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Top 10 Microsoft Excel Alternatives – FREE Excel Alternatives


Top 10 Free Excel Alternatives. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widespread programs in the world with a large number of users. Excel helps to create charts, reports, tables, recognizing trends, positioning data, many more. Even though it has some brilliant functions for enhancing productivity, it has some disadvantages.

10 Use-Friendly Microsoft Excel Alternatives

This program is a bit costly and you cannot use it with all the platforms. Additionally, it doesn’t have consistent features of association and sync. It also lacks a lot of options for customization. There are a lot of other Excel alternatives available in the market both free and paid. They can act as a good replacement to Microsoft Excel in different circumstances.

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These tools consist of unique features, both online and offline options. Below is the list of Top 10 Microsoft Excel Alternatives that are FREE and also cheaper but with greater benefits. Check out the Microsoft Excel Shortcuts. You can also download the Excel Shortcut keys PDF.

Google Sheets – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Having a Gmail account will provide you with access to Google Sheets. Google Sheets is an equal participant to Excel in both features and layout. Additionally, it has a few benefits that lack in Excel. Google Sheets is a browser-based worksheet tool with a large number of features.

Do you want to know more about the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts? Gmail Keyboard shortcuts will help you to ease accessing the Gmail account.

Apart from what Excel offers, Google Sheets helps with great association tools, Cloud Storage and saving information in real-time. Google Sheets are more helpful and convenient if you use Google Sheet Shortcuts. Here is the Google Sheet Shortcuts PDF.

There are various Benefits of including Google Sheets in your routine such as:

  • The first and most significant advantage of Google sheets is that there is no need to buy any software licenses or pay any fees for subscription, or hire an IT consultant to organize, install, or sustain it.
  • Sharing of files with Google Sheets is an easy task, and all the users will be able to work on the same spreadsheet. This tool allows you to interact with a collaborator or either chat live within a worksheet or leave a remark for assessment.
  • Due to its features of editing, viewing, and sharing files by users anytime utilizing any device, Google Sheets help its users in avoiding issues of communication or version-control among collaborators and groups.
  • The import of information becomes easy with Google Sheets as it pulls in information from other services of Google, or straight from the web.
  • Using Java-based Google Apps Scripts and easy connection to APIs made the script running very simple with this tool.
  • This tool also shows you the file editing last performed by any user with the name of the user who has edited it.
  • Google Sheets allows its users to open files of Excel, and change them to Google Sheets, and vice versa.

Tip of the day:

Use the Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL + N, to create a new spreadsheet. Check out the complete list of Google Sheet Shortcuts.

Apache OpenOffice – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Apache OpenOffice is a free tool for data analysis, which is famous among corporations. It is an all-inclusive tool and considered as a top-most alternative to Excel whenever there is a need for managing small sets of data. A large number of computers already have this software of OpenOffice installed. After you are done downloading this software, there is no need for an internet connection to use further. Click here to download an OpenOffice.

The benefits of utilizing this software in place of Excel are:

  • You can change this software to meet your requirements. Calc is the Excel alternative which is an open source program. This implies that you can make alterations to the program to meet the needs of your business.
  • You can download this software and work offline on it. It means that once you download it you can work anytime and anywhere you want.
  • All the data of Calc is to store in an international open standard format to perform analysis of data. This software runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.
  • You can also read and write files from other common office software packages as well. Read more

Tip of the day:

Looking to make use of Apache OpenOffice simple to use with its shortcut. Download the Apache OpenOffice shortcuts HERE.

Zoho Sheet – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Zoho is a bunch full of applications that act as a great alternative for small and medium-sized businesses. The look and functionalities of the tool are like those of Microsoft Excel, but you can get a much smoother experience with this software. Zoho Sheet allows its users to open files on their desktops or laptops.

Additionally, it allows you to import sheets using URLs, switch between different formats of files like .xlsx, .csv, .xls, and .ods which can collaborate with other users in real-time, and stay linked to work from mobile devices.

Zoho Sheet is very beneficial for everyone in several ways like:

  • This software provides you with functions to simplify formulas and filters which help analyze data. The analytic assistant helps in removing duplicate values, correcting inconsistencies of data, and fill random values missing in your data.
  • This software helps you in collaboration if you have an internet connection. You can edit single or many worksheets with teammates anytime, anywhere as it is all in the Cloud. Read more

Tip of the day:

Learning Zoho Sheet shortcuts will also help you to increase productivity. Download the Zoho Sheets shortcuts HERE.

LibreOffice – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

LibreOffice is a free and open-source software based in similar source code as OpenOffice. But, it has revised a lot and offers different applications. This software has incredible compatibility with documents.

There are features like pivot table, text to columns available in LibreOffice like Excel but lacks in-depth formatting. This software is a great option for personal use but not for a comprehensive analysis of the business.

This software has some unique features like a Portable version, multi-platform support, different macros language, extensions and import formats of graphics. The clients having desktops can work offline using this software. Read more

Tip of the day:

Have a look at the LibreOffice Shortcut keys and also download Libre Office Shortcut to make usage of Libre Office easy and flexible. 

