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List of DaVinci Resolve 14 & 16 Shortcuts to make your work look Professional


Download Davinci Resolve shortcuts PDF, DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts are the key combination that is used while editing videos. DaVinci Resolve is now a full-blown video editing post-production suite. The video editors using the DaVinci Resolve software should be very much well-versed with the basic DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts, DaVinci Resolve shortcuts PDF

Common DaVinci Resolve shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Shift + Z
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
Paste attributeAlt + V
Select allCtrl + A
Deselect allCtrl + Shift + A

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DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for File 

ActionDaVinci Resolve Shortcuts
New binCtrl + Shift + N
New timelineCtrl + N
SaveCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
Import projectCtrl + I
Import AAF, XML..Ctrl + Shift + I
Export projectCtrl + E
Export AAF, XML..Ctrl + Shift + E
PublishAlt + Shift + T
Publish changes for selected clipsCtrl + Shift + T
Update all clipsAlt + Shift + U
Update selected clipsCtrl + Shift + U

DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Editing

ActionDaVinci Resolve Shortcuts
Insert editF9
Overwrite editF10
Replace editF11
Place on top editF12
Dynamic trim modeW
Trim modeT
Select clips forward on this trackY
Edit point typeU
Normal edit modeA
Select nearest edit pointV
Snapping on/offN
Nudge one frame left,
Nudge one frame right.
RazorCtrl + B
Fit to fillShift + F11
Append at endShift + F12
Nearest Clip/GapShift + Y
Linked selectionCtrl + Shift + L
Clip linkCtrl + Alt + L
Clip enableD
Split clipCtrl +
Join clipAlt +
Realtime clipCtrl + R
Reset clipCtrl + Alt + R
Select edit pointV
Edit point typeU
Add transitionCtrl + T
Trim startShift + [
Trim endShift + ]

DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Marking 

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Set mark inI
Set mark outO
Mark clipX
Add markerM

Davinci Resolve Shortcuts for Playback 

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Go to previous keyframe[
Go to next keyframe]
Play reverseJ
Play forwardL
Go to first frame;
Go to last frame
Play around current frame/
Timeline startHome
Timeline endEnd

DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for View and Color 

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Source viewerQ
Extract current nodeE
Enable or Disable clipD
Match frameF
Add flagG
Toggle hand in node windowH
Grab stillCtrl + Alt + G
Play stillCtrl + Alt + F
Previous stillCtrl + Alt + P
Next stillCtrl + Alt + N

DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts For Tracking destination selection 

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Track destination selection v1Alt + 1
Track destination selection v2Alt + 2
Track destination selection v3Alt + 3
Track destination selection v4Alt + 4
Track destination selection v5Alt + 5
Track destination selection v6Alt + 6
Track destination selection v7Alt + 7
Track destination selection v8Alt + 8
Audio destination A1Ctrl + Alt + 1
Audio destination A2Ctrl + Alt + 2
Audio destination A3Ctrl + Alt + 3
Audio destination A4Ctrl + Alt + 4
Audio destination A5Ctrl + Alt + 5
Audio destination A6Ctrl + Alt + 6
Audio destination A7Ctrl + Alt + 7
Audio destination A8Ctrl + Alt + 8

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These DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts lead to higher productivity as well as direct you to the finished product. FilmoraPro is a more straightforward video editor software when compared with DaVinci Resolve. You do not need to remember the DaVinci Resolve shortcut as FilmoraPro is more comfortable in editing and increases your video-editing efficiency.

Usually, people also look for Camtasia shortcuts as well as Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts. These two video editing software is an excellent alternative to DaVinci Resolve. There is not a big jump in the shortcut of Adobe Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Users could easily pick it up.

Hope you have liked our blog on DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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