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Google Docs 【 Everything about Google Docs 】 Google Docs Templates

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Learn Everything about Google Docs – Google Docs Templates


Google Docs is a web-based application that is available free to anyone who has a Google account. The use of this application is to create, edit, and store spreadsheets and documents online.

Google has offered a package of Online Applications, Google Docs being one of them. Google Docs acts as a collaborator while multiple people come together to work on a project. Upgrading and updating are done by Google on a regular basis to avoid any problems. The limitation that Google Docs faces is that it has to travel a long way in order to match with Microsoft Word. 

Benefits of Google Docs

Google Docs is very beneficial for companies, individuals, or any small group in many ways such as:

  • Google Docs is being utilized for a large number of file types. Some of the basic Google Apps file types consist of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and web forms. There are also other add-on apps available with Google Docs.
  • One of the important advantages of Google Docs is that it creates, collaborate and share documents in an easy manner. You can also make several other tasks with this application. Like creating minutes of a meeting, tagging someone, adding action items, taking notes, and searching for anything anywhere.
  • Another great advantage of this application is its availability. You can use it free with your Gmail account without any hassle. The documents you create are stored and synchronized in Google Drive. You can create and edit these documents online and it is not necessary to save them. As this application has a feature of saving the document immediately.
  • You can use this application for business purposes as it provides ease for corporate communication. You don’t need to email every document. With this application, you have to share the document with the people you want.
  • This application provides you with the feature of chatting. You can chat with the person who is viewing the document at the same time while working on it.
  • This application provides services at a very low cost with a high return on investment.

Tip of the day:

For all Gmail users, Check out the Gmail keyboard shortcuts keys to make you 4x faster in Gmail without using a mouse. Download Gmail keyboard Shortcuts PDF.

Difference between Google Docs vs. MS Word

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word

# Google Docs Microsoft Word
Cost Unlike MS Word, Google Docs is free to use for everyone. If you want to use the business version of Google Docs, only then you have to pay around Five dollars for every user. This amount is very low in comparison to MS word. MS word charges monthly, yearly or one-time fees for a lifetime if you want to use it.
Cloud Storage There is Google Driver which is installed for the Google Docs users. Google App is the best choice. Whereas for MS Word you need to install One drive. MS Word 1TB of space.
Supported features With Google Docs, you have several limitations. With basic and standard features that can be used only online. Google Docs has features that are very simple to use and users can manage them at their workplace. With MS Word, you can access a large number of impressive features and tools that you can use. But, this can be one of its biggest disadvantages to the user interface. Due to a large number of advanced features, sometimes it becomes difficult for users to use it.
Third-party Integration Google Docs has more third-party integration. Here, Google Docs overpowers MS Word. Whereas in MS Word integration with the Third party is limited with choices.
The requirement of Internet Connection For using Google Docs Internet Connection is a must. To work in offline mode you need to synchronize files on a time to time basis For MS Word there is no such thing as a compulsion to have an internet connection. You can enjoy the benefit of its working without the need of internet connection.
Security Since all the data is stored in the cloud, the chances of data to be accessed by people is more. Hence would rate Google Docs as less secured compared to MS Word? MS Word Data is stored in the local devices. Hence more secure than cloud storage.
Time Working with Google Docs saves your time as you are not required to save the data. Due to its really cool feature to Auto-save data saves time. MS Word requires the file to be saved every time you use it. There is no Auto-save facility in MS Word. Use the shortcut Ctrl + S to save Check the MS word Shortcut list here.
Mobile friendly Google Docs is a web-based program, it can be used with mobile phones easily. The users can edit, share easily and is stronger on the web. MS Word mobile application is not a go-to option. Users need to use Office Suite 365 to enhance its function online.
Friendly Interface The interface of Google Docs is simple and easy. All the basic features of the word process are shown in a simple layout. MS Word offers a lot of features. Users need to have knowledge of the features for efficient functioning.

If you ask me about who wins Google Docs or MS Word, well they are equal. Depending upon the requirement I decide to choose between the two. Choosing between the two also depends on whether it’s a personal requirement or business. On the basis of the above difference, you can select your preferred option.

