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Download Handbrake and Installation Guide for Windows & Mac


The latest release that was made to Handbrake software was on 23rd February 2019. As you already know that Handbrake is a free, cross-platform video converter. And much more about Handbrake features in the earlier blog. Our next step towards knowing handbrake in detail is How to download handbrake on Windows and Mac users.

While installing Handbrake software, we need to take the utmost care and download handbrake from a trustworthy website only. Otherwise, you might face some issues while downloading or you might get affected with some kind of Malware.

Also, learn about the Handbrake portable latest updates. The features and handbrake download for Handbrake Android users are also explained. 

How to Download Handbrake – Installation Guide of Handbrake

Download Handbrake and Installation is the most important part while starting to learn any software so be very much attentive. Any error in Handbrake download could lead to the breaking down of the software or it might not function smoothly. Therefore, you must carefully follow these steps of Handbrake download and enjoy working.

Before we install or download Handbrake into the devices we must check about the System Requirements. The System Requirement for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices are explained here. To install Handbrake Linux devices, Handbrake Download integrity is verified automatically.

Whereas to download handbrake on Mac devices use the Shamus Command. And in case of downloading Handbrake on Windows, there is a Microsoft file checksum integrity command to verify Handbrake download.

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Steps to Download Handbrake and Install on your Windows

Step 1: Click on the Download button on the Handbrake Website Home Page. Click here:

Step 2: Once the Handbrake is downloaded according to your operating system. Set up the Handbrake to complete the installation.

Step 3: Click on Next > I agree> Install > Finish

Step 4: Handbrake is installed and a shortcut icon to launch the handbrake is created on the desktop.

Steps to Download Handbrake and Install on your Mac

Step 1: Click on the Download button on the Handbrake Website Home Page. Click here:

Step 2: In the download folder, open the disk image.

Step 3: Drag the download Handbrake Mac application to the application folder.

Step 4: Eject the disk image and move it to the trash.

Note: On doubling click on the Handbrake icon the Mac Gatekeeper will pop a message stating that Handbrake is not a part of Apple’s paid program.

Handbrake for Android

Are you willing to watch a movie downloaded on your computer and you want to transfer it to your Android device? There can be various reasons you might be traveling outside, or you won’t be able to carry your computer and laptop everywhere. Hence, most people choose Handbrake as the free open-source software to convert videos and view on Android devices.

Handbrake APK for android modifies videos that are stored in the hard drive. There are four new Android Handbrake presets that were added: Android 1080p30, Android 720p30, Android 576p25, and Android 480p30. Handbrake for Android has features like:

  • Built-in device presets
  • Supports Subtitles
  • Quick transformation
  • Altering of video quality to match the dimension

Sometimes the only con that Handbrake for Android faces is that it crashes at times. You need to set up manually the measurements, codecs, apply cuts, bitrate, etc. Once you have manually set this Handbrake presets up you can get a complete preview.

The Handbrake for Android tracks the journey and gives feedback. It even automates tasks and constantly tries to improve the algorithms.  Hence, Handbrake software is considered as one of the most excellent free tools.

Steps to convert DVD file to android device is as follow:

Step 1: Import DVD from the source: Import a file from the Source button or through the folder in your device.

Step 2: Select an output device as Android:  Based on your device for the output you can select the device from the variety of options available. You can also adjust audio and video parameters like the bitrate, resolutions, aspect ratio, image size, etc.

Step 3: Start Ripping to Android: After all the necessary adjustments are made in the settings you start ripping the file. After selecting the destination of the file click on RUN.

There are Video Converter Apps for Android other than Handbrake. Those Video Converter Apps are Inshot, VidSoftLab, Media Converter, Video Format Factory, and VidCompact. These are some of the best video converter App for Android.

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Handbrake for Portable

Handbrake portable is a multiplatform video transcoder. Handbrake portable is supported to sources like Any DVD like source, VIDEO_TDS folder, some.VOB and.TS files, and any multimedia file. Handbrake portable was last updated on 25th February 2019. What’s new in the latest Handbrake portable 1.2.2?

In Handbrake 1.2.2, new online documents were added as well as Command-line support was also included. In the updated version you can insert basic subtitle support, bitrate calculator, grayscale encoding. There were many other features as well updated in the Handbrake latest version. To install Handbrake Portable run the following command from the command line.

With Handbrake Portable you can easily convert any videos into iPod friendly MP4 files. Handbrake does not have a portable model. Settings are stored in the data folder of the Window. You need to exit properly before you plug out your thumb drive. You can send the request to the officials to add portable mode in their future release. The requirements for Handbrake portable are: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or Offline one.

There are old versions of Handbrake portable also available. You can download the old version if necessary.

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Don’t forget that the Handbrake software had captured 88% of the global market in the year 2016. Handbrake is an intuitive program so it is easy to see how things will work in handbrake. Make sure you add Handbrake to your Application folder today!

In the above tutorial, you have seen the steps to download Handbrake on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Also, how will you convert your DVD file to android for android mobile users? With this, you have taken your first step in learning how to use Handbrake. How to Use Handbrake software on Windows and Mac devices is the third step toward knowing handbrake.

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Hope you have liked our blog on Download Handbrake & Installation Guide of Handbrake for Windows and Mac. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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