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Google Docs Add ons 【 20 Best Google Docs Add ons in 2020 】Docs

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20 Best Google Docs Add ons you should try in 2020-21


Google Docs Add Ons are the third-party plugins of Google Docs. Google Docs Add-Ons have a countless number of add-ons to choose from. What is Google Docs add-on? Google Docs add-on are the extensions that are added to Google Chrome which provide extra facilities to the basic Google Docs. Google Add-ons come in different categories including business, educations, social and more. Also, Google add-ons help you to translate text, build a resume, clip art and much more.

Google Docs does lack some features and for that reason, you might need to use Microsoft Word. However, it is gaining rapid popularity. However, to not jump between Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Google Docs Add-on has come to the rescue. Almost everyone uses Google Docs but they are not using it up to its full capacity if they are not using Google Docs Add ons.

There are more than 300 Google Add-ons that are in your rescue operations. Each add-on offers a special feature that is different from the built-in feature.

How to Install Google Docs Add ons

The steps to Install Google Docs Add ons are the same for every add–ons. Following are the steps you must follow:

Step 1: Click on Add-ons option above the Toolbar.
Step 2: Click on Get Add-ons
Step 3: In the search tab, search for the add-on you want to install
Step 4: Click on “+Free”
Step 5: Choose an account to continue the installation. In other words, grant the add-on access to the Google Account.
Step 6: Click on Allow.

With these 6 simple steps, you can install more 300+ Google Docs Add ons. These add-ons will help you to create a much better document online.


If you are using more than 1 Gmail account, you will need to install the add-ons for each different account separately. Check out Gmail Shortcuts.

Which are the Google Docs Add ons and how to use

Here is the top most Google Docs Add ons that help you the most. To get started with Google Docs you must be signed in to your Google Account. Use Google Docs add ons to create professional documents. The list below will help you to know more about the add-ons and how to install and use these add-ons.

Doc Builder

Doc Builder a Google Doc Add-on will create documents using the snippet and also save the custom Style. The ultimate function of Doc Builder is to insert the snippet. With Doc Builder, insert text insert images, and change the formatting of the old document directly into the new one.

Doc Builder - Docs Add ons

When you find yourself using certain text a repeated number of times you can use the Doc Builder Add-on and save your time. Through the sidebar, you can quickly navigate through the saved portion and insert it into the document. Doc builder not only saves times but also prevent you from committing costly errors.


Use the Style Google Doc Add-on from the available 20 default style. Styles will make your document look static. Each style consists of elements with a combination of font size, font, and color. Within a click, you can design your document.

Styles - Docs Add ons

Open the Style Sidebar, select a style and click on Apply to preview the document. The only drawback is that you cannot customize and save the document. You will need to apply the formatting to all the documents personally. You cannot save your styles.

Page Layot Tool

Page Layout tool, Google Docs Add-on will help you customize your page size. While printing the document you can use the Page Layout tool to print for different sizes of page. Need to print on A1, A2 or different non-standard page size, Page Layout Tool Google Docs Add-on is the best choice.

Page Layout Tool - Docs Add ons

Formatting it into different sizes might sometimes take a few moments but once it is done you will see the content the way you expected. While exporting the document in the PDF form, Page Layout Tool will retain the size of the page.

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Code Blocks

Code Blocks allows you to write code in Google Docs. This Google Docs Add-on will also help you to preview the code. Add this Google Docs add-on and share it with your colleagues to help them comment on the code.

Code Blocks - Docs Add ons

There is no option in Google Docs that will turn text into code. For that, you compulsorily need a Google Docs Add-on. Code Blocks add-on is easy to use. It supports languages like HTML, PHP, Python, and JavaScript and so on. Learn How to Install Python and Download the Python Cheat Sheet.

Docs Tool

Docs Tool - Add ons

Want to sort text in the list? Use the Google Docs Add on Doc tools. Doc Tools will help you to replace the number with letters and letters with numbers. Doc tools will add or remove the highlighting. Perform all actions in a click. From the available 13 icons, click on any one icon to act.

Text Cleaner

As the name says text cleaner. These Google Docs add ons will clean up the text and also format it. With the in-built clear formatting function, you can clean the formatting but it will clear up all the formatting in the document. However, Text Cleaner will only clear up the formatting of the specific area selected. It will also remove extra line breaks and spacing.

