Videos Not Playing on iPhone-How to Fix it?

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Nowadays the iPhone offers the best video playback along with the big screen and High-Resolution Quality and good Recovery Mode. Having a Large Screen Size brings most of the people to watch and enjoy. But not all people are lucky who are suffering from Videos Not Playing on iPhone problems

Have you ever wondered why your Videos Not Playing on iPhone or what is the reason behind it? Well there may be several reasons for this problem but to overcome this problem we have found out 5 Best Methods to Fix your Problem

5 Methods to Fix your Videos Not Playing on iPhone Problem

Method 1 – Update the App

The first thing is you have to update your apps. By updating to the latest version your Videos Not Playing on iPhone can be solved. Because the new update comes with new improvements and features which will help you to solve the problem. So to Update the App you have to do:

update the app
  • Go to the App Store
  • In the Bottom Right Corner, Click on the ‘Update Section’
  • Click on Update all to Update the Apps or
  • Select a Certain App and tap the box next to the app to update it.

Method 2 – Reinstall the App

Uninstalling several apps from your iPhone and reinstalling them will help you a lot to fix your video problem. This will help you play your videos back on your iPhone. So to Reinstall the App you have to do:

reinstall the app
  • Tap and Hold the App until it shakes and ‘X’ Signs appear on your iPhone
  • Tap the ‘X’ sign
  • Select ‘Delete’ on the screen to confirm
  • Lastly, press the Home Button once

Your App will be uninstalled and now go back to App Store and Install the App Again to fix your problem

Method 3 – Update the Software

The most important thing you have t do is to update the software in your iPhone. Sometimes there may be a bug in your software which leads to this problem. To update your Software you have to do :

update iphone software
  • Make Sure your iPhone is charged well
  • Connect to a WiFi Network
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on ‘General’
  • Then click on ‘Software Update’
  • Lastly, click on Install Now.

Method 4 – Reset all Settings

This method will rest all your settings on your iPhone without deleting any personal data of yours. So to reset all settings you have to do:

Reset all settings on iPhone
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘General’
  • Click on ‘Reset’
  • Then click on ‘Reset All Settings’
  • Enter your Password
  • Click on ‘Reset All Settings’ to Confirm

Method 5 – Do a Soft Reset

Doing a Soft Reset in your iPhone will solve all the major problems including your Videos Not Playing on iPhone Problem also. A Soft reset is good as it won’t delete your data. So to do a Soft Reset all you have to do is:

iPhone soft reset
  • Press and Hold the sleep/wake/button simultaneously
  • Hold the Button until you see your Apple Logo
  • Your iPhone will Reset


So these above methods will help you to solve your ‘Videos Not Playing on iPhone Problem. These issues are common and found in the old models of an iPhone. So I Hope we have given you the Best Methods which will solve your problem. However, if the problem still persists then visit the Nearest Store or Contact Apple.

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