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Excel Shortcut Keys 【 Excel Shortcuts PDF 】 Excel Shortcuts

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500+ Excel Shortcut Keys – MS Excel Shortcuts PDF


Did you know there are more than 500+ Excel Shortcut keys PDF? Well, if you don’t believe check out the Ms Excel Shortcut keys PDF 2020 & 2021 list below. The one which is very much familiar with Microsoft Excel will be surprised by the number of shortcuts and tricks Excel provides.

These Excel Shortcut keys PDF and tricks will speed up the work and make things convenient for you. I can guarantee you that it’s worth the time utilized to learn these Shortcut keys of ms excel. Many users do not understand the importance of Excel Shortcuts unless and until they use it. The excel shortcuts pdf 2020 & 2021 is a free download for you! 
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What is Ms Excel Shortcuts PDF?

Ms Excel Shortcuts PDF 2020 & 2021 is a list of shortcut keys that you can use while working on any excel sheet. In this PDF you will get all the shortcuts that are available in MS Excel. You can refer to the ms excel shortcuts key pdf 2020 & 2021 and become a PRO in MS EXCEL.
Your efficiency can just double up with this excel shortcuts keys pdf free download, so go through it now & start using it to be more productive.
Click below to download 500 shortcut keys in computer pdf which will help do your work quickly & with efficiency.

Table of Contents

Top 20 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts keys you Should know

There are no Microsoft Excel users who would dislike these Excel Shortcut keys. They are the most amazing thing that will happen when you have learned them fully, Check out Top 20 Shortcut keys in Excel.

General Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Open OptionsAlt, F, T
Open helpF1
Undo last actionCtrl + Z
Redo last actionCtrl + Y
Copy selected cellsCtrl + C
Repeat last actionF4
Cut selected cellsCtrl + X
Paste content from clipboardCtrl + V
Paste Special dialog boxCtrl + Alt + V
Find and ReplaceCtrl + F
Find and Replace,Replace selectedCtrl + H
Find previous matchCtrl + Shift + F4
Find next matchShift+ F4
Create embedded chartAlt + F1
Create chart in new worksheetF11

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File Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Create new WorkbookCtrl + N
Open workbookCtrl + O
Save workbookCtrl + S
Save asF12
Print fileCtrl + P
Open print preview windowCtrl + F2
Close current workbookCtrl + F4
Close ExcelAlt + F4

Ribbon Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Expand or collapse ribbonCtrl + F1
Activate access keysAlt
Move to next ribbon controlTab
Activate or open selected controlSpace
Confirm control changeEnter
Get help on selected controlF1

Tables and Data Forms Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts PDF
Insert tableCtrl + T
Select table rowShift + Space
Select table columnCtrl + Space
Select tableCtrl + A
Toggle table total rowCtrl + Shift + T
Move to the next field which can be editedTab
Move to the previous field which can be editedShift + Tab
Move to the first field in the next recordEnter
Move to the first field in the previous recordShift + Enter
Move to the same field 10 records forwardPage Down
Move to the same field 10 records backPage Up
Move to a new recordCtrl + Page Down
Move to a first recordCtrl + Page Up
Move to the beginning of a fieldHome
Move to the end of a fieldEnd

Excel Filters Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Activate filterAlt + ↓
Toggle AutofilterCtrl + Shift + L
Clear slicer filterAlt + C
Select the next item in the AutoFilter list
Select the previous item in the AutoFilter list
Close the AutoFilter list for the current columnAlt + ↑
Select the first item in the AutoFilter listHome
Select the last item in the AutoFilter listEnd

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Drag and Drop Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Activate filterAlt + ↓
Drag and cutDrag
Drag and CopyCtrl + Drag
Drag and insertShift + Drag
Drag and insert copyCtrl + Shift + Drag
Drag to worksheetAlt + Drag
Drag to duplicate worksheetCtrl + Drag

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Move one screen rightAlt + Page Down
Move one screen leftAlt + Page Up
Move one screen upPage Up
Move one screen downPage Down
Move to right edge of data regionCtrl + →
Move to left edge of data regionCtrl + ←
Move to top edge of data regionCtrl + ↑
Move to bottom edge of data regionCtrl + ↓
Move to beginning of rowHome
Move to last cell in worksheetCtrl + End
Move to first cell in worksheetCtrl + Home
Turn End Mode onEnd
Go back to hyperlinkCtrl + G + Enter