Text Cleaner Add ons

When you compel text from different sources into one document, the document or the file would be a mess. Now to clear the mess you would need Text Cleaner. When used in the right situation, Text Cleaner add-on is a time saver.

Table Formatter

In simple terms, Table formatter will help you to format the Table. Since Google Docs do not have sufficient options to format the table, there comes a need to opt for Google Docs Add-on Table formatter.

Table Formatter Add ons

With over 60 built-in designs you can create and customize your tables. Table formatter contains the first column design and alternating colors for each row.

Easy bib

Easy bib a Google Docs Add ons will add a quote to your documents. The easy bib is free to use but you must switch to a pro account that will offer plagiarism checks, grammar and punctuation suggestions and much more.

Easy bib Docs Add ons

Easy bib has over 2.7 million users. With Easy bib, people can quickly quote a book, journal article, etc. Over 7000+ citation styles are available.


Translate is used to translate the text of Google Docs into a different language. This Google Doc Add on supports 5 languages i.e. English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. To translate into more other language use the Translate + add-on. Directly add the translated text into your Google Docs document. Translate + is also free to use.

Translate Docs Add ons

The only limitation this add-on faces is that it works well in Chrome and Safari but crashes in Firefox. Learn the most used web browser shortcuts. Chrome Shortcuts, Safari Shortcuts, and Firefox Shortcuts.

Doc secrets add-on will help you to protect the document. You can add a password to the document to hide or protect it from falling into the hands of others. This Add-on is not recommended to be used for financial information as they are not that protective. Your collaborators must have Doc Secrets installed and also have your password to read the document or else they will just see the colored lines or dashes.

Doc Secrets - Docs Add ons

Open the sidebar, in the Insert field type the text you want to keep secret to hide it from the start. Want an application that will prevent your documents from sharing with the rest of the world? The Doc Secrets Google Docs add-on will help.

Note: On clicking on Censor, it doesn’t hide text in the document history. It makes it less private.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha uses the vast available database and algorithms to analyze and generate reports. This add on is used while we want to add content into the document. Or in other words when we want to pull out some information on the desired topic. With this add-on, you will search in the Google docs itself rather than searching in the web browser.

Wolfram Alpha - Docs Add ons

The use of Wolfram Alpha is easy. Type the exact phrase in Wolfram Alpha Google Docs add on that you would have used in the Google. You will get the correct answer. This add-on is used when we want to fill in the data. Use the Google docs add on Wolfram Alpha to Solve your mathematical problem as well.


Turn your document into a mind map image with the help of MindMeister, a Google Docs Add ons. MindMeister works well when you have information in the bullet form. Once you have gathered all the information that is required to build a mind map, only then you can use the MindMeister Add-on.

MindMeister Docs Add ons

Select the outline and click on Insert Mind Map in the MindMeister menu. Within seconds you will get an image of the mind map. And automatically get inserted into the document.

Lucid chart Diagrams

Add charts, flowcharts, and graphics into your document with the help of Google Docs Add ons Lucid Chart Diagram. You may find a lucid chart diagram a bit difficult at first. Even though you have Lucid Chart Diagram add-on installed you still need to work outside the Google Docs for a better picture.

Lucid chart Diagrams - Docs Add ons

Along with graphics and flowcharts make use of Lucid Chart Diagram and generate a Decision tree as well. Venn diagram, wireframes, and many other diagrams can also be created using Lucid Chart Diagram add-on.

Note: Lucid chart is free up to 25 MB but then you need to pay monthly for a basic plan which will give your 100 MB storage.

Yob Graph Editor

Yob Graph Editor - Docs Add ons

Want to insert equations, formulas and graphs into the Google Docs you must install the Yob Graph Editor Google Add-on. There are some inbuilt charts and graphs installed in Google Docs but this add-on expands the functionality. With Yob Graph Editor you can zoom in and out of the graph from the sidebar to get the final image you want.

Flat Music Notation

Flat Music Notation - Docs Add ons

Did you know you can create music in Google Docs? Don’t be shocked yes with Flat Music Notation which is a Google Docs Add ons will create music in Google Docs. You can not only create a small piece of music but also listen, add up the notes from the pop-ups. You can edit it accordingly and then put your music notation into the composition.


Pull out the statistics and analytics directly into Google Docs with the help of Supermetrics another Google docs Add ons. On connecting your Google Analytics or other application you can enter your data in just a few seconds into your Google Docs. It is convenient to analyze and build charts in Google sheet than in Google Docs. Learn Everything about Google sheet.