Google Docs Interface

It is important to be comfortable with the Google Docs interface to perform basic tasks. Below is the image explaining to you the interface of the Google Docs to use it. Only after knowing the interface, you must know the functions in detail. Google Docs interface helps you to know which features are for what.

Google Docs Interface by My e-Learning Hub

Source: Google Docs Interface

There are tools for Creating and editing documents, for formatting and styling the document, for aligning the document and many more.

How to use Google Docs?

Google Docs has enormous features. In this tutorial, learn how to use Google Docs Features in depth. Starting from the beginner mode, here we will learn how to share the Google Docs, How to create and write in Google Docs, How to format your document, how to edit your documents. Learn how to use Google Docs 

How to work offline in Docs?

Working Offline in Google Docs is a feature that helps you and your team in creating powerful documents. With this feature, you can edit, save and create documents even with no Internet Connection. Nowadays you lack an internet connection only when you travel. Have a look at how to work offline in Google Docs.

Steps to set up this Offline feature are:

Step 1: On the Google Docs Homepage, click on the Menu option to the top left corner.

Step 2: Click on Setting.

Step 3: Switch on the Offline Button. The button will turn to blue from the earlier grey color.

Step 4: You will see a symbol (a symbol that symbolizes like Thunder) while editing offline.

Work offline in Google Docs by My e-Learning Hub

Note: The editing done Offline gets saved or sync only when you are online again.[/vc_column_text]

How to use Voice Typing in Docs?

Voice typing is on a growth graph. Kids nowadays use Google Chrome voice feature a lot when they need to search using the Google Chrome Browser. Check out the Google Chrome Shortcuts. Whereas the adults use Voice Typing either when they find typing ass boring or lack with typing speed.

But, to use Voice Typing make sure you have a microphone installed into your system. Below are the steps to start using Voice Typing:

Step 1: Click on Tool Option.

Step 2: Click on Voice Typing.

Voice Typing features in Google Docs

Note: When using the Voice typing for the first time Google will ask permission to use the microphone.
Tip of the day:

Use the Google Docs shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S to skip the above 2 steps to start typing through voice.

How to Share your Docs file?

There is no limitation in Google Docs to share the documents. One can share the Google Docs documents with as many people as you want. Completely your choice.

Steps to Share are:

Step 1: Click on the File Tab

Step 2: Click on Share. There are multiple options through which you can share Google Docs.

Option 1 Share via E-mail id

Sharing via Email Address will send an invitation to the concerned person. The concerned person will have to accept the invitation in order to edit or view the document. Steps to Share via Email-id are:

Step 1: Click on File Tab > Click on Share.

Step 2: In the share dialog box enter the Email address of the concerned person with you want to share the document.

Step 3: Choose the sharing permission option to edit.

Step 4: Click on Send. The Google doc document will be shared with the concerned person.

Note: You can also edit some notes while sending the invitation. Remember, the note was written will be displayed in the invitation.

Option 2 Share via Shareable link

The simplest way to share Google Docs documents is to generate a shareable link. A unique link is generated for you to share it. Steps to share a Google Docs document via shareable link are:

Step 1: Click on File Tab > Click on Share.

Step 2: The sharing dialog box appears, Click on “Get shareable link”

Step 3: Choose the sharing permission option.

Step 4: Press on “Copy Link”. Share the Google Docs to who so ever you wish to.

Option 3 Share via using Advanced option

Here in the Advanced Option, you will get complete knowledge as to who can edit the document, who has access to the documents, who can only view the documents. Here you can change the setting anytime you want to. You can either add more people or remove some of them depending upon the circumstances. Steps to share via Advanced Option are:

Step 1: Click on File Tab > Click on Share.

Step 2: Click on the Advanced Option at the bottom right corner of the share dialog box.

Step 3: Make the required changes you want to in the Advanced Option.

Step 4: Click on Done.

The changes are made and the Google Docs file has been share. A short video on how to share in Google Sheet will solve your queries. Click here.

Tip of the day:

When you select the options anyone can edit, be very much careful with how you share the link.

How to insert textbox in docs?

