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The most simple and easy way to Excel in Tableau is to perform using Tableau Shortcuts. Tableau is a powerful data visualization and business intelligence tool has a strong interface. Tableau will allow users to connect to data, visualize the data and to create and share the dashboards.

List of Tableau Shortcuts

Here is the extensive list of Tableau’s shortcuts for Windows, which are powerful as well as help you in working faster. With these shortcuts, you can use the keyboard with one hand and mouse with another, this way you increase your productivity. Download the list of Tableau’s shortcuts in the form of a PDF to store it. It is rightly said that Undo shortcut (CTRL +Z) is the best tableau shortcut friend.

General Shortcuts in Tableau

Action Shortcut Keys
Select all data Ctrl + A
Smaller cell size Ctrl + B
Bigger cell size Ctrl + Shift + B
Copy Ctrl + C
place filed on columns shelf Alt + Shift + C
Connect to data source Ctrl + D
Describe Sheet Ctrl + E
use lasso selection tool D
Find Command Ctrl + F
place selected field on filters shelf Alt + Shift + F
Switch in and out of presentation mode Ctrl + H
Place selected field on size Alt + Shift + I
Flip orientation of column labels Ctrl + L
place selected field on details Alt + Shift + L
New worksheet Ctrl + M
New Workbook Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Place selected field on color Alt + Shift + O
Print Ctrl + P
place selected field on pages shelf Alt + Shift + P
place selected field on Rows shelf Alt + Shift + R
Save file Ctrl + S
Use Radial selection tool S
place selected field on shape Alt + Shift + S
place selected field on Text Alt + Shift + T
Paste clipboard Ctrl + V
Swap rows and columns Ctrl + W
Cut text selection Ctrl + X

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#2 General Shortcuts in Tableau

Action Shortcut Keys
Place selected field on Rows shelf Alt + Shift + X
Redo Ctrl + Y
Place selected field on Columns shelf Alt + Shift + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Clear the current worksheet Alt + Shift + Backspace
Make rows narrower Ctrl + ←
Make rows wider Ctrl + →
Make Columns shorter Ctrl + ↓
Make Columns taller Ctrl + ↑
Show Me Ctrl + 1
Add the selected field to the sheet Enter
Opens the help F1
Delete the Selected Sheet Ctrl + F4
Close the current workbook Alt + F4
Refreshes the data source F5
Skip backward one page Ctrl + ,
Cycle forward through open worksheets Ctrl + F6
Cycle backward through open worksheets Ctrl + Shift + F6
Run update F9
Toggles Automatic ypdates on and off F10
Reverts workbook to last saved state F12
Clears the selection Esc

Navigation Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Select the mark Click
Selects a group of marks Drag
Add individual marks to the selection Ctrl + Click
Add a group of marks to the Selection Ctrl + drag
Zoom in Ctrl + Shift + Click
Zoom out Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Click
Zoom in and out on a map Scroll

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With all of the above Tableau shortcuts, and with no experience and knowledge regarding coding, you can still work with Tableau. With tableau, Understand and change the way you see your data, create a visualization, useful for an individual as well as in team and organizations.

In today’s time, either Tableau or Power Bi are used in most of the organizations. Both of them are considered as a market leader of software for helping people to visualize the data. Also, understand the Tableau terminology which is a must while visualizing the data.

Hope you have liked our blog on Tableau Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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