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NetBeans Shortcuts 【 NetBeans Shortcuts PDF 】 NetBeans Code Editor

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NetBeans Shortcuts – NetBeans Shortcuts PDF Code Editor


Use the Apache NetBeans Shortcuts and quickly develop desktop, mobile, and web applications. It is a free and open-source governed by Apache Software Foundation. It can be installed on all operating systems that support JAVA. Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and BSD.

List of NetBeans Shortcuts

These shortcuts will let editors, wizards, and templates create applications in JAVA, PHP, and many other languages. Below is the list of NetBeans Shortcuts that will help you fit your pieces together. Download the NetBeans Shortcuts in PDF form.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
RenameCtrl + R
Search at insert pointCtrl + F3
Find next in fileF3
Find previous in fileShift + F3
FindCtrl + F
ReplaceCtrl + H
Find usgaesAlt + F7
Find in ProjectsCtrl + Shift + F
Replace in projectsCtrl + Shift + H
Usages resultsAlt + Shift + U
Convert to UppercaseCtrl + U then U
Convert to LowercaseCtrl + U then L
Formatted PasteCtrl + Shift + V
Clipboard historyCtrl + Shift + D
Copy file pathAlt + Shift + L
Go to typeCtrl + O
Go to fileAlt + Shift + O
Go to sourceCtrl + Shift + B
Go to DeclarationCtrl + B
Go to lineCtrl + G
Add or Remove BookmarkCtrl + Shift + M

Coding in JAVA Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Generate codeAlt + Insert
Fix all class importsCtrl + Shift + I
Fix selected class importAlt + Shift + I
Format selectionAlt + Shift + F
Shift line leftAlt + Shift + ←
Shift line rightAlt + Shift + →
Shift line upAlt + Shift + ↑
Shift + line downAlt + Shift + ↓
Copy line upCtrl + Shift + ↑
Copy line downCtrl + Shift + ↓
Inspect membersCtrl + F12
Inspect hierarchyAlt + F12
Add comment linesCtrl + Shift + C
Delete current lineCtrl + E

Debugging Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Start debugging main projectCtrl + F5
Debugging current fileCtrl + Shift + F5
Debugging text for fileCtrl + Shift + F6
Stop or continue debugging sessionShift + F5 or F5
Step intoF7
Step overF8
Step outCtrl + F7
Called methodCtrl + Alt
Evaluate expressionCtrl + F9
Toggle breakpointCtrl + F8
New breakpointCtrl + Shift + F8
New watchCtrl + Shift + F7

Compiling Running and Testing NetBeans Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Compile fileF9
Build main projectF11
Clean & build main projectShift + F11
Set request parametersCtrl + Q
Unit testCtrl + Shift + U
Run unit test on fileCtrl + F6
Run unit test on projectAlt + F6
Run main projectF6
Run main fileShift + F6

Toggling between views and Opening Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Switch between open documentsCtrl + Tab
Maximize windowShift + Esc
Close windowCtrl + F4 or Ctrl + W
Close all windowsCtrl + Shift + F4
Open Contextual menuShift + F10
Reopen recently closed fileCtrl + Alt + T
Toggle inspect modeCtrl + Shift + S

JSP Editor Code

ActionShortcut Keys

JAVA Editor code

ActionShortcut Keys
Public static finalpsf
Public static final booleanPsfb
Public static final intPsfi
Public static final stringPsfs
assert trueas

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Knowing all the above shortcuts will help all the JAVA programmers, and save a lot of time in coding. Did you know Oracle has sponsored the NetBeans project since acquiring sun in 2010.

There are some other text editor applications or software which can be an alternative to NetBeans. Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ, etc. Checkout for a complete list of Visual Studio Code shortcuts, Microsoft Visual Studio Shortcuts, IntelliJ shortcuts.

Hope you have liked our blog on NetBeans Shortcuts Code Editor. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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