The textbox is used to add extra elements in the document. Textbox can be used as a comment we add in the Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel. Textbox inserts additional text in the document without affecting the formatting of your document. Inserting a textbox in Microsoft Word is quite easy.

However, inserting textbox in Google Docs you need to go through some steps:

Step 1: Click on the Insert Tab.

Step 2: Click on Drawing.

Step 3: In the Drawing dialog box, drag or click on Text Box. (Drag the box depending upon how big or small box you want)

Step 4: Insert the text in the Textbox.

Step 5: Click on the Save and Close.

Insert Text box in Google Docs

You can now use this textbox as an image and move anywhere you want to in the document. Any changes to be made in the text box, double click it or click on Edit. Still, have doubts check out the video here.

Tip of the day:

You can change the font, style, color alignment in the textbox using the navigation bar. 

How to add page numbers in docs?

Page number makes life easy when we have to arrange those printed pages. It will help to avoid chaos about which page will come after which. Google Docs does not automatically insert the Page number. Steps to add Page number in Google Docs are:

Step 1: Click on the Insert Tab.

Step 2: Click on “Header & Page Number”

Step 3: Click on Page Number

Step 4: In the pop-up window, select the style of your choice from the available four options.

A quick gif to explain how to add page numbers in Google Docs.

add page numbers in docs

How to change margins in docs?

You often see some empty space above, below, to the left and to the right of the document. What are these empty spaces for? These empty spaces are the default margin set up in case you print the document.

The need might come to change the margins of the Google Docs. How will you do so? Before you change the margin you must see the ruler above the document. To show a ruler above the document in case it is not visible Click on View > Click on Show Ruler.

There are two options to change the margin

Option 1: Change margin using the ruler
Use the ruler to change the margin to the left and the right of the document. Use the small blue arrow button to alter the margins on both the side.

Option 2: Change margin via Page Setup

Step 1: Click on File

Step 2: Click on Page Setup

Step 3: In the Page Setup dialog box, make the required changes.

Step 4: Click on OK if you want to make changes to a single document. However, if you want the changes to apply in every document Click on Set as default.

A glimpse of how to change margin in Google Docs using both the option is explained here.

Tip of the day:

You can change the font, style, color alignment in the textbox using the navigation bar. 

How to create a Table of Content in docs?

The Table of content helps in easy navigation for you and your colleagues to a particular section in the document. Hence, adding a table of contents to the document is useful as it shows the topics covered in the entire document at a short glance.

As a general rule, the “Heading 1” formatting tab should be assigned to the Main Title, “Heading 2” formatting tab to the subheadings, and “Heading 3” to the points below the subheading.

Steps to create a Table of Content are:

Step 1: Place the cursor where you want to insert or create the Table of content.

Step 2: Go to the Insert Tab

Step 3: Click on Table of Content.

Step 4: Choose the table of content you want to create from the available two options.

You can have a look at the video below to make your concept clear on how to create a Table of Content in Google Docs.

Note: Any modification or alteration that needs to be done in the Table of Content must be done in the document body rather than the table of contents.

How to create a Hanging indent in docs?

Hanging indent changes the margin of the paragraph without hurting the format on the other page. In hanging indent, the first line is at the left margin and then all the following lines are in the paragraph. This type of formatting is mostly used in Bibliographies and sometimes for creating a list within the document.

To create a hanging indent in Google Docs make sure your ruler is visible at the top of the document. Steps to make a ruler visible are already explained above.

Now let’s look at the steps to create a hanging indent in Google Docs.

Step 1: Highlight the text that you want to format.

Step 2: Drag the blue triangle to the right as far as you want to.

Step 3: Now move back the rectangle shaped arrow to the left. This is how your Hanging indent will be created.

Note: The margin control also changes and all the text to get an indent. Be very careful that you drag only the indent and control.

How to track changes in docs?

Why do you need to track the changes? Well, tracking the changes made in the Google Docs will help you to ensure that your work is done at full potential. When we collaborate with other people to make changes in the Google Docs documents, we need to know the changes that have been made.

The Track Changes feature in Google docs helps to know who made the edits, when the editing is done and what was it before editing.

