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The 30 Best Gmail Shortcuts for 2020


Learn Gmail Shortcuts. Do you know an average employee spend 2.6 hours of the day reading emails and answering the emails? It is almost 1/4th of the time an employee spends in the office. Well, a natural thought that strikes our mind is how can we reduce the number of time spent on just to read and answer the emails. The most convenient answer is to learn the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

List of Gmail Shortcuts

Below are the various shortcuts which Gmail users can use so that they speed up their work naturally. Gmail has shortcuts for almost every task in it. There are various shortcuts that will help you to mark emails in seconds, there are shortcuts that decrease the read and the response time as well, shortcuts to write and edit the email faster, navigate main Gmail Window, and many more. Click here to creating your Gmail account.

Well, you won’t be able to use the Gmail unless an Internet connection but you can download these and try to memorize it. Download the Gmail keyboard shortcuts here.


Application Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Compose in a tabD
Search mail/
Search chat contactsQ
Open more actions menu.
Open move to menuV
Open label as menuL
Open keyboard shortcut helpShift + ?

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Jumping Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to inboxG then I
Go to starred conversationsG then S
Go to sent messagesG then T
Go to draftsG then D
Go to all mailG then A
Go to contactsG then C
Go to labelG then L
Go to tasksG then K

Threadlist Selection

ActionShortcut Keys
Select all conversations* then a
Deselect all conversations* then n
Select read conversations* then r
Select unread conversations* then u
Select starred conversations* then s
Unselect starred conversations* then t

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Formatting Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Previous fontCtrl + Shift + 5
Next fontCtrl + Shift + 6
Decrease text sizeCtrl + Shift + –
Increase text sizeCtrl + Shift + +
BoldCtrl + B
ItalicsCtrl + I
UnderlineCtrl + U
Numbered listCtrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted listCtrl + Shift + 8
QuoteCtrl + Shift + 9
Indent lessCtrl + [
Indent moreCtrl + ]
Align leftCtrl + Shift + L
Align centerCtrl + Shift + E
Align rightCtrl + Shift + R
Remove formattingCtrl +

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All the above shortcuts will definitely help you to spend a little less time on the mailing work. As it is always said “Time saved is Money earned” so learning these shortcuts will definitely help you to earn a good amount of money.

Other than Gmail, most people also use Microsoft Outlook as the emailing software. But there is no comparison between the Gmail users and Outlook Users. To all those people who use Microsoft Outlook as the mailing software, you can have a look at the Outlook shortcuts. and Check out Best 50 Yahoo Mail Shortcuts.

Hope you have liked our blog on Gmail Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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