ThinkFree Office – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

ThinkFree is a collection of the web-based word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet software that resembles G-suite. There are three primary features: write, show, and Calc offered by this software that is compatible with office programs. 

The alternative of Excel, Calc allows you to create spreadsheets and presentations. It also provides free online storage of about 1 GB. Like Google Sheets, this software allows you to collaborate with colleagues.

At the most, it allows to edit and view the documents on your mobile device, even if you are not using your desktop or laptop. There is no need for installation for this tool. Read more

Tip of the day:

The relief these primary features is almost the same compared with ThinkFree Online Shortcuts. Download the ThinkFree Shortcuts HERE

Excel Online – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Microsoft Excel Online has a large number of free online applications, accessible to anyone who has a Microsoft account. A cut down version of their offline equal is also offered by this software.

This software allows users to accumulate their documents in the Cloud. And they can share these documents with teammates when they want. Excel online is the free alternative to excel if you work with small amounts of information and want to link it.

The key feature of this software is that it works exactly like desktop Excel, you can save in real-time and sync to OneDrive. This collaboration tool is free and reliable. Read more

Tip of the day:

Some of the shortcuts of MS Excel and Excel Online are the same. But they do differ. Download and learn the Excel Online Shortcuts and enjoy working with Excel Online. 

Numbers for Mac – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Every Mac user has this software that comes along with Mac Number for Mac is the version of Microsoft’s Excel. There are a lot of benefits of using Numbers: it provides high-quality analysis of data and functions for reporting, lots of visual tools.

This program has some in-built templates, active donut charts, tables, and a library that have more than six hundred shapes. These shapes can turn your information into presentation-ready illustrations.

Access it from any device of apple as it has iOS software and that makes it usable from anywhere and anytime. Approximately twenty people can edit a document using this software at the same time using the collaboration tool. 

This software is best for both beginners and power users due to its built-in prototypes and capability to do what you like. When start a document using this tool, it will show a plain paper instead of the number of grids like Excel. This will help you in creating a unique document. Read more

Tip of the day:

Looking for Microsoft Excel shortcuts for Mac and you must check out the Number for Mac shortcuts. Download the shortcuts NOW!

WPS Office – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

WPS Office can perform various applications like conditional formatting, pivot tables, graphics, and other data visualization tools. PlanMaker acts as an alternative to WPS Office’s Excel. PlanMaker uses the same features that allow users to create presentations.

The programs of WPS Office software are compatible with file formats of Microsoft Office. Thus, when you use Microsoft Office, this alternative makes it easy for you to transfer to any Microsoft product.

The tools of WPS Office are clean and spontaneous, and they’re also fast in implementation even with condensed data.

But, if there is a need for saving files as .doc or .ppt or .xlsx, you must buy a paid plan. The load time is also fast in this software, even with dense data and has three hundred and fifty calculation functions to explore. Read more

Tip of the day:

WPS Office shortcuts work faster even with more condensed data. Check out the WPS Office Shortcuts and implement them in your work life.

BIRT Spreadsheet – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

BIRT spreadsheet is known as Actuate e. Spreadsheet. You can download this application. It is a strong companion when you need to organize and centralize the production, archiving, maintenance, and security of the spreadsheet.

There is a free BIRT Spreadsheet Designer with the BIRT bundle which is an easy-to-use report writer. This spreadsheet is used for the creation of authentic Excel files and reports that keep formulas, live charts formatting, and data connections.

Analysis of the data is made easy with the use of BIRT Spreadsheet, Excel Alternatives. With unique features that include live formulas, hyperlinks, pivot tables, and data-driven layouts. Read more

Quip Spreadsheet – Microsoft Excel Alternatives

Quip is a great tool to choose when your team collaborates on budgeting or reporting of data. It allows your colleagues to function and arrange spreadsheets together. With the use of Quip, you can collaborate data with your team members.

It enables users to become more competent in performing tasks. Tasks such as taking notes, organizing task lists, sharing grocery lists, editing docs with their office co-workers, and collaborate with any group or team on ventures.

You can perform real-time chat and the functionality of messaging with the use of Quip. Emailing will become an obsolete method of internal communication when you start using this software within the organization.

There are over four hundred functions that users find attractive and make this spreadsheet a full-featured spreadsheet that is customizable. Hence, users enjoy editing the documents and other data from any device with the use of this software.

It is simple to operate all chats, task lists, docs, and spreadsheets through Android and iOS mobile devices and computers. You can also preview variations, remarks, and explanations to your docs and spreadsheets with the use of smartphones and tablets.

You can also import your documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Box, Google Docs, and more. Also, you can export documents to Microsoft Office and PDF. Read more

Tip of the day:

Quip Shortcuts will you out even further and make your quip usage easy. Download the QUIP shortcuts PDF here.

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All the above alternatives may not be as good as Excel itself, but there are many unique features offered by these tools that Excel lacks. Most of these alternatives explained above are also free, which is one of the top drawbacks when it comes to Excel. You can try any of the alternatives for your personal or professional use as all these are great options to select.

Hope you have liked our blog on Top 10 FREE Microsoft Excel Alternatives. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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