Active Cell Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Select active cell onlyShift + Backspace
Show the active cell on worksheetCtrl + Backspace
Move active cell clockwise in selectionCtrl + .
Move active cell down in selectionEnter
Move active cell up in selectionShift + Enter
Move active cell right in a selectionTab
Move active cell left in a selectionShift + Tab

Excel Selection Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Select entire rowShift + Space
Select entire columnCtrl + Space
Select entire worksheetCtrl + A
Add adjacent cells to selectionShift + Click
Add non-adjacent cells to selectionCtrl + Click
Move right between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl + Alt + →
Move left between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl + Alt + ←
Toggle add to selection modeShift + F8
Cancel selectionEsc

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Extend Selection – Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Extend selection by one cell rightShift + →
Extend selection by one cell leftShift + ←
Extend selection by one cell upShift + ↑
Extend selection by one cell downShift + ↓
Extend the selection to the last cell rightCtrl + Shift + →
Extend the selection to the last cell leftCtrl + Shift + ←
Extend the selection to the last cell upCtrl + Shift + ↑
Extend the selection to the last cell downCtrl + Shift + ↓
Extend selection up one screenShift + Page Up
Extend selection down one screenShift + Page Down
Extend selection right one screenAlt + Shift + Page Down
Extend selection left one screenAlt + Shift + Page Up
Extend selection to start of rowShift + Home
Extend selection to first cell in worksheetCtrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to last cell in worksheetCtrl + Shift + End
Toggle extend selection modeF8

Select Special – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Display Go To dialog boxCtrl + G
Select cells with commentsCtrl + Shift + O
Select current region around active cellCtrl + Shift + *
Select current regionCtrl + A
Select current arrayCtrl + /
Select row differencesCtrl +
Select column differenceCtrl + Shift + |
Select direct precedentsCtrl + [
Select all precedentsCtrl + Shift + {
Select direct dependentsCtrl + ]
Select all dependentsCtrl + Shift + }
Select visible cells onlyAlt + ;

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Shortcuts for Entering Data

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Enter and move downEnter
Enter and move upShift + Enter
Enter and move rightTab
Enter and move leftShift + Tab
Complete entry and stay in same cellCtrl + Enter
Enter same data in multiple cellsCtrl + Enter
Insert current dateCtrl + ;
Insert current timeCtrl + Shift + :
Fill down from cell aboveCtrl + D
Fill right from cell leftCtrl + R
Copy formula from cell aboveCtrl + ‘
Copy value from cell aboveCtrl + Shift + “
Add hyperlinkCtrl + K
Display AutoComplete listAlt + ↓
Flash FillCtrl + E

Cell Edit Mode – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Edit the active cellF2
Insert or edit commentShift + F2
Cancel entryEsc
Select one character rightShift + →
Select one character leftShift + ←
Move one word rightCtrl + →
Move one word leftCtrl + ←
Select one word rightCtrl + Shift + →
Select one word leftCtrl + Shift + ←
Select to beginning of cellShift + Home
Select to end of cellShift + End
Delete to end of lineCtrl + Delete
Delete character to the left of cursorBackspace
Delete character to the right of cursorDelete
Start a new line in the same cellAlt + Enter

Formatting – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts PDF
Format anythingCtrl + 1
Display Format cells with font tab selectedCtrl + Shift + F
Apply or remove bold formattingCtrl + B
Apply or remove italic formattingCtrl + I
Apply or Remove underscoringCtrl + U
Apply or remove strike-through formattingCtrl + 5
Align centerAlt, H, A, C
Align leftAlt, H, A, L
Align rightAlt, H, A, R
IndentAlt, H, 6
Remove indentAlt, H, 5
Increase font size one stepAlt, H, FG
Decrease font size one stepAlt, H, FK

Number Formatting Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcut keys
Apply general formatCtrl + Shift + ~
Apply currency formatCtrl + Shift + $
Apply percentage formatCtrl + Shift + %
Apply scientific formatCtrl + Shift + ^
Apply date formatCtrl + Shift + #
Apply time formatCtrl + Shift + @
Apply number formatCtrl + Shift + !

