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Most used Garageband Shortcuts


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open a movieCommand + Option + O
New projectCommand + N
Open Existing projectCommand + O
Close current windowCommand + W
SaveCommand + S
Save asCommand + Shift + S
Show GarageBand preferencesCommand + ,
Hide GarageBandCommand + H
Quit GarageBandCommand + Q
HelpCommand + ?
Start or Stop playbackSpacebar
Go to beginningReturn
Go to end of last regionOption + Return
Move forward.
Move back,
Move cycle area forwardCommand + Shift + .
Move cycle area backCommand + Shift + ,
Turn catch mode on or off<
Zoom outCommand + ←
Zoom inCommand + →

Display Objects Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Show or Hide NotepadCommand + Shift + P
Show or Hide the arrangement trackCommand + Shift + A
Show or hide the movie trackCommand + Shift + O
Show or Hide the Transposition trackCommand + Shift + X
Show or Hide the tempo trackCommand + Shift + T
Show or hide the master trackCommand + Shift + M
Show or Hide the Media browserF
Show or Hide Musical typing windowCommand + K
Show or hide the editorE
Show or Hide the libraryY
Show or Hide the loop browserO
Show or Hide the piano roll editorP
Show or Hide the score editorN
Show or Hide smart controlsB

Edit Track Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
UndoCommand + Z
RedoCommand + Shift + Z
CutCommand + X
CopyCommand + C
PasteCommand + V

Track operations Shortcuts

ActionGarageband shortcuts
Create a new trackCommand + Option + N
Create a new audio trackCommand + Option + A
Create a new software instrument trackCommand + Option + S
DuplicateCommand + D
Delete the selected trackCommand + Delete
Rename the selected trackShift + Return
Select the next higher track
Select the next lower track
Mute or umute the selected trackM
Solo or Unsolo the selected trackS
Show or Hide automationA

Other Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select allCommand + A
Select previous region
Select next region
Split selected regionCommand + T
Join selected regions or notesCommand + J
Loop selected region continuouslyL
Rename the selected regionShift + N
Turn snap to grid on or offCommand + G
Show or Hide alignment guidesCommand + Option + G
Start recordingR
Turn the cycle area on or offC
Turn the metronome on or offK
Select the next score event
Select the previous score event
Selec the next staff event
Select the previous staff event
Print score notationCommand + P

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