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Pro Tools Shortcuts 【 Pro Tools 2019 Shortcuts 】 Music Software - Avid

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Pro Tools Shortcuts – Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts PDF


Do you know about Pro Tools Shortcuts? Ever dreamt of becoming a Pro Tool Expert by using the mouse? Well, no one could ever become a Ninja with the help of mouse but definitely yes with the help of Pro Tools Shortcuts. Pro tool, a music software especially for Mac users helps in mixing tracks. It is a complex tool so if you do not know about the system you might spend hours digging the tool listing down the controls and the features.

List of Pro Tools Shortcuts – Pro Tools Shortcuts Cheat Sheet PDF

Less amount of time you spend in shifting from the control panel, the more of the editing and cutting work will be done in Pro Tools. Take advantage of the below Pro Tools shortcuts that will help you navigate Pro Tools more swiftly and efficiently. Download the Pro Tools Shortcut PDF!


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
UndoCommand + Z
RedoCommand + Shift + Z
Restore last selectionCommand + Option + Z
CutCommand + X
CopyCommand + C
PasteCommand + V
Select allCommand + A

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File Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
New sessionCommand + N
Open sessionCommand + O
Open recentCommand + Shift + O
Close sessionCommand + Shift + W
SaveCommand + S
Bounce to diskCommand + Option + B
Import session dataOpton + Shift + I
Import audioCommand + Shift + I
Import MIDICommand + Option + I
Import videoCommand + Option + Shift + I
PrintCommand + P
ExitCommand + Q

Track Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
NewCommand + Shift + N
GroupCommand + G
DuplicateOption + Shift + D
Set record tracksOption + K
Scroll to trackCommand + Option + F
Clear all clip indicatorsOption + C

Edit Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
ClearCommand + B
Cut specialControl + Shift + X
Copy specialControl + Shift + C
Paste special(Merge)Option + M
Clear specialControl + Shift + B
Selection change timelineOption + Shift + 5
Selection change edit to match timelineOpton + Shift + 6
Selection play editOption + [
Selection play timelineOption + ]
DuplicateCommand + D
RepeatOption + R
ShiftOption + H
Insert silenceCommand + Shift + E
Trim clip to selectionCommand + T
Trim clip start to selectionOption + Shift + 7
Trim clip end to selectionOption + Shift + 8
Separate clipCommand + E
Heal separtionCommand + H
Consolidate clipOption + Shift + 3
Mute clipsCommand + M
Strip silenceCommand + U
TCE edit to timelineOption + Shift + U
Copy to send – automationCommand + Option + H
Thin – automationCommand + Option + T
Write to current – automationCommand + /
Write to all enabled – automationCommand + Option + /
Trim to current – automationCommand + Shift + /
Trim to all enabled – automationCommand + Option + Shift + /
Fade createCommand + F
Fade to startOption + D
Fade to endOption + G
Narrow MixCommand + Option + M

Clip Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Edit lock and UnlockCommand + L
Time lock and UnlockOption + Control + L
Send to backOption + Shift + B
Bring to frontOption + Shift + F
GroupCommand + Option + G
UngroupCommand + Options + U
RegroupCommand + Option + R
LoopCommand + Option + L
CaptureCommand + R
RenameCommand + Option + Shift + R
Identify sync pointCommand + ,
Quantize to GridCommand + 0
Elastic propertiesOption + 5

Window Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Window configuration listCommand + Option + J
Hide all floating windowsCommand + Option + Control + W
Close windowCommand + W
MixCommand + =
MIDI editorControl + =
Score editorOption + Control + =
MIDI event listOption + =
Task managerOption + ‘
WorkspaceOption + ;
ProjectOption + O
Bring to front – browsersOption + J
Send to back – browsersOption + Shift + J
TransportCommand + 1
Big counterCommand + 3
AutomationCommand + 4
Memory locationsCommand + 5
Video universeCommand + 7
VideoCommand + 9

Options Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Loop recordOption + L
Quick punchCommand + Shift + P
Track punchCommand + Shift + T
Transport onlineCommand + J
Video track onlineCommand + Shift + J
Pre and post rollCommand + K
Loop playbackCommand + Shift + L
Dynamic transportCommand + Control + P
Link timelineShift + /
Auto-spot clipsCommand + Option + P
Edit or Tool mode keyboard lockControl + Shift + T
SessionCommand + 2

Event Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Time operations windowOption + 1
Tempo operations windowOption + 2
Event operations windowOption + 3
QuantizeOption + 0
TransposeOption + T
MIDI real-time propertiesOption + 4
Beat detactiveCommand + 8
Indentify beatCommand + I
All MIDI notes offCommand + Shift + .

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Attempting to learn all of the above shortcuts will be a challenging task. Hence you must learn in bits and pieces. Also learning them all together will lead to decreased productivity instead of increasing productivity. The faster you learn the Pro Tools Shortcuts, the faster will be your producing time.

Many other audio editing tools are used to make audio programs like Audacity Shortcuts, FL Studio Shortcuts, WavePad, etc. However, it is always the best idea to get the Pro Tools and learn the Pro tools shortcuts for any new sound editor. Take your level up by learning Pro Tools Shortcuts and increase the workflow.

Hope you have liked our blog on Pro Tools Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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