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Brackets Shortcuts 【 75 Brackets Shortcuts PDF 】 Brackets Cheatsheet

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75+ Brackets Shortcuts for Windows – Brackets Cheat Sheet


Do you know about the Brackets Shortcuts? The Brackets is a code editor program for web designers and web developers. This software is lightweight yet very powerful. Considering its features like Quick Edit, Live Preview, and this software is standing strong. I assure you that you would love to write code in Brackets.

List of Brackets Shortcuts – Brackets Cheat Sheet

The Brackets is a program that is still under development and getting a perfect or a complete list of its shortcuts is always going to be difficult. I did try my best to help you out with a complete list of Brackets Shortcuts. Download the Brackets shortcuts PDF. Also, print the PDF and learn the shortcuts so that you can learn even though you are not at your desk.


General Shortcuts Part #1

ActionShortcut Keys
New fileCtrl + N
New RuleCtrl + Alt + N
Edit RuleAlt + O
OpenCtrl + O
Open Containing folderCtrl + Alt + O
Quick openCtrl + Shift + O
Live previewCtrl + Alt + P
QuitCtrl + Q
Reload in browserCtrl + Shift + R
Recent projectsCtrl + Alt + R
SaveCtrl + S
Save allCtrl + Alt + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
Show snippetsCtrl + Shift + S
Go to definitionCtrl + T
Redo selectionAlt + U
Undo selectionCtrl + U
Upper caseCtrl + U
PasteCtrl + V
Run snippetCtrl + Alt + V
CloseCtrl + W
Close allCtrl + Shift + W

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General Shortcuts Part #2

ActionShortcut Keys
CutCtrl + X
Expand currentCtrl + Alt + X
RedoCtrl + Y
UndoCtrl + Z
UnindentCtrl + [
Expand all code in current editorShift + Alt + 1
Collapse all code in current editorAlt + 1
IndentCtrl + ]
Previous document in listCtrl + [
Next document in listCtrl + ]
Delete group beforeCtrl + Backspace
Delete Group AfterCtrl + Delete
Delete to line endAlt + Delete
Next matchAlt + ?
Decrement numberAlt + Shift + ?
Scroll line downCtrl + ?
Move line downCtrl + Shift + ?

General Shortcuts Part #3

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to document endCtrl + End
Open line belowCtrl + Enter
Open line aboveCtrl + Shift + Enter
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
Next bookmarkF4
Previous bookmarkShift + F4
Grunt defaultF6
Sort linesF7
Go to first error or warningF8
Show developer toolsF12
Document startCtrl + Home
Line startAlt + ?
Word leftCtrl + ?
Line endAlt + ?
Word rightCtrl + ?
Code hintsCtrl + Spacebar
Parameter hintsCtrl + Shift + Spacebar

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Others Brackets Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Zoom in fontCtrl + +
Zoom out fontCtrl + –
Select parentCtrl + Shift + ,
Select childCtrl + Shift + .
Toggle line commentCtrl + /
Toggle Block commentCtrl + Shift + /
Search commandsCtrl + Alt + /
Restore font sizeCtrl + 0
Increase font sizeCtrl + =
Select allCtrl + A
Align assignmentsCtrl + Shift + A
Live HighlightCtrl + Shift + C
Collapse currentCtrl + Alt + C
DuplicateCtrl + D
Delete lineCtrl + Shift + D
Quick editCtrl + E
Go to Open fileCtrl + Shift + E
FindCtrl + F
Find in filesCtrl + Shift + F
ReplaceCtrl + H
Hide sidebarCtrl + Shift + H
Jump to definitionCtrl + J
Lower caseCtrl + L
Beautify DocumentCtrl + Alt + L
Minify codeCtrl + M

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In addition to this, too is growing and contributing to the development of the Brackets. Sublime Text Shortcut keys and Notepad ++ Shortcuts too are a powerful code editor in comparison to Brackets. The growth of Brackets is not that much rocket as compared to Sublime Text.

Brackets are developed by Adobe but have not achieved success like the other Adobe Programs i.e. Adobe IntelliJ, Adobe Illustrator, and many more. Overall, Brackets are better, easier and more enjoyable while writing the codes.

Hope you have liked our blog on Brackets Shortcuts for Windows. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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