What is Bitmoji Keyboard?

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There are many emoticon console applications out there, letting you change up your emoticon symbols when you text. Discovering one which suits you can be precarious, or even simply discovering one that dislikes the others. Luckily, Best Emoji keyboard like Bitmoji Keyboard is the one that you will found worth installing for.

This Best Emoji Keyboard like Bitmoji Keyboard permits you to make a symbol and fabricate your emoticons from it, so they’ll be exceptional to you. This basic and cunning thought of truly makes messaging individuals.

What is Bitmoji Keyboard?

Bitmoji Keyboard has the edge on numerous emoticon applications in view of its uniqueness. Instead of attempting to contend in a number of emoticons – where in fact this application misses the mark it centers around giving you extraordinary, customized emoticons.

bitmoji Emoji Keyboard

The idea is shockingly straightforward; the application lets you construct a symbol from a progression of face shapes, body types, hair, and dress. At that point, that symbol is presented in different manners to make the emoticons, with every one featuring you (or whoever you make).

The number of qualities that let you customize your symbol increment the assortment further, so you can switch up your hair or garments on the off chance that you get exhausted. You can have a ton of fun creating the most out of control or ugliest form of yourself!

Features of Bitmoji Keyboard

  • Create your own personalized avatar
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Variety of Emoji’s, Stickers, GIF and many more
  • Provide options to create your sticker
  • Huge library of stickers for everyone


So, in the end, all I want to say is that the Bitmoji Keyboard is one of the Best Emoji keyboards to download on your Android. Also, it gives you many features to personalize your emoji as you want to. So click here if you are looking to download it.

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