Supermetrics - Docs Add ons

Note: Supermetrics is free up to 100 Google Analytics queries per day. After 100 queries you need to opt for Supermetrics Pro monthly plan.

Hello Sign

Digitally sign your documents using the Hello Sign. The Hello Sign Google Doc add ons will help you to add your signature to the documents. You need to sign the important documents so this will be very much handy for you. It is free of cost. You can use the new sign for every document or use the previously saved one as well.

Hello Sign - Docs Add ons

Hello Sign is not only best for your signature but also for getting signature from others. Send your documents to others from Google and request them to sign it using the Hello Sign Google Docs add on. Hello Sign did eliminate the need to first print the document, then sign it and the again scan and upload it.

Note: There is a limitation for using the free Hello Sign add-on as it allows you to sign documents only 3 times in a month. To sign unlimited documents you need to pay $15 a month.

Mail Merge Contact

I consider this function as the most helpful one for me. You might have seen how to mail merge works in Microsoft Word. But the same facility is not available in Google Docs. Hence, add-ons save us. With the Mail merge, you can create templates and customize your set of documents to be mailed.

Mail Merge Contact - Docs Add ons

Simply send the mail or documents using Google Docs. Fill in the contact you want to send the mail, then fill your documents with variables and then finally either click on Merge to Emails to send mail or Merge to letters to create personalized documents.

Image Extractor

Directly download the image into your document using Image Extractor. Rather than going through the long procedure of downloading the HTML document then find the Zip file. The Image Extractor add-on will cut short your task. Run the Add-on, Click on the image > Click Download Image. It will save a copy of the image into the document.

Image Extractor - Docs Add ons

Note: The free version of Image Extractor add-on will only save 2 images. Opt for a $ 6-lifetime license to enjoying working without restriction.

Avery Label Merge

Avery Label Merge - Docs Add ons

Avery Label Merge will create labels and badges from Google Docs. This add-on takes a few more steps to function when compared with other Google Docs add ons. With Avery Label Merge add-on easily imports data from Google sheets. Avery Label Merge is now retired and people use Avery Design and Print Online instead.

Hello Fax

Don’t have a fax machine to fax documents? Don’t you worry, with Hello Fax you might not be able to use it in full flow but will still try to meet demands at crucial times? The fastest way to fax your Google Docs document or receive the documents is to use the Hello Fax add-on. Simply draft your document sign it through Hello Sign, enter the fax number, name of the recipient and click on Send.

Hello Fax - Docs Add ons

The first 10 Fax is free and any other cost $9.99 per month to send or receive a fax. With the help of Hello Fax add-on, you can send or receive fax to over 70 countries.

Auto Latex Equation

Auto Latex Equation, a Google docs add-on will let you convert every mathematical equation in the document into a beautiful image. The image quality is also of high standards. Enclose your math equation $$…$$ and click the button in the sidebar.

Auto Latex Equation - Docs Add ons

This add-on will convert multiple equations at the same time. You can also change the equations after it is rendered by using the De-render Equation button. Also, change the color and font size of the equation and much more with Auto Latex Equation.

Magic Link

Magic Link - Docs Add ons

Magic link will let you link to other documents in your Google Drive in a fast way. You don’t have to bother to open another tab > go to drive > copy and then paste the link. Magic link, a Google Doc Add-on is perfect for file sharing, setting up agendas and creating your interlinking. Magic Link add-on too is 100% free.

Steps to Remove an Add-ons

You already did see and learn how to install Google Docs add ons. Now after your add on work is completed. And you need to remove the add-on which is no longer required or needed by you. Steps to remove an add-on are as follows:

Step 1: Click on Add-ons Option above the toolbar.
Step 2: In the drop-down, click on Manage add-ons
Step 3: In the pop-up window, search for the Add-on you want to remove
Step 4: Click on the Green Manage button
Step 5: From the drop-down click on Remove.

The selected add-on is removed from the list and now you will see Blue color +Free Button. There is no restriction on the number of times to add or remove the Google Docs Add-on from your Gmail Account.


You no longer need to use Microsoft Word to create attractive and professional documents and then post it online for your colleagues. Learn the time-saving Microsoft Word Shortcuts as well as Google Docs Shortcuts. Also, all these Google Docs Add-ons make Google Docs go-to word processor.

Hope you have liked our blog on Google Docs Add ons. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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