Steps to track changes in Google Docs are:

Step 1: Click on editing mode at the top right corner of the docs.

Step 2: From the drop-down select suggesting.

On clicking suggestion, whatever edits are made thereafter will come as a suggestion. On clicking Accept Suggestion the changes will be made in the Google Docs.

Note: Besides the changes, you will find the name of the person who changes it, the photo of the concerned person and what changes he/she made in a different color.

Now you know how to track changes in Google Docs. Check out the video on Track Changes in Google Docs here.

How to turn on spell check in docs?

It is very common for an individual to create spelling or grammatical errors. The in-built feature of Google Docs helps you with it. Spell check word as your personal proofreader and editor. Spell Check function will help you locate and correct any errors that you have missed.

Google Docs acts as a savior to all the writers. When the spell check and grammar suggestions are turned on, (which is the default option when you open the Google Docs) you will see misspelled words underlined red in color whereas grammar error is underlined blue in color.

Steps to turn on spell check in Google Docs are:

Step 1: Click on the Tool Option

Step 2: Click on Spelling

Step 3: Tick on the Underline Errors option.

The spell-check will give you suggestions on whether to accept or ignore the suggestion. Sometimes a few words won’t be recognized by Google. It will show you error whenever you use it, even though you have spelled correctly. Such words should be added to the dictionary to avoid future spell check. Steps to turn on spell check and add words in the dictionary are shown here.

Note: You must ignore some suggestions if it doesn’t match the context of the text.

How to find word count in docs?

What if you are asked to write a report in say 300 words? Are you going to count each and every word? Well, this would take place when Word Count Function was not introduced. The Word Count function counts the number of words, number of pages, number of characters, and characters excluding spaces.

You can only count words in Google Docs and not in Google Sheet and Google Slides. Word Count can be done by carrying out the steps or by using the Google Docs Shortcut that is Ctrl + Shift + C on Windows devices and Command + Shift + C on Mac devices

Steps to find word count in Google Docs is:

Step 1: Click on the Tools Tab.

Step 2: Click on Word Count.

Step 3: Google Docs will display the total number of pages, total number of words, total number of characters, and the total number of characters excluding spaces.


  1. To count a specific number of line words in a line or to count words in a paragraph, first, highlight the text and follow the above steps.
  2. Word Count applies to everything except headers, footers, and footnotes.

How to add a strikethrough in docs?

What is Strikethrough? A Strikethrough is a formatting option where you put a line onto the text. The Strikethrough feature was introduced due to a reason. In the earlier days when there were typewriters that could not delete the text once written. So people would put a line onto the text, saying that it is an error.

Strikethrough formatting feature is in many word processing applications like Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, WordPad, and Google Docs. Another reason why the strikethrough feature is used is that a particular text is not of much importance now but it might arise in the future.

Steps to add a strikethrough in Google Docs are as follows:

Step 1: Select the text you want to add strikethrough.

Step 2: Click on the Format Tab.

Step 3: Select the Strikethrough Option. OR Use the Strikethrough shortcut key Alt + Shift + 5 after the First step.

Now you see that the selected text has a line drawn through it. To remove the Strikethrough you can use the same steps used while adding a strikethrough.

Note: If you continue typing in the area where you applied strikethrough, the strikethrough text will only be seen. It is similar to how bold and italic function works.

How to print from Google docs?

Well, printing is done when you have completed working with your document and the final output is ready. Steps to Print from Google docs is explained in the video as well. Steps to Print from Google Docs are:

Step 1: Open the Document you want to print.

Step 2: Click on the File Tab

Step 3: Click on the Printer Option.

Step 4: Select the printer, the number of pages you want to print.

Step 5: Click on Print. OR Use the Print Icon on the left to quickly print the document.

Note: Google Cloud Prints is an internet-enabled printer. You can give a print to your office or home where the printer is situated irrespective of your location.

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In this blog, I have barely tried to explain to you even the basics. There is much more in Google Docs that you must have knowledge of. Stay tuned for the next article on Google Docs. Will be back with more such great article on Google Docs to boost your learning. The next article that I will be posting relating to Google Docs is Google Docs Add-on.

Hope you have liked our blog on Google Docs. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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