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90 Best Virtual DJ Shortcuts | Virtual DJ Cheat sheet


Virtual DJ software is used for mixing and playing audio and video tracks. In short, Virtual DJ is a software used by DJ’s for deejaying. Virtual DJ shortcuts, as well as the software, is easy to learn and master for any starter DJ.

List of Vitual DJ Shortcuts, Virtual DJ Shortcut Keys PDF, Virtual DJ Keyboard Shortcuts

With more than a million downloads, Virtual DJ is by far the most used DJ software. At some point in time, all the DJ might have used this software and might have also used Virtual DJ shortcuts. Download the Virtual DJ shortcuts PDF. Virtual DJ shortcut keys PDF


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Play or PauseP
Play temporaryShift + P
Cue stopC
Select on active deckTab
Menu +1Ctrl + Tab
Menu -1Ctrl + Shift + Tab
SyncShift + Spacebar
MixAlt + Spacebar
AutomixCtrl + Spacebar

Nudge Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Nudge +256
Nudge -256
Nudge +4Shift + ←
Nudge -4Shift + →

Pitch Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Pitch -8
Pitch +8+
Pitch -1Shift + –
Pitch +1Shift + +
Pitch -306Ctrl + –
Pitch +306Ctrl + +
Reset Pitch*

Crossfader Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Crossfader -128Page Up
Crossfader +128Page Down
Crossfader 0Ctrl + Page Up
Crossfader 4096Ctrl + Page Down
Crossfader -16Shift + Page Up
Crossfader +16Shift + Page Down

Skip Beat Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Skip Beat -1Ctrl + ←
Skip Beat +1Ctrl + →
Skip Beat -4Ctrl + Shift + ←
Skip Beat +4Ctrl + Shift + →
Skip Beat -4
Skip Beat +4
Skip Beat -1End
Skip Beat +1Page Down
Skip Beat -16Home
Skip Beat +16Page Up
Skip Beat temporary -4Shift + ←
Skip Beat temporary +4Shift + →
Skip Beat temporary -1Shift + End
Skip Beat temporary +1Shift + Page Down
Skip Beat temporary -16Shift + Home
Skip Beat temporary +16Shift + Page Up

Loop Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Play in loopeL
Loop 0Esc or 0
Loop 11
Loop 22
Loop 44
Loop 85
Loop 166
Loop 327
Loop 258
Loop 509
Loop reset0
Loop temporary 1Shift + 1
Loop temporary 2Shift + 2
Loop temporary 4Shift + 4
Loop temporary 8Shift + 5
Loop temporary 16Shift + 6
Loop temporary 32Shift + 7
Loop temporary 25Shift + 8
Loop temporary 50Shift + 9
Loop temporary resetShift + 0

Others Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to Cue 1…10Alt + 1.. Alt + 0
Set cue 1…10Ctrl + 1.. Ctrl + 0
Sample 1…12Shift + F1.. Shift + F12
Find and SearchCtrl + F
Go to last folderCtrl + Backspace
Video openCtrl + V

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This article was mainly designed to boost you with a list of Virtual DJ shortcuts. This list will encourage you to perform in a better way and also help you to mix better. Use these shortcuts straight away and achieve the best mixes you can!

Another DJ software that is used by me is the Serato DJ. Checkout for the Serato DJ shortcuts as well.

Hope you have liked our blog on Virtual DJ Keyboard Shortcut. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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