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Cell Borders – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcut keys
Add border outlineCtrl + Shift + &
Add or remove border rightAlt, H, B, R
Add or remove border leftAlt, H, B, L
Add or remove border topAlt, H, B, T
Add or remove border bottomAlt, H, B, B
Add or remove border upward diagonalAlt, H, B, D
Add or remove border horizontal interiorAlt, H, B, H
Add or remove border vertical interiorAlt, H, B, V
Remove bordersCtrl + Shift + _

Formulas Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcut keys
Toggle absolute and relative referencesF4
Open the Insert function dialog boxShift + F3
Autosum selected cellsAlt + =
Toggle formulas on and offCtrl + ‘
Insert function argumentsCtrl + Shift + A
Enter array formulaCtrl + Shift + Enter
Calculate worksheetsF9
Calculate active worksheetShift + F9
Force calculate all worksheetsCtrl + Alt + F9
Evaluate part of a formulaF9
Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl + Shift + U
Display function arguments dialog boxCtrl + A
Define nameCtrl + F3
Define name using row and column labelsCtrl + Shift + F3
Paste name into formulaF3
Accept function with autocompleteTab

Grid Operations – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcut keys
Display Insert dialog boxCtrl + Shift + +
Insert rowsCtrl + Shift + +
Insert columnsCtrl + Shift + +
Display Delete dialog boxCtrl + –
Delete rowsCtrl + –
Delete columnsCtrl + –
Delete cellsCtrl + –
Delete contents of selected cellsDelete
Hide columnsCtrl + 0
Hide rowsCtrl + 9
Unhide rowsCtrl + Shift + 9
Unhide columnsCtrl + Shift + 0
Group rows or columnsAlt + Shift + →
Ungroup rows or columnsAlt + Shift + ←
Open group dialog boxAlt + Shift + →
Open Ungroup dialog boxAlt + Shift + ←
Hide or show outline symbolsCtrl + 8
Zoom inCtrl + Alt + +
Zoom outCtrl + Alt + –

Workbook – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Insert new worksheetShift + F11
Go to next worksheetCtrl + Page Down
Go to previous worksheetCtrl + Page Up
Move to next paneF6
Move to previous paneShift + F6
Go to next workbookCtrl + Tab
Go to previous workbookCtrl + Shift + Tab
Minimize current workbook windowCtrl + F9
Maximize current workbook windowCtrl + F10
Select adjacent worksheetsShift + Click
Select non-adjacent worksheetsCtrl + Click
Toggle scroll lockScr Lk
Toggle full screenCtrl + Shift + F1

Pivot Tables – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcut keys
Select entire pivot tablesCtrl + A
Toggle pivot table field checkboxSpace
Group pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + →
Ungroup pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + ←
Hide pivot table itemCtrl + –
Create pivot chart on same worksheetAlt + F1
Create pivot chart on new worksheetF11
Open pivot table wizardAlt, D, P

Dialog Boxes – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Move to next controlTab
Move to previous controlShift + Tab
Move to next tabCtrl + Tab
Move to previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab
Accept and applyEnter
Check and uncheck boxSpace
Cancel and close the dialog boxEsc

Other – Excel Shortcuts

ActionExcel Shortcuts
Open spelling dialog boxF7
Open Thesaurus dialog boxShift + F7
Open Macro dialog boxAlt + F8
Open VBA EditorAlt + F11
Duplicate objectCtrl + D
Snap to gridAlt
Hide or show objectsCtrl + 6
Display modify cell style dialog boxAlt + ‘
Display right click menuShift + F10
Delete commentShift + F10, D
Display control menuAlt + Space

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All the above ms excel shortcut keys will benefit after you have got a grip or control of it. Excel Shortcuts PDF will make every action of your short. Hence learning this Excel Shortcut keys in 2021 is a must as it will help you to ease your task, cut down extra efforts, land you more time in prioritizing your work.

Hope you have liked our blog on MS Excel Shortcuts Keys PDF 2020 & 2021. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity & Efficiency to Next Level!

Yes, you can insert time in excel by shortcut. 
To insert time press Press Ctrl + Shift + ; (semicolon) in the cell you want the current time.

Yes, you can insert date in excel by shortcut. 
To insert date press Press Ctrl + ; (semicolon) in the cell you want the current date.

The shortcut to add a new worksheet to current workbook is Shift + F11.

The shortcut to recalculate excel formulas in worksheet is Shift + F9

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