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SharePoint Features 【 8 Best SharePoint Features 2019 】SharePoint

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8 Microsoft SharePoint Features you Should be using in 2019


In this tutorials we will learn about SharePoint Features in detail. When various people work on the same project, they require sharing the same documentation. Check out What is Microsoft SharePoint? Then, this tool works as a collaboration suite for them. With the utilization of this tool, every person of the team will be on the same page while working on a similar version of the document.

This improves the productivity of the team by reducing confusion to a great extent. This tool works for bringing people together and hence, enhances communication between them. You can easily get information about your team members by using this tool and thus, a lot of time and effort will be saved.

How does SharePoint Work?

Web Front Ends: The Web Front Ends is the bridge between the user and the SharePoint. The user’s request is passed through the Wen Front Ends and not through an application server or database server.

Application Server: Application Server is not an important server. They act like a good feature that would make the product more enjoyable. Like while traveling having a radio is enjoyable but not a necessary product. SharePoint can run without the Search feature, but it is good to have a Search feature in it. learn about OneDrive vs. SharePoint in Detail.

Database Server: Database Server is that server where other contents of the users don’t go. The user content directly goes into the SQL Server database. It never gets connected directly to the database server.

Role in Action: Roles are performed only by a single server. 

Most used Microsoft Sharepoint features in 2019

Microsoft SharePoint comes with a large number of unique features that you can utilize regularly for your firm. These SharePoint features are described below in detail:

1. List Features:

In the SharePoint platform, you will get two primary ways of managing information. These two ways are lists and libraries. The lists feature consists of rows and columns. Hence, it works more like spreadsheets. But the list feature is different from spreadsheets in many ways as it resides in SharePoint. It is accessible to a large number of people at the same time.

This is a great feature as it avoids the issue of emailing the documents to several people for review or managing changes made by several users. Through the SharePoint feature, you can create, update, review, and delete any items in the list or whole list.

2. Adding Workflows Feature:

In SharePoint, a workflow is a group of tasks and decision points that results in several outcomes. It works like an automated application which is like a flowchart, which keeps a check on the execution of standard processes of the business.

This SharePoint feature is advantageous for everyone as it saves a lot of time and effort of the users for generating workflows with the help of a set of templates. This feature also improves your efficiency and consistency of performing tasks that you perform regularly. 

3. Search Feature:

The basic search feature of SharePoint permits users to enter and accomplish a search query in a SharePoint Server Farm. The possibility of the search is the current website and any sub-sites under it. When the search application is used, it processes the query and yields a set of results of the search that completely or partially matches the query.

The results of Search contain links to documents, list items, libraries, lists, web-pages, or websites. The search engine of this tool takes your context, permissions, and previous searches in the response of the search query.

4. Libraries Feature:

Libraries feature of SharePoint provides various other features like:

    • Storing
    • Grouping
    • Modifying
    • Filtering
    • capturing essential data.

This Sharepoint feature is great for team members to work together on several files. Utilizing the tool will also allow you to access lots of default apps of the library for particular purposes.

5. Adding a Project Site Feature:

You can get numerous components with this SharePoint features that enhance and support work management. These components include a task list, a project summary web part, a document library, a task timeline web part, a calendar, and other built-in task management features.

6. Modification in Sharing Feature:

With SharePoint 2016 you can easily see who is sharing the folder. Invite, approve, deny access requests easily.

7. Mobile-friendly interface Feature:

SharePoint Online has designed its interface mobile friendly. You can easily switch between Mobile view and PC View.

8. File Support Feature:

Another modification that is done in SharePoint is that it has increased the file limit. Now the limit has exceeded to 10 GB from the earlier 2GB.

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Final Words:

In this blog, we learn about how SharePoint works and features of SharePoint.

How does SharePoint Work?

    • Web Front Ends
    • Application Server
    • Database Server
    • Role in Action

8 Best Features of Microsoft SharePoint:

    • List
    • Adding Workflows
    • Search
    • Libraries
    • Adding a Project Site
    • Modification in Sharing
    • Mobile-friendly interface
    • File Support

Hope you have liked our blog on Microsoft SharePoint features. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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