringing people together and hence, enhances communication between them. You can easily get information about your team members by using this tool and thus, a lot of time and effort will be saved.

  • Web Front Ends: The Web Front Ends is the bridge between the user and the SharePoint. The user’s request is passed through the Wen Front Ends and not through an application server or database server.
  • Application Server: Application Server is not an important server. They act like a good feature that would make the product more enjoyable. Like while traveling having a radio is enjoyable but not a necessary product. SharePoint can run without the Search feature, but it is good to have a Search feature in it.
  • Database Server: Database Server is that server where other contents of the users don’t go. The user content directly goes into the SQL Server database. It never gets connected directly to the database server.
  • Role in Action: Roles are performed only by a single server.


There is a lot of document management and collaboration platforms available in the market. But SharePoint has its place, which no one can replace. First accessing the requirements and then determining how SharePoint can help your own company is what will help you with the implementation. With the focus of Microsoft on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality, it will shape the future of Microsoft SharePoint.

It is cooler than you can even think. Right? SharePoint is flexible, easy to use and has an impressive impact on how the company works.

Hope you have liked our blog on Microsoft Sharepoint. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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