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55 Best Most used Quickbooks Shortcut | Quickbooks Shortcut keys PDF

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55 Best Most used QuickBooks Shortcuts


Learn QuickBooks Shortcuts. QuickBooks is an accounting software packed with diverse features and options for the accounting professional to maintain organized and accurate. learn Quickbooks shortcuts. Using the mouse to carry out these tasks can slow down the speed of the task and can also be a bit distracting at times.

List of Quickbooks Shortcuts – Quickbooks Accounting software – Quickbook Shortcut Keys PDF

Below you will find the QuickBooks shortcuts categorized into Access main function, chart of accounts, Account register, Quick reports and many more. Click here to download Quickbooks shortcuts for future use.

The below shortcuts might look insignificant. However, you can ask the QuickBooks user who is with a deadline and every second matter to him or her. Another accounting software that is used by most of the accountant is the Tally ERP 9 software. Check out the tally ERP 9 shortcuts.


Access main functions

ActionShortcut Keys
Company – HomeAlt + C then Enter
Customer and Jobs listCtrl + J
Vendor centreAlt + O then Enter
Employee centreAlt + Y then Enter
Report centreAlt + R then Enter
Create InvoiceCtrl + I
Use RegisterCtrl + R
New write checkCtrl + W
Open transaction listCtrl + T
Open transaction journalCtrl + Y
Open Chart of accountsCtrl + A
Close active windowEsc
Go to next window with multiple sub-windows openCtrl + Tab
Go to the previous window with multiple sub-windows openCtrl + Shift + Tab

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Chart of Accounts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open Chart of AccountsCtrl + A
Go to the beginning of the account listHome
Go to end of the account listEnd
Open RegisterCtrl + R
Open quick report for itemCtrl + Q
Edit accountCtrl + E
Use AccountCtrl + U
Delete AccountCtrl + D

Account Register

ActionShortcut Keys
First TransactionCtrl + Home
Last TransactionCtrl + End
Toggle between one line and two line viewAlt + 1
Open dropdown to the selected accountAlt + ↓
Open listCtrl + I
Record transactionAlt + D
Copy check transactionCtrl + O
Paste TransactionCtrl + V
Delete TransactionCtrl + D
Memorize transaction or reportCtrl + M
Edit Selected TransactionCtrl + E
New InvoiceCtrl + N
Show and Hide TransactionCtrl + S
Quick report on transactionCtrl + Q
Go to register of transfer accountCtrl + G
Show HistoryCtrl + H

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Quick Report

ActionShortcut Keys
Open quick reportCtrl + Q
Quick Zoom on reportEnter
Hide and Show headerCtrl + A
Print reportCtrl + P
Change Date Range of ReportAlt + D
Email report as Excel or PDFAlt + I

Managing Invoice

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to the previous invoiceAlt + P
Go to Next invoiceAlt + N
Jump to next invoice fieldTab
Jump to a previous invoice fieldShift + Tab
Save and closeAlt + A
Save and NewAlt + S

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General Editing

ActionShortcut Keys
Next fieldTab
Previous fieldShift + Tab
Beginning of current fieldHome
Down one screenPage Down
Up to one screenPage Up
Next word in the fieldCtrl + →
Previous word in the fieldCtrl + ←
The first item on the listCtrl + PageUp
Last item on the listCtrl + PageDown
Close active windowEsc
Display Dropdown list in the combo boxAlt + ↓
Delete the character to the right of the insertion pointDelete
Delete the character to the left of the insertion pointBackspace
Delete line from detail areaCtrl + Delete
Insert a line in the detail areaCtrl + Insert
Cut selected charactersCtrl + X
Copy selected charactersCtrl + C
Paste cut or copied charactersCtrl + V
Undo changes made in the fieldCtrl + Z

Rest shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open HelpF1
Close HelpAlt + F4
Close QuickbooksAlt + F4
Simple and Advanced FindCtrl + F
Open SearchF3
Display Service KeysCtrl + K
Get Payroll UpdatesCtrl + Shift + U
Display product information about your QuickBooks versionF2
Open Tech HelpCtrl + 2 in product info.

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Memorizing the QuickBooks shortcuts and bring them into practice will be a bit time-consuming. The QuickBooks shortcuts can be effective if you bring into practice because:

  • QuickBooks shortcuts reduce the hand movement between mouse and keyboard.
  • Options that are buried in a different menu, the shortcuts will help them to find and reduce the time.
  • Increase the level of confidence.

Hope you have liked our blog on QuickBooks Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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