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100+ Sublime Text Shortcuts | Download Shortcuts PDF

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Sublime Text Shortcuts – Sublime Text Shortcuts PDF


Download Sublime Text Shortcuts PDF. Sublime is a powerful text editor’s software. The interface of the Sublime Text is simple and it has powerful features that are hidden in it. If you have been using this software for quite some time, then it is time to boost your productivity with Sublime Text. How will you do so? Well, the answer it simple Sublime Text Shortcuts.

Sublime Text Shortcuts

Friends and colleagues around me always ask how I could do the kinds of stuff so quickly. It was always because of a bunch of shortcuts I use and through some practice. Below is the list of the Sublime Text Shortcuts. You can also download the Sublime Text Shortcuts in PDF form.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Shift + Z
RepeatCtrl + Y
Soft undoCtrl + U
Soft redoCtrl + Shift + U
CutShift + Delete
CopyCtrl + Insert
PasteShift + Insert
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
FoldCtrl + Shift + [
UnfoldCtrl + Shift + ]
Toggle spell checkingF6
Find next misspellingCtrl + F6
Find previous misspellingCtrl + Shift + F6
Toggle consoleCtrl + ‘

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Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
New windowCtrl + Shift + N
Close windowCtrl + Shift + W
Open fileCtrl + O
Reopen last fileCtrl + Shift + T
New fileCtrl + N
Save fileCtrl + S
Save file asCtrl + Shift + S
Close fileCtrl + F4
Close SublimeCtrl + W

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move one word leftCtrl + ←
Move one word rightCtrl + →
Move one sub-word leftAlt + ←
Move one sub-word rightAlt + →
Move one page upPage Up
Move one page downPage Down
Move to beginning of lineHome
Move to end of lineEnd
Scroll page upCtrl + ↑
Scroll page downCtrl + ↓
Move to opening bracket of factionCtrl + M
Show function list and navigateCtrl + R
Show function list without changing cursorCtrl + Shift + R
Go to word in current fileCtrl + ;
Go to lineCtrl + G

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Find and Replace Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
FindCtrl + F
Find and ReplaceCtrl + H
Replace nextCtrl + Shift + H
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
Find and highlight current word in textCtrl + D
Find underCtrl + F3
Find under previousCtrl + Shift + F3
Find all underAlt + F3
Slurp find stringCtrl + E
Slurp replace string

Ctrl + Shift + E

Text Manipulation and Delete Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move line or selection upCtrl + Shift + ↑
Move line or selection downCtrl + Shift + ↓
Insert line after at beginning of new lineCtrl + Enter
Join line below at end of current lineCtrl + J
Duplicate linesCtrl + Shift + ↓
TransposeCtrl + T
Sort lines case sensitiveF9
Sort lines case in-sensitiveShift + F9
IndentCtrl + ]
UnindentCtrl + [
Duplicate line or selectionCtrl + Shift + D
Toggle comment lineCtrl + /
Toggle comment blockCtrl + Shift + /
Delete character to the rightDelete
Delete character to the leftBackspace
Delete word to the leftCtrl + Backspace
Delete word to the rightCtrl + Delete
Delete from cursor to beginning of lineCtrl + Shift + Backspace
Delete from cursor to end of lineCtrl + Shift + Delete

Selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Extend selection one character leftShift + ←
Extend selection one character rightShift + →
Extend selection one word leftCtrl + Shift + ←
Extend selection one word rightCtrl + Shift + →
Extend selection one sub-word leftAlt + Shift + ←
Extend selection one sub-word rightAlt + Shift + →
Extend selection one line upShift + ↑
Extend selection one line downShift + ↓
Extend selection to the beginning of a lineShift + Home
Extend selection to end of lineShift + End
Extend selection to the beginning of a fileCtrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to end of fileCtrl + Shift + End
Select allCtrl + A
Select lineCtrl + L
Select current wordCtrl + D
Select lines in this indentionCtrl + Shift + J
Expand selectionCtrl + Shift + A

Split Panes and Bookmarks Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Split layout to 1 paneAlt + Shift + 1
Split layout to 2 vertical paneAlt + Shift + 2
Split layout to 3 vertical paneAlt + Shift + 3
Split layout to 4 vertical panesAlt + Shift + 4
Split layout to 2 horizontal panesAlt + Shift + 8
Focus on split pane 1Ctrl + 1
Focus on split pane 2Ctrl + 2
Focus on split pane 3Ctrl + 3
Focus on split pane 4Ctrl + 4
Toggle BookmarkCtrl + F2
Go to the next bookmarkF2
Go to the previous bookmarkShift + F2
Select all bookmarksAlt + F2

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By using the above shortcuts you can greatly increase your coding speed. These shortcuts are a dream come true for developers, coders. The practice is the key to learning the Sublime Text Shortcuts. So keep practicing, keep learning and you are on roll to become a Sublime Text Ninja.

Getting familiar with the Sublime Text editor will help you to take advantage of the Vintage Mode. Vintage Mode of Sublime Text editor turns it into a Vim Style command. Check out the Vim shortcuts here. Earlier I used to work with Notepad ++ to write the coding work but after I came to know about the Sublime Text Editor. I did say Goodbye to Notepad ++.

Hope you have liked our blog on Sublime Text Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Leve

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