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100+ IntelliJ Shortcuts for Windows | Download Shortcuts PDF


Do you know about IntelliJ Shortcuts? IntelliJ is a JAVA integrated development environment project. How will we increase productivity with our assets i.e IntelliJ is a question to be asked? Well the simple answer is by learning its shortcuts.

What is Intellij?

IntelliJ IDEA is a special programming environment or integrated development environment (IDE) largely meant for Java. This environment is used especially for the development of programs.


IntelliJ Shortcuts for Windows

We bifurcated the above shortcuts into various sections like General, Search and Replace, Productivity, editing, Navigation, and many more. The reason behind this bifurcation was to help you learn faster and better. You can also check out Firefox Shortcuts which too has been divided into sections to help you learn at a great pace.

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open corresponding tool windowAlt + 0…9
Save allCtrl + S
SynchronizeCtrl + Alt + V
Toggle maximizing editorCtrl + Shift + F12
Add to FavoritesAlt + Shift + F
Inspect current fileAlt + Shift + I
Quick switch current schemeCtrl + ‘
Open settings dialogCtrl + Alt + S
Open Project Structure dialogCtrl + Alt + Shift + S
Find actionCtrl + Shift + A
Create new scratch fileCtrl + Shift + Alt + Insert

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Search and Replace Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Search everywhereDouble Shift
FindCtrl + F
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
ReplaceCtrl + R
Find in pathCtrl + Shift + F
Replace in pathCtrl + Shift + R
Search structurallyCtrl + Shift + S
Replace StructurallyCtrl + Shift + M

Compile and Run Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Make ProjectCtrl + F9
Compile selected fileCtrl + Shift + F9
Select configuration and runAlt + Shift + F10
Select configuration and debugAlt + Shift + F9
RunShift + F10
DebugShift + F9
Run context configuration from editorCtrl + Shift + F10

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Productivity Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
To quickly open any classCtrl + N
To quickly open any fileCtrl + Shift + N
Toggle toolsCtrl + Shift + F12
Code completionCtrl + Space

Debugging Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Commit project to VCSCtrl + K
Update project from VCSCtrl + T
View recent changesAlt + Shift + C
VCS quick popupAlt + ‘
Step overF8
Step intoF7
Smart step intoShift + F7
Step outShift + F8
Run to cursorAlt + F9
Evaluate expressionAlt + F8
Resume programF9
Toggle breakpointCtrl + F8
View breakpointsCtrl + Shift + F8

Editing Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Basic code completionCtrl + Space
Smart code completionCtrl + Shift + Space
Complete statementCtrl + Shift + Enter
Parameter infoCtrl + P
Quick documentation lookupCtrl + Q
External DocShift + F1
Brief infoCtrl + Mouse over code
Show descriptions of errorCtrl + F1
Generate codeAlt + Insert
Override methodsCtrl + O
Implement methodsCtrl + I
Surround withCtrl + Alt + T
Comment/uncomment with line commentCtrl + /
Comment/uncomment with block commentCtrl + Shift + /
Select successively increasing code blocksCtrl + W
Decrease current selection to previous stateCtrl + Shift + W
Context infoAlt + Q
Show intention actions and quick-fixesAlt + Enter
Reformat codeCtrl + Alt + L
Optimize importsCtrl + Alt + O
Auto indent linesCtrl + Alt + I
Indent selected linesTab
Unindent selected linesShift + Tab
CutCtrl + X
Selected block to clipboardShift + Delete
CopyCtrl + C
Selected block to clipboardCtrl + Insert
PasteCtrl + V
Paste from recent buffersCtrl + Shift + V
Create DuplicateCtrl + D
Delete line at caretCtrl + Y
Smart line joinCtrl + Shift + J
Smart line splitCtrl + Enter
Start new lineShift + Enter
Toggle case for word at caretCtrl + Shift + U
Select till code block endCtrl + Shift + ]
Select till code block startCtrl + Shift + [
Delete to word endCtrl + Delete
Delete to word startCtrl + Backspace
Expand code blockCtrl + +
Collapse code blockCtrl + –
Expand allCtrl + Shift + +
Collapse allCtrl + Shift + –
Close active editor tabCtrl +F4
Find usagesAlt + F7
Find usages in fileCtrl + F7
Highlight usages in fileCtrl + Shift + F7
Show usagesCtrl + Alt + F7
Safe DeleteAlt + Delete
Safe DeleteAlt + Delete
RenameShift + F6
Change SignatureCtrl + F6
InlineCtrl + Alt + N
Extract methodCtrl + Alt + M
Extract variableCtrl + Alt + V
Extract fieldCtrl + Alt + F
Extract constantCtrl + Alt + C
Extract parameterCtrl + Alt + P

Multiple Selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Add or Remove a selectionAlt + Shift + Mouse click
Select the next occurrenceAlt + J
Unselect the next occurrenceShift + Alt + J
Select all occurrenceShift + Ctrl + Alt + J
Remove all selectionsEsc

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to classCtrl + N
Go to fileCtrl + Shift + N
Go to symbolCtrl + Alt + Shift + N
Go to next editor tabAlt + →
Go to previous editor tabAlt + ←
Go back to previous tool windowF12
Go to editorEsc
Hide active or last active windowShift + Esc
Close active run tabCtrl + Shift + F4
Go to lineCtrl + G
Recent files popupCtrl + E
Navigate backwardCtrl + Alt + ←
Navigate forwardCtrl + Alt + →
Navigate to last edit locationCtrl + Shift + Backspace
Select current file or symbol in any viewAlt + F1
Go to declarationCtrl + B
Go to ImplementationCtrl + Alt + B
Open quick definition lookupCtrl + Shift + I
Go to type declarationCtrl + Shift + B
Go to super methodCtrl + U
Go to previous methodAlt + ↑
Go to next methodAlt + ↓
Move to code block endCtrl + ]
Move to code startCtrl + [
File structure popupCtrl + F12
Type hierarchyCtrl + H
Method hierarchyCtrl + Shift + H
Call hierarchyCtrl + Alt + H
Next highlighted errorF2
Previous highlighted errorShift + F2
Edit sourceF4
View sourceCtrl + Enter
Show navigation barAlt + Home
Toggle bookmarkF11
Toggle bookmark with mnemonicCtrl + F11
Show numbered bookmarkCtrl + 0…9
Show bookmarksShift + F11

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The most amazing feature of IntelliJ shortcuts for Windows is that it has shortcut assigned to almost every actions of the software. IntelliJ for Windows has shortcuts for working with code, managing UI, integration, settings and many more. You can also download InetlliJ shortcuts for Window for future use.

Getting used to the shortcuts of IntelliJ will be difficult but it is not impossible. You will also learn the shortcuts more with the experience as well as with the help of your colleagues.

Hope you have liked our blog on IntelliJ Shortcuts for Windows. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hear from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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