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100+ Dynamics AX Shortcuts – Dynamics AX 2012


The Dynamics AX shortcuts keys let users to quickly do a certain task without touching the mouse. This little nugget of knowledge can support your business efficiency, save your time. Time Saved is money earned so now you got to figure out where you could spend this precious time that you saved by learning Dynamics AX shortcuts.

List of Dynamics AX Shortcuts

All these below shortcuts are used to zip through your daily tasks quicker. If you do not know these shortcuts you are going to spend more time getting simple changes done. Check out the downloadable list of Dynamics AX shortcuts in PDF form.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Close the windowAlt + F4
PrintCtrl + P
Search for wordsCtrl + F
Display the default help topicAlt + Home
CopyCtrl + C
Display the options menuAlt + O

Windows and Menu Control

ActionShortcut Keys
Display the navigation paneAlt + F1
Display key tips for the file menuAlt
View menuAlt + V
Windows menuAlt + W
Help menuAlt + H
Turn the auto-hide modeAlt + Shift + F1
Move between modulesCtrl + Tab
Move the cursor to the address barF11
Back function on the address barAlt + ←
Forward function on the address barAlt + →
Shortcut menu for the presence indicatorCtrl + Shift + M

Grid controls Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move to the first recordCtrl + Home
Move to the last recordCtrl + End
Move to previous page of recordsPage Up
Move to next page of recordsPage Down
Open the selection list for a drop-downAlt + ↓
Select all records in a listCtrl + A

Working with AOT Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open the AOTCtrl + D
Open a new development workspaceCtrl + Shift + W
Open a new application workspaceCtrl + W
Save allCtrl + Shift + S
Open the editor for an application objectCtrl + Shift + F2
Open the editor for a query or tableCtrl + O
Open the comparison toolCtrl + G
Compile an application objectF7
Go to the previous node
Go to the next node
Move the node upAlt + ↑
Move the node downAlt + ↓
Expand the current node
Collapse the current node
Select multiple itemsCtrl
Cancel the selection of an additional itemCtrl + Spacebar
Open the properties sheetAlt + Enter

Working with forms Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Close the current form without saving changesEsc or Alt + F4
Create a recordCtrl + N
Delete a recordAlt + F9
Move to the first recordCtrl + Home
Move to the last recordCtrl + End
Move to the previous recordCtrl + Page Up
Move to the next recordCtrl + Page Down
Move to the next page of recordsPage Down
Move to the previous page of recordsPage Up
Open a context menuShift + F10
Print a report of the contantsCtrl + P
Refresh the information displayed in the formF5
Cancel changes and restore the active recordCtrl + F5
Select the button with focusSpacebar
Save changes and close the current formCtrl + F4
Save changes to a formCtrl + S
Move to the next tabCtrl + Tab
Move to the previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab

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Dynamics AX, a resource planning system is developed by Microsoft. It is a fantastic tool but you must choose the right ERP. NetSuite OneWorld, SAP ERP, Infor SyteLine are the best alternatives to Dynamics AX software. Like you just had a look at Dynamics AX shortcuts you might wish to have a look at its alternative software shortcuts: NetSuite OneWorld shortcuts, SAP ERP shortcuts, Infor SyteLine shortcuts.

Hope you have liked our blog on Dynamics AX Shortcut keys. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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