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50 Most Common Microsoft Outlook Shortcuts


Do you know how to use Outlook Shortcuts? There is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook is one of the best and powerful Email client. It has a tremendous number of features packed inside it. Accessing all these shortcuts will be convenient only if you know the amazing Outlook Shortcuts. Microsoft Outlook has a shortcut for every action like create a new email, add new notes, new appointments, new contacts, etc.

List of Outlook Shortcuts

Microsoft Outlook is a complex program and so these shortcuts will help you to ease the task as well as the program. Outlook shortcuts will speed up everything in Outlook. Below are the tons of shortcuts available in Outlook. You can even download these Shortcut below


Write Email – Outlook Shortcut keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Create a new emailCtrl + N OR N
Send an emailCtrl + Enter OR Alt + S
Replay to an emailR OR Ctrl + R
Replay all to an emailShift + R OR Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward an emailShift + F OR Ctrl + Shift + F
Save DraftCtrl + S
Discard DraftEsc
Insert a hyperlinkCtrl + K

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Go to and Email list

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to MailCtrl + Shift + 1
Go to CalendarCtrl + Shift + 2
Go to PeopleCtrl + Shift + 3
Go to TasksCtrl + Shift + 4
Go to InboxG then I
Go to DraftsG then D
Go to SentG then S
Search your emailAlt + Q
Show help?
Select all messagesCtrl + A
Clear all messagesEsc

Read Email

ActionShortcut Keys
Open an EmailO OR Enter
Close an EmailEsc
Open the next itemCtrl + .
Open the previous itemCtrl + ,
Expand and Collapse a conversationX

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Email Actions – Outlook Shortcut keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z
Delete an emailDelete
Permanently delete an emailShift + Delete
New FolderShift + E
Mark an email as ReadQ OR Ctrl + Q
Mark an email as UnReadU OR Ctrl + U
Flag an emailInsert
Mark an email as junkJ
Move to a folderV
Categorize an emailC

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Once you have become a Master of these shortcuts, you can take your office productivity to the next level. Also, you can check out the shortcuts of most used Email Software i.e. Gmail Shortcuts. The people who spend most of their day in e-mail checking and replying, I would suggest you rely on the Microsoft Outlook to handle your daily emails.

Learning the shortcuts of Outlook would be like an icing on the cake. You can work faster with a keyboard than to use the mouse. Hope you have liked our blog on Outlook Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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