101 Best Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcuts


Microsoft PowerPoint has numerous shortcuts. There are PowerPoint Shortcuts for formatting, editing, documents, tasks, files and many more. So, to be a Presentation Hero you need to work with PowerPoint more. And you can start it by learning with the PowerPoint Shortcuts.

List of Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcuts

Creating a presentation in PowerPoint is not an easy task. It requires juggling into various features like Charts, Pictures, tables, SmartArt, Header and Footer and many more. To impress your client and customer you need to create an effective presentation, it should catch the glimpse of the people in that conference room or in the Board Meets.

Well, for all this you would be required to learn about the PowerPoint Shortcuts so that it decreases the cognitive load, give time to carry out high priority task, and much more. You can Download the Shortcuts and save it and use it whenever you start to work with PowerPoint.



ActionShortcut Keys
Save PresentationCtrl + S
Open existing presentationCtrl + O
New presentationCtrl + N
New SlideCtrl + M
Select allCtrl + A
Copy Text and ImageCtrl + C
Paste Text and ImageCtrl + V
Cut text and ImageCtrl + X
Rename the fileF2
Print PresentationCtrl + P
Slideshow of presentationF5
ExitAlt + F4
Undo changes in presentationCtrl + Z
Redo operationCtrl + Y
ZoomAlt + W and Q
Group itemsCtrl + G
UnGroup itemsCtrl + Shift + G
Copy formatting of selecting a shapeCtrl + Shift + C
Paste formatting only to another shapeAlt + Shift + V

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Navigation Operations

ActionShortcut Keys
Move operationsArrow keys
End of lineEnd
Starting of lineHome
A phrase or paragraph upCtrl + ↑
A phrase or paragraph downCtrl + ↓
End of text blockCtrl + End
Beginning of text blockCtrl + Home
To the next objectShift + Tab
To the previous objectTab
Next slidePage Down
Previous slidePage Up
Focus to a different paneF6
Collapse and expand the ribbonCtrl + F1
Move anticlockwise among paneShift + F6
Switch thumbnail view paneCtrl + Shift + Tab

Edit Text Operations

ActionShortcut Keys
Right Align selected TextCtrl + R
Left Align selected TextCtrl + L
New presentationCtrl + N
Bold textCtrl + B
Underline textCtrl + U
Italic textCtrl + I
Remove one character from one sideDelete
Align center selected phraseCtrl + E
Justify selected phraseCtrl + J
Insert HyperlinkCtrl + K
Find particular textCtrl + F
Replace particular textCtrl + H
Normal and Plain TextCtrl + Shift + Z
Toggle casesShift + F3
Spelling checkerF7
Change font styleCtrl + Shift + F
Increase font styleCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font styleCtrl + Shift + <
SuperscriptAlt + Ctrl + Shift + >
SubscriptAlt + Ctrl + Shift + <
Create a copy of selected textCtrl + Drag
Delete word from leftCtrl + Backspace
Delete word from RightCtrl + Delete
Duplicate SlideCtrl + D
Change font sizeAlt + H and F and S
Open font dialog boxCtrl + T
Change casesShift + F3
Insert CommentCtrl + N
Replay to CommentCtrl + R

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Presentation Windows

ActionShortcut Keys
Next windowCtrl + F6
Previous windowCtrl + Shift + F6
Maximize windowAlt + F10
Unmaximize windowAlt + F5
Restore window to the previous sizeCtrl + F5
Display context menuShift + F10
Go to Slide numberSlide Number + Enter

Tab Selection

ActionShortcut Keys
Home TabAlt + H
File TabAlt + F
Insert TabAlt + N
Transition TabAlt + T
Animation TabAlt + A
Slideshow TabAlt + S
Review TabAlt + R
Design TabAlt + G
To search itemAlt + Q
View TabAlt + W

Outlining views

ActionShortcut Keys
Highlight and Promote paragraphAlt + Shift + ←
Highlight and Demote paragraphAlt + Shift + →
Move up paragraphAlt + Shift + ↑
Move down paragraphAlt + Shift + ↓
Show all textsAlt + Shift + A
Collapse text under the headingAlt + Shift + –
Expand textAlt + Shift + +
Collapse titlesAlt + Shift + 1
Move from title to textCtrl + Enter
Select WordDouble Click
Select ParagraphTriple Click

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All the above shortcuts are not easy to remember, but working with them will help you to memorize it. Hopefully, you have found a complete list of PowerPoint shortcuts that can make your PowerPoint Presentation life easier. There is no better software than Microsoft PowerPoint which will help you to create an effective presentation. Check out the shortcut of other Microsoft products that is Excel.

Hope you have liked our blog on Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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