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Download eBook on Excel Interview Questions. Since every business firm, large or small work with Excel to analyze their business trend. It has become famous for the interviewee to have a strong command of it. On being a part of many interview panels, I have seen candidates being asked questions related to Excel.

List of Excel Interview Questions with Answers

Boost your career by going through this Excel Interview Questions and Answer and crack your interview with confidence. If you are busy preparing for your next interview and want to test your skills before that, well, here is the list of Excel Interview Questions and Answers being asked by the interviewer.

This Excel Interview Questions and Answers PDF covers almost all the popular questions related to Excel and which can be asked in your interview. Below are 100 nerve-wracking Excel Interview Questions and Answers for both interviewer and the interviewee.

Get 100 Excel Interview Questions and Answer eBook

1. What is Microsoft Excel, according to you?

Microsoft Excel is a software application that allows users to operate, calculate, organize, and save data. Users can manipulate the data using formulas and functions within a spreadsheet containing rows and columns.

It also provides you with add-ons and external databases that do analysis, generate reports, creates dashboards, etc.

2. How can you reduce the file size in Excel?

You can reduce the file size by deleting the empty rows and columns from the sheet. You can do it easily by following the below steps:

    • Go to the last cell that contains data on the sheet. Delete all empty rows and columns after this cell
    • To delete the blank rows, press the Shift + Space key then press Ctrl + Shift + Down key to select all the empty rows till last.
    • Press Ctrl + – on the keyboard to remove all the selected empty rows
    • Similarly to delete the empty columns, press the keys Ctrl + Space then press Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow key to select all the blank columns
    • Columns will get selected until the last one
    • Press Ctrl + – key to delete all the empty columns. Learn more Excel Shortcuts for win & mac.

3. What is Ribbon in Excel?

The first area of the spreadsheet application is addressed as a Ribbon. It consists of menu items and toolbars to manipulate data in MS-Excel.

Excel Ribbon

It can be displayed or hidden using the Ctrl + F1 key. The Ribbon is located in the first area of the application. It has different tabs on it, and each tab has its group of commands.

4. How to wrap the text within a cell?

To wrap the text within a cell, you need to select the text that you want to wrap, and then click on the wrap text option from the home tab.

5. How can you prevent someone from copying the data from your worksheet?

To secure the worksheet from getting copied, you should go into the Menu bar > Review > Protect Sheet > Password. By setting a password to your spreadsheet, you can prevent anyone from copying your data.

6. List the different workbook protection types in Excel?

There are three different spreadsheet protection types in Excel:

    • Password protection for opening a workbook
    • Protection from adding, deleting, hiding and unhiding sheets
    • Protection from changing the size or position of windows

7. What should you do if you don’t want to change the cell addresses when they are copied?

If you do not wish to Excel to modify the addresses when you copy formulas, you must make use of Absolute Cell Addresses. When you use Absolute Cell References, the row and the column addresses do not get modified but remain the same.

8. Explain the Print Area in Excel and the ways to set it.

A print area is a range or area of cells that you wish to print whenever you print that spreadsheet. In other words, if you only want to print the first 10 rows instead of printing the entire worksheet, you can set the first 10 rows as the print area. To set the Print Area in Excel:

    • Drag the cursor to select the cells that you want to print
    • Click on the Page Layout tab
    • Click on Print Area
    • Click on Set Print Area

9. What do you understand by Flash Fill?

Flash Fill is an add-on tool that was added in Excel 2013 and is available in all versions after that. Flash Fill is used in Excel to make data entry easy. Flash Fill can be used to get the first name from the full name, get name initials, format phone numbers, etc.

It’s a smart tool that tries to predict data based on your data entry and does that automatically for you. It has excellent use in organizations, and therefore, it is an essential topic for Excel interview questions.

10. How can you create a hyperlink in Excel?

To create a hyperlink, select the cell in which you want the hyperlink and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K. This will open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box where you have to insert the URL. You can also get the hyperlink option by right-clicking on the cell.

11. Name some of the data formats that are available in Excel.

There are a total of eleven data formats available in Microsoft Excel for data Storage.

    • Number – It stores data in a number format
    • Currency – It stores data in the form of currency
    • Date – It stores data in the form of date
    • Percentage – It stores numbers in a percentage format
    • Text Formats – Data is stored as a string of texts

12. Can you name the report formats available in Excel?

There are three report formats available in Excel. They are Report, Compact, and Tabular.

13. Do you know how to apply a single format to all the sheets present in a workbook?

We can apply the same format to all the sheets of a workbook, by following some of these steps:

    • Right-click on any one of the sheets from the workbook
    • Click on the Select All Sheets option
    • Format any one sheet, and you will find that the format has been applied to all the other sheets as well

14. When do you need to add comments to a cell, and how will you add it?

Comments are required for:

    • Clarifying the purpose of the cells
    • Defining a formula used in the cell
    • Leaving notes for other users about a cell

To add a comment, you need to right-click on the cell and choose the insert comment option from the cell menu. Then you can type your comment in the comment area provided.

A red triangle at the top right-hand corner of a cell ensures that a comment is linked to that particular cell. To remove a comment from a cell, again right-click the cell and then click on the delete comment option from the cell menu.

15. What are the methods to resize the column?

There are two different methods to resize a column.

    • In the first method, you need to change the width of one column, and then drag the boundary to the right side until the size that you want has reached.
    • The second method to resize the column is to select the Format option from the home tab where you need to click on the AUTOFIT COLUMN WIDTH option. Once you click on it, the selected cell will get formatted.

Get 100 Excel Interview Questions and Answer eBook

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Advice for all Job Seekers: Prepare yourself with these Excel-related interview questions and answers and crack the Excel interview.

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