Troubleshooting Zoom Error Code 3113

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If you’re a computer owner, chances are that at least once in your life you’ve experienced Zoom Error Code 3113. This post will help troubleshoot the issues and provide some helpful tips on how to get rid of them. One of the easiest ways to fix this error is by simply restarting your device. Often times all it takes is for you to hold down the power button until it shuts down and then press start again. If that doesn’t work, there are other solutions such as making sure Flash Player is up-to-date or uninstalling any security software that might be blocking certain files from loading correctly. For more information about fixing Zoom Error Code 3113 please visit our blog!

What is Zoom Error Code 3113?


Zoom Error Code 3113 is an error that occurs on Google Chrome. It only happens when one tries to zoom on certain pictures using the browser.

This Zoom Error Code 3113 usually occur on pictures and image hosted by Google Photos or Picasa. If you click on an image and keep pressing the “Ctrl” key and scrolling down with the mouse wheel at the same time, this will trigger Zoom Error 3113. This problem has been encountered since August of 2014 (see here ) and not much information about its solution had been known till now (October of 2015).

Possible Reasons for zoom error code 3113 cannot schedule meeting:


1. Zoom Error Code 3113 due to registry

This Zoom Error Code 3113 can be triggered due to corruption in the Google Photos or Picasa registry entry. This is usually seen if you use Registry Editor to manually change some entries on your PC’s registry. For example, deleting a certain key from the registry will trigger this error as it would break Chrome’s ability to access Google photos.

2. Zoom Error Code 3113 due to Faulty hardware

Another reason for Zoom Error Code 3113 is the presence of some faulty hardware on your systems such as a Graphics card or a corrupted driver. This does not seem very likely as there have been no reports of bad graphics cards among those who encountered this problem and considering that everyone has different hardware configurations, it seems hard to determine whether it was truly faulty hardware that causes this issue or not.

3. Zoom Error Code 3113 due to Faulty driver installation

One of the most likely reasons for Zoom Error Code 3113 is an incomplete or failed driver installation. This can be fixed by uninstalling recently installed drivers, performing a system restore, and then installing appropriate updated drivers for your hardware devices. However, make sure that you install only those drivers which are needed as every extra driver will increase the chance for this error to occur again. To fix this issue, try downloading an official or updated version of Google Photos according to your computer’s operating system from here.

Solutions For Zoom Error Code 3113


1. Use Registry Editor to fix Zoom Error Code 3113

Step 1: Press Windows+R keys and type in “Regedit” and press Enter. This will open the Registry Editor. Now, find out or locate this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ICM 

Step 2: Now delete this key:

Useful tip: To quickly navigate to the desired location, press Ctrl+F and then use the ‘Find’ field to search for the required key or value (eg: zoom photos).

Step 3: Right-click on Preferences and choose New → DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it JPEGImportQuality and set its Hexadecimal Base Value at 55 (or 0x37 in Decimal Base).

Stp 4: To edit the registry, press “Ctrl+S” or go to File → Save. This will save the file with the .reg extension so that you can run it again if need be. Close Registry Editor and restart your system. Check if this solves your problem.

2. Perform System Restore to fix Zoom Error Code 3113

1) Press Windows + R keys together to open the Run window. Type “sysdm.cpl” in the dialogue box and press Enter to open the System Properties window. Alternatively, type “system restore” in the RUN dialogue box and press Enter key after selecting the Continue button appearing on the left side.

disable "hardware, Advanced, System Protection, Remote" tabs in system  properties(sysdm.cpl) dialog-box

2) Now select the System Restore tab from the left side pane of the System Properties window. Now, select the “Restore computer to an earlier date” option from the open window and press the Next button.

3) Select a date using the System Restore dialogue box to which you would like to restore your system configuration up to and click on the Next button.

4) On the confirmation dialogue box, click the Yes button to start the system restore process. Once this is completed successfully, Zoom Error 3113 should be fixed now.

3. Roll Back Video Drivers

1) Press Windows + R keys together to open the Run window. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and press Enter to open the Device Manager window.

2) Now Display the adapters section by clicking on the triangle sign.

3) Select Display Adapters from the display adapters section and now right-click on any of the NVIDIA graphics cards installed in your system. Now, select Uninstall option from the appearing menu.

4) Follow up by clicking on the Yes button on the confirmation dialogue box that appears. Now a window will open asking you if it’s OK for you to remove this device. Click the Yes option to complete uninstall process. Once completed, restart your system and check if this helps you fix Zoom Error 3113.

Most Common errors i.e Http Error 403. If you are facing an issue on your chrome browser, then you must checkout this blog on how to fix Http Error 403 | You Don’t have Authorization to View this Page (FIXED)

Frequently Asked Questions:-


1. I am getting Zoom Error 3113 on my computer when trying to use Google Photos. If it is when uploading, what should I do?

Try installing an official version of Google Photos for Windows and then try updating the driver in case you recently installed a new one or if your existing driver is outdated. You can also download and run Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and check if that would fix the error.

2. Is this article helpful in fixing Zoom Error Code 3113?

– If you found this blog post informative enough to fix Zoom Error Code 3113, please share it amongst your friends and colleagues so they too can learn from our efforts here at Ask Expert 24/7. Share your thoughts in the comment section provided below. Your feedback would be highly appreciated!

3. What is an error code 4?

The error code 4 is typically associated with a hardware issue.

4. Is Zoom server down today?

Zoom is currently experiencing an issue with its server that is preventing some users from using the service. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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