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20 Amazing Yahoo Mail Shortcuts you aren’t using


List of Yahoo Mail Shortcuts

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Check mailM
Check all mailShift + M
New messageN
New message in its own windowShift + N
Close current tabCtrl +
Reply in a new windowShift + R
Reply allA
Reply all in a new windowShift + A
Forward messageF
Forward in a new windowShift + F
Mark as readK
Mark as unreadShift + K
Clear flagShift + L
Delete itemDelete

Others Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
PrintCtrl + P
Save draftCtrl + S
Send messageCtrl + Enter
Reading pane on or offV
Navigate tabs right to left motionCtrl + [
Navigate tabs left to right motionCtrl + ]
Find a wordCtrl + F
Expand window to maximum heightF11
Next messageCtrl + .
Previous messageCtrl + ,
Skip to oldest unread messageCtrl + Shift + End
Move message to a folderD
New chatCtrl + Shift + C

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