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151 Coreldraw Shortcut keys for Windows | CorelDraw Shortcuts

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151 CorelDraw Shortcut keys | Coreldraw Shortcut keys PDF


CorelDraw shortcut keys will allow you to control images, produce design, and perform modeling tasks. The most interesting feature of CorelDraw is that the quality of the image is not lost even if the image is resized. 

Complete list of Coreldraw Shortcut keys

With this List of all Coreldraw Shortcut Keys, you will be able to complete repeated tasks faster. Some shortcuts cover everything from vector illustration and page layout to photo editing and website design. 

Download the Coreldraw Shortcut key PDF

Frequently Used CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

This is the list of most used CorelDraw Shortcut keys. These shortcuts are the basic Shortcuts that are used on a basic level or Beginner level in CorelDraw. The list of Basic CorelDraw Shortcuts are as Follows:

ActionShortcut keys
CopyCtrl + C or Ctrl + Insert
CutCtrl + X or Ctrl + Delete
DuplicateCtrl + D
PasteCtrl + V
RedoCtrl + Shift + Z
RepeatCtrl + R
UndoCtrl + Z or Ctrl + Backspace

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Coreldraw File Shortcuts

File Shortcuts are used for saving, Exporting, Importing, deleting, moving the CorelDraw files. The list of CorelDraw Shortcut Keys for files is as Follows:

ActionShortcut Keys
ExportCtrl + E
ImportCtrl + I
New documentCtrl + N
OpenCtrl + O
PrintCtrl + P
SaveCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
ExitCtrl + F4

Font Formatting Shortcut Keys in CorelDraw

Font Formatting Shortcuts in CorelDraw Helps in Formatting the Font, Font-Style, Height of the selected text. The List of Font Formatting Shortcuts are as follows:

ActionShortcut keys
BoldCtrl + B
Font listCtrl + Shift + F
Font weightCtrl + Shift + W
ItalicCtrl + I
Small CapsCtrl + Shift + K
UnderlineCtrl + U
Decrease font sizeCtrl + Numpad 2
Font sizeCtrl + Shift + P
HTML font sizeCtrl + Shift + H
Increase font sizeCtrl + Numpad 8
Next font combo sizeCtrl + Numpad 6
Previous font combo sizeCtrl + Numpad 4
Change caseShift + F3
Convert textCtrl + F8

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Object Nudge Commands CorelDraw Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Nudge Down
Nudge left
Nudge Right
Nudge Up
Super Nudge downShift + ↓
Super Nudge leftShift + ←
Super Nudge rightShift + →
Super Nudge upShift + ↑
Micro nudge downShift + ↓

Text Formatting CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Bullet textCtrl + M
Center justifyCtrl + E
Convert text stateCtrl + F8
Apply drop capCtrl + Shift + D
Edit textCtrl + Shift + T
Force justificationCtrl + H
Format textCtrl + T
Full justifyCtrl + J
Horizontal textCtrl + ,
Left justificationCtrl + L
No JustificationCtrl + N
Right JustificationCtrl + R

CorelDraw Zoom and Pan Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Hand toolH
Pan downAlt + ↓
Pan leftAlt + ←
Pan upAlt + ↑
View managerCtrl + F2
Zoom one shotF2
Zoom outF3
Zoom to all objectF4
Zoom to pageShift + F4
Zoom to SelectionShift + F2

CorelDraw Toolbox Tool Selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Artistic Media toolsI
Eraser ToolX
Ellipse toolF7
Toggle eye droppedShift
Freehand toolF5
Graph paper toolD
Interactive fill toolG
Mesh toolM
Polygon toolY
Rectangle toolF6
Shape toolF10
Smart drawing toolS
Spiral toolA
Text toolF8
Toggle pick stateSpacebar

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Cursor Moves using Text tool CorelDraw Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Delete the character to the rightDelete
Delete the word to the rightCtrl + Delete
Cursor down one framePage down
Cursor down one line
Cursor left one paragraphCtrl + ↓
Cursor left one character
Cursor left one wordCtrl + ←
Cursor right one character
Cursor right one wordCtrl + →
Cursor up one framePage Up
Cursor up one line
Cursor up one paragraphCtrl + ↑
Cursor to start of the textCtrl + Home
Cursor start of a lineHome
Cursor to start of the textCtrl + Page Up
Cursor to end of lineEnd

CorelDraw Align Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Align bottomB
Align center pageP
Align Horizontal centerE
Align rightR
Align TopT
Align Vertical CenterC
Align to baselineAlt + F12

CorelDraw Dockers Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
ContourCtrl + F9
EnvelopeCtrl + F7
Graphic and text styleCtrl + F5
LensAlt + F3
Linear DimensionsAlt + F2
Object PropertiesAlt + Enter
PositionAlt + F7
RotateAlt + F8
Scale and mirrorAlt + F9
SizeAlt + F10
Insert symbol and special charactersAlt + F11
View managerAlt + F12
Symbols managerAlt + F6

CorelDraw Distribute Command Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Distribute bottomShift + B
Distribute centers horizontallyShift + E
Distribute centers verticallyShift + C
Distribute leftShift + L
Distribute rightShift + R
Distribute spacing horizontallyShift + P
Distribute Spacing VerticallyShift + A
Distribute TopShift + T

Others CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut keys
Full-screen previewF9
Refresh WindowCtrl + W
Toggle DisplayShift + F9
Show nonprinting charactersCtrl + Shift + C
Open fountain fill the dialogueF11
Uniform fill dialogueShift + F11
Colour balanceCtrl + Shift + B
Brightness/IntensityCtrl + B
Hue/SaturationCtrl + Shift + U
Next pagePage Down
Previous PagePage Up

The CorelDraw shortcut keys are used since it will save time, increase speed, and efficiency. These shortcuts are used when you have a workload and want to work as a professional. With these shortcuts, CorelDraw becomes more flexible software.

Check out the Adobe Illustrator shortcuts as well as Clip Paint studio shortcuts, they can be a good alternative to Corel Draw.

Note: Did you know there is a Corel Draw shortcut key application available on the play store for the android device.

Hope you have liked our blog on Coreldraw Shortcut keys. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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