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Handbrake Rip DVD 【 How to use Handbrake 】Handbrake Software

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How to use Handbrake in Windows & Mac – HandBrake Rip DVD


Learn Handbrake Rip DVD Features. A Handbrake video converter converts video into any format. How to use a handbrake video converter and master it is the ultimate aim for any handbrake user. How to Rip DVD with Handbrake is the most often asked question by non-handbrake users?

Steps to Handbrake rip DVD

Well, after we went through the steps to download the handbrake. So the next big thing in learning Handbrake is Handbrake Rip DVD. How Handbrake rip DVD in Windows and Mac devices is explained in detail below. Also explained are the extra handbrake settings along with its features. How to use Handbrake on Mac?

There is a wide range of Apple Portable devices. The iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Apple TV and so on. Basic tutorial on how to use the Handbrake rip DVD on Mac devices is explained. Always go with the default setting but if you want to go with more controls you can change the settings. Handbrake rip DVD settings will depend on how your resulting file will be. Step by step tutorial for using handbrake to rip DVD is as followed:

METHOD 1: Changing the source, chapter and destination setting

  • Click the Source button: This button is located in the top left corner of the Handbrake window. In this option, select a specific file or folder.
  • Choose the Chapters: Designate which file you want to convert. Choose between the multiple angles.
  • Choose the destination file: Select the place where you want the Handbrake rip DVD file to appear after it has been converted.

How to use the handbrake rip DVD Converter tool?

The steps on Handbrake Rip DVD into Mac Devices are:

Step 1: Insert a DVD into your Mac device.

Step 2: Start Handbrake

Step 3: Select Detected volume and click on OK.

Step 4: In the Source section, make sure you select the title, chapter and check for the duration

Step 5: Move forward to the Destination section. Select the destination and name to make it easier for you. The default destination is the desktop.

Step 6: Click on Rip to start ripping the DVD.

Note: The ripping might take a while.

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METHOD 2: Encoding video

1. Select Presets: Pick your device in which you want to see the converted file. This will help you to know which file is supported by your device.

  • MP4 is the format mostly played, so it is selected by default.
  • If you want to upload the video on YouTube then you need to check on the box “Web Optimized.”
  • Encoding video to upload on YouTube or computer uses high quality presets.

2. Watch the preview: The preview option helps to preview the video that you are encoding. While encoding video in high quality you need a lot of time.

3. Adjust the setting: Through the various tab options available you can adjust the setting of the video. Various adjustments that you can make in your video are:

  • Filters: Filters affect the playback of the video. You can also remove the layers.
  • Audio: As you can change or increase or decrease the size or the quality of the video, you can also do the same with the Handbrake audio settings file. You can change the bitrate by clicking on the bitrate. Lower the bitrate, lower will be the quality of the audio. Keep on playing the video while you change the audio to check which is more suitable and convenient.
  • Subtitles: The Handbrake subtitles tab allows you to add subtitles to your files.
  • Chapters: You see a list of chapters of your video file. It is like you see in your DVD file.
  • Advanced: This tab is usually disabled; you enable the tab when you check the box in the video tab.
  • Video: In this tab, you can frame rate your video, select the quality of your video, and select an encoder. Higher the bitrate, the higher will be the quality of the video. 2-pass encoding is optional but it will help you to improve the quality of the video and doesn’t change the size of the file.

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How to reduce the size of the Handbrake rip DVD files?

The major reason to reduce the size of the ripped files is the storage space. Ripping file at high quality can take a lot of the storage space. There are various ways through which you can reduce the size of the ripped files. Below are the ways you can reduce Video quality.

Cut the credits: In real life, there is hardly anyone who will watch the entire movie with credits. You can cut the credit section using the chapter selection. You can check the time by using the Apple player. It requires work outside the program but this way we can reduce the size of the file.

Time the Video: Movies are created on the terms that they will be seen by a lot of people at once. So the quality of the movie is the highest. However, when you are ripping the video for yourself you can compromise on the quality. Since you probably might not need a high-quality video. In the Video section, you can trim down the video quality of the file.

Target Size: Use the Target Size option in the video category to get the desired results. It is measured in Megabytes (MB). Select the size you want to. But make sure while using you don’t squeeze much.

Note: Make sure you do not select the file size less than 300MB.

Constant Quality: With the Handbrake video converter, reduce the quality of the file by some percentage. Use the slider scale to define the percentage. A simple way to reduce video quality is to slim down the audio.

Slim down the Audio: The way you reduce the video quality the same way you can reduce the Audio Quality of the file. In Handbrake audio settings, use the Bitrate to change the quality of the audio. The bitrate of 128bps could be good for a movie.

Note: Lower the Bitrate, lower is the audio quality. And also, changing the audio file will take more time when compared with video.

How to use Handbrake to Rip TV Shows in Mac devices?

The process of using Handbrake to Rip TV Shows is the same as to rip the movies.

Add Subtitles: The TV Shows naturally comes with Subtitles. The longest time title is the title for all the episodes. The last and the shortest time file is for the animation we see while we first play the video. All the other are the individual episodes. Select the right subtitles for each of the episodes.

Note: If you are ripping all the episodes and subtitles together, you can use the Play All subtitles.

4. Add the project to the queue: If you have multiple files to be encoded you can add all the files in the queue. Handbrake rip DVD defines the steps to add a project to the queue.

Steps to add episodes in the queue are:

Step 1: Enable the Queue option

Step 2: Click on the Add to Queue.

Step 3: Setup all the options you want to establish into the episode.

Step 4: Click on Start and it will be added to the queue.

Note: If you want to check the queue click on Show Queue. And if you want to remove from the queue click on remove.

With a queue, you can try different settings options in the Handbrake rip DVD. This will help you to select the best compression options for the video.

Note: If the Mac device goes to sleep while the handbrake is running. It will pause the Handbrake rip DVD operation.

5. Start encoding: The green color play button in the windows tab of the handbrake will help you to start encoding the files. Handbrake rip DVD encoding takes a lot of time and it depends upon the size of the file. Using a computer while encoding will have problems in the file after it is encoded.

6. Test the encoded file: The last thing to do is to test the Handbrake rip DVD encoded file. See whether the file is up to date. See whether the video and the audio quality suit you and there are no errors in the file.

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How to Change the Handbrake Picture Setting in Mac devices?

In the Picture Setting, you can set the video resolution as well as crop the video. The crop tool of the handbrake is not practical as well as powerful and hence we can say it is just for decoration purposes.

This was the basic Handbrake tutorial for Mac users. So you must use the Handbrake and learn more about it. Also at times, you may find some issues. So you must be ready with the Handbrake alternative.

How to use Handbrake to rip DVD in Windows?

After we have understood about Handbrake, let’s understand how Handbrake rips DVD works or how it is used in Windows and Mac devices. Below is the handbrake tutorial on how you can use the Handbrake video converter on Windows devices. The tutorial on how to convert videos into other formats is available for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 devices. The usage of the Handbrake rip DVD is more or else the same for Mac and Windows devices.

1. Select the Source Video: Browse the files and select the file you want to convert. Some sources may contain single video and some others may contain multiple videos. Blu-ray and DVD may contain multiple videos.

2. Output Settings: After you have selected the source file that you want to convert. The next you will be asked is about the destination. Where do you want to store the output file and in what Handbrake presets you want it to be converted?

  • Output Destination: This is the place where you want to store the file after converting the video. Choose a different location to save the file. However, the default handbrake output destination is Desktop.
  • Choose presets: There are various Handbrake presets that are found in the Presets Toggle bar. Select any one Handbrake presets from the available options like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Android Tablet, Windows 8, PlayStation, etc.

3. Change the other handbrake settings: These are the few options you might consider before you use the Handbrake video converter and click on start encoding.

Shrink the file size: By default, we rip the files at full size. For that, we would need proper storage space as well. To save the space while converting the videos we shrink the file size. There are different ways through which we can save space:

  • Cut the Credits: With Handbrake you can cut the credit which is displayed at the end of the movie or TV shows. We need to unselect the credits chapter in the Source Settings.
  • Cut the Picture Quality: Movies are made considering the number of people watching. Since you are converting the video for your personal use you can compromise on the quality.
  • File Size: You can select the file size which will take the limited amount of space on your device.
  • Slim the Audio quality: Also, slim down the audio quality to save the storage space using the Handbrake audio settings.

Add Subtitles: Select the Handbrake subtitles from the one available on your DVD. Once the selection of Subtitles is done, Handbrake will imprint those subtitles to the files you want to rip.

Create Chapters: Handbrake has this outstanding feature of creating a chapter. You can select the chapter and enjoy watching the movie or any of the TV Show.

4. Start Encoding: Click on the Start button on the toolbar and encoding will begin. Handbrake will alert you when the encoding is done.

How to use Handbrake to Rip DVDs and Handbrake to Rip Blu-Ray?

You can rip video from DVD and Blue-ray only if it doesn’t have copyright protection. However, if the DVD includes your own personal recorded video you can use Handbrake to rip DVD and convert them into another format. Steps to Handbrake Rip DVD Video are:

Step 1: Insert DVD or Blu-ray into the disc drive.

Step 2: Open Handbrake and click on the Open Source button.

Step 3: Select the DVD and let the handbrake scan it.

Step 4: Select the Path and the Presets

Step 5: Press the Start Encode button.

Batch Convert Videos

If you are looking to convert multiple videos into a new format. Follow the same steps as followed while ripping videos. But you need to click on Add to Queue button to add all the other videos which are to be converted. While converting batch videos we must select different sizes and quality to know which is best for you. Now after you have added all the files in the queue. Click on the Start Queue button.

Note: Handbrake does not allow you to convert videos purchased from iTunes. Use the Handbrake Alternative if you fail to convert it in Handbrake.

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So while using a handbrake video converter make sure the Handbrake Settings are perfect. You have correctly selected the Handbrake Presets and correctly selected the Handbrake Subtitles. The outcome will be based on your handbrake output settings. A proper explanation on how to use Handbrake Rip DVD for both Windows and Mac devices is explained above.

Hence, Handbrake is the most loved tool because of some features like handbrake presets, handbrake Blu-ray conversion, add subtitles in handbrake and handbrake DVD conversion. This tool acts as a life savior for Android Portable users.

Hope you have liked our blog on Handbrake rip DVD for Windows and